Deathwing Abilities and Strategy

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Welcome to our Abilities page for Deathwing. Here, we give you an overview of every ability in Deathwing's kit. For each of them, we explain what it does, how to best use it, and how it works in combination with Deathwing's other abilities. We also give you strategy tips to play Deathwing efficiently.


Deathwing's Tips and Tricks

  • Most of your damaging abilities have a significant casting delay until they hit. Take this into consideration and aim accordingly.
  • Deathwing can only restore lost Armor Plates by using Dragonflight Icon Dragonflight.
  • On push-heavy maps such as Tomb of the Spider Queen or Towers of Doom, Burn Beneath My Shadow Icon Burn Beneath My Shadow at Level 10 is a good choice. Use Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm shortly before a Structure is about to fall to maximize value of the talent.
  • When fighting melee Heroes, Destroyer Form is recommended. Against ranged Heroes, World Breaker's long distance abilities have an edge.
  • Despite Deathwing being such a massive combatant, it is often wiser to avoid direct combat and reposition him globally via Dragonflight Icon Dragonflight and push a lane away from the enemy team.

Molten Flame

Deathwing Molten Flame
Molten Flame (Q) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds

After 1.5 seconds, Deathwing breathes a stream of flame, dealing 21 (+4% per level) damage every 0.125 seconds. Drains 30 Energy per second.

Molten Flame Icon Molten Flame is a truly deadly AoE damage ability. It deals large amounts of damage to all foes standing in its fire, however, Deathwing cannot move or cast other abilities while channeling Molten Flame. Furthermore, it consumes a lot of Energy, potentially preventing Deathwing from using other abilities after. We recommend using Molten Flame during pushes, sieges, or after enemies have been locked down by friendly Roots or Stuns to maximize its value.



Deathwing Incinerate
Incinerate (W) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Mana: 15
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

After 0.75 seconds, Deathwing flaps his wings, dealing 70 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

World Breaker: Lava Burst

Create a lava pool that damages and Slows.

Incinerate Icon Incinerate is a short-range ability that damages everyone in its radius. While Incinerate does not deal a large amount of damage itself, both the cooldown and the Energy cost are very low and as such the ability should be used whenever available.


Lava Burst

Deathwing Lava Burst
Lava Burst (W) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Mana: 20
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

After a 1 second delay, deal 30 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies in an area and create a pool of magma that deals 20 (+4% per level) damage per second and Slows enemies by 35%. Lasts 6 seconds.

Destroyer: Incinerate

Damage enemies near Deathwing.

Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst is Incinerate's replacement while Deathwing is in World Breaker Form. It spawns a small lava pool on the designated target area that damages and slows enemies inside. We recommend using this ability as a zoning tool more than a burst-damage spell.



Deathwing Onslaught
Onslaught (E) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Mana: 20
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds

After 0.5 seconds, Deathwing lunges in a direction dealing 38 (+4% per level) damage to enemies and Slowing them by 35% for 2 seconds. Deathwing bites enemies at the end of the lunge, dealing an additional 72 (+4% per level) damage.

World Breaker: Earth Shatter

Damage and Stun enemies in two lines.

Onslaught Icon Onslaught is the only reliable source of in-combat mobility Deathwing has access to. Like Deathwing's other abilities, it has a short channel time and after its completion, he lunges towards a target direction, Slowing and damaging enemies in his path. Onslaught can be used both as an escape mechanism to keep Deathwing alive or as a gap closer to chase enemy Heroes down.


Earth Shatter

Deathwing Earth Shatter
Earth Shatter (E) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Mana: 25
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Create a fissure of earth that deals 90 (+4% per level) damage to enemies hit and Stuns them for 0.75 seconds.

Destroyer: Onslaught

Lunge in a direction.

Earth Shatter Icon Earth Shatter is Onslaught's replacement while Deathwing is in World Breaker Form. Earth Shatter's Stun component makes it a very potent ability to be used during team fights.



Deathwing Cataclysm
Cataclysm (R) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Heroic
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

After 2 seconds, Deathwing flies in the targeted direction, dealing 90 (+4% per level) damage on impact and leaving scorched ground that deals 36 (+4% per level) damage a second. Lasts 6 seconds.

Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm comes with a hefty channel time of 2 seconds, however, once activated, it can single-handedly decide the outcome of a fight, especially if the enemies have little escape room to dodge it. If used in synchrony with strong crowd control abilities, Cataclysm can take down enemy Heroes or secure important Map Objectives. Thus, we usually recommend using it during sieges, pushes, or fights near Map Objectives, such as Altars, Shrines, or Temples.

As good as Cataclysm is when used offensively, sometimes using it defensively to escape an enemy assault can be the wisest approach. Not only will Deathwing fly a considerate distance away, the scorched ground it leaves behind will also deal large amounts of damage to chasing enemies.


Aspect of Death

Deathwing Aspect of Death
Aspect of Death (D) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Passive

Deathwing is fitted with 4 Armor Plates which grant 10 Armor each. Every 25% Health lost causes Deathwing to lose a plate. Plates are only restored when Dragonflight is used, based on the amount of Health Deathwing has when landing.

Deathwing is also a mighty Dragon Aspect who is permanently Unstoppable and deals 100% additional Spell Damage to Heroes, but views his allies with contempt and ignores any of their friendly effects.

Aspect of Death Icon Aspect of Death is a unique mechanic that provides Deathwing with a surprising amount of survivability on the battlefield. Every 25% health lost causes him to lose one Armor Plate, lowering Deathwing's innate Armor by 10. The lost Armor can only be rebuilt when Dragonflight Icon Dragonflight is used and Deathwing restores health while up in the air.

Due to his massive dragon body, Aspect of Death also causes Deathwing to be immune to any form of enemy crowd control at the cost of also ignoring any form of allied buffs and healing.



Deathwing Dragonflight
Dragonflight (Z) World of Warcraft Deathwing
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

After 3 seconds, fly into the sky, becoming Immune to all effects and gaining 2.5% Health per second. Once cast, this ability cannot be interrupted. Cannot be cast for 4 seconds after taking damage, Basic Attacking or casting an Ability.

Dragonflight Icon Dragonflight replaces Deathwing's Mount ability. Instead, he flies up in the air and gains access to a global repositioning tool that also replenishes lost health over time. After a short period of time, Deathwing can choose to either descend on any visible location on the map in either Destroyer or World Breaker Form. We usually recommend Destroyer Form if Deathwing wants to drop into the middle of an ongoing team fight or if he wants to initiate one with strong melee range abilities. However, if Deathwing wants to attack enemies (or Structures) from a safer distance after landing, we prefer the World Breaker Form.



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