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Welcome to our Talents page for Junkrat. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Junkrat's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.

1. Junkrat's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Put Some English On It Extra-Wound Timers Bouncy Bouncy
4 Taste For Explosions Bonzer Hits Gotta Trap 'Em All!
7 Tricky Shuffles Big As Sticky Wicket
10 RIP-Tire ? Rocket Ride
13 Ripper Air Bogged Down Chattering Teeth
16 Burst Fire Endless Nades Spread Volley
20 Extra Oomph ? Puckish Scamp Cannonball! BOOM POW

2. Junkrat's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Concussion Mine Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Put Some English On It Icon
Level 4 Bonzer Hits Icon
Level 7 Tricky Shuffles Icon
Level 10 Rocket Ride Icon
Level 13 Bogged Down Icon
Level 16 Spread Volley Icon
Level 20 BOOM POW Icon

The Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine build is great for setting up "big plays" with both strong engage and disengage. Once beefed up with Bogged Down Icon Bogged Down and the Bonzer Hits Icon Bonzer Hits quest completed, Concussion Mine can easily separate a clumped up enemy team. This will often leave an isolated enemy Hero defenseless against Junkrat and his team's immediate and swift focus-fire. The bonus range and slow effect provided to Concussion Mine can also be used to save Junkrat or his allies from an enemy Hero attempting to dive them. The cooldown reduction provided by BOOM POW Icon BOOM POW at Level 20 will allow Junkrat to unleash on onslaught of Concussion Mines; assuming he is able to connect them with his desired target(s)!

Frag Launcher Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Put Some English On It Icon
Level 4 Taste For Explosions Icon
Level 7 Tricky Shuffles Icon
Level 10 Rocket Ride Icon
Level 13 Ripper Air Icon
Level 16 Endless Nades Icon
Level 20 Cannonball! Icon

The Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher build emphasizes Junkrat's ability to deal large amounts of damage from a distance. Put Some English On It Icon Put Some English On It helps Junkrat connect his grenades with valuable targets deep within the backline and scout for potentially hidden enemy Heroes. Taste For Explosions Icon Taste For Explosions scales the damage of Junkrat's Frag Launcher and makes him more powerful when heading into the late game. Endless Nades Icon Endless Nades enables Junkrat to deal more reliable sustained damage during critical standoffs or trades and will help accrue stacks of Taste for Explosions more quickly. Both Tricky Shuffles Icon Tricky Shuffles and Ripper Air Icon Ripper Air provide Junkrat with a much welcome kiting tool and means of self-peel when being dove by the enemy team.

Steel Trap Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Bouncy Bouncy Icon
Level 4 Gotta Trap 'Em All! Icon
Level 7 Big As Icon
Level 10 Rocket Ride Icon
Level 13 Chattering Teeth Icon
Level 16 Spread Volley Icon
Level 20 Puckish Scamp Icon

The Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap build hones in on the utility and zoning potential of Junkrat's Steel Traps. Gotta Trap 'Em All! Icon Gotta Trap 'Em All! is a key player in this build, as it will triple the number of traps that Junkrat will be able to have active at one time. Big As Icon Big As combined with Chattering Teeth Icon Chattering Teeth vastly improves the value of Steel Trap and can be used to "wall" off sections of the Battleground an enemy Hero may be trying to access. Once an enemy is trapped, Junkrat can unleash Spread Volley Icon Spread Volley bolstered with Bouncy Bouncy Icon Bouncy Bouncy to deal a massive amount of burst damage to his victim(s).

3. Level 1 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Put Some English On It
Put Some English On It (Level 1) Junkrat

Increase Frag Launcher's travel distance by 50%, but does not increase its speed.

Junkrat Extra-Wound Timers
Extra-Wound Timers (Level 1) Junkrat

Frag Launcher grenades last an additional 2 seconds before automatically detonating.

Junkrat Bouncy Bouncy
Bouncy Bouncy (Level 1) Junkrat

Upon colliding with terrain for the first time, Frag Launcher grenades deal 20% more damage.

3.1. Discussion

Put Some English On It Icon Put Some English On It increases the range a grenade will travel after being shot by Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher. The increased ranged is incredibly useful in a multitude of scenarios. The amplified travel distance allows Junkrat to play even more safely and position himself deeper within the backline without fear of being picked off by the enemy crowd-control and focus-fire. Put Some English On It also makes Frag Launcher an even more powerful scouting tool, being able to launch vision-granting grenades into potentially dangerous enemy territory. Junkrat will be able to more tactfully place grenades in locations where enemy Heroes may be lying in wait or taking important objectives such as a Mercenary camp or a Boss.

Extra-Wound Timers Icon Extra-Wound Timers unfortunately feels quite underwhelming when compared to the impact of both Put Some English On It Icon Put Some English On It and Bouncy Bouncy Icon Bouncy Bouncy. Although grenades lasting longer is not inherently a bad thing, it is very difficult for Junkrat to place grenades in a precise desired location. It is understood that Extra-Wound Timers could be seen as a zoning tool, and that the delayed grenades could act as a deterrent for an enemy Hero to travel through a specific location. Unfortunately the utility provided by the Talent does not seem to justify its selection over the other Level 1 alternatives.

The increase in damage provided by Bouncy Bouncy Icon Bouncy Bouncy is definitely noticeable and can be a very powerful Talent when effectively utilized by skilled Junkrat players. Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher's grenades are very difficult to land successfully when attempting to bounce them off of a piece of terrain into a moving target. This is why Bouncy Bouncy works well with a Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap build or on Battlegrounds with a lot of walls and narrow passageways. This talent also does well when Junkrat's team is able to successfully chain together crowd-control making it easier to strike a stationary target with ricocheted shots. More open-aired Battlegrounds such as Hanamura can make it difficult for Junkrat to effectively bounce grenades into the desired target.

4. Level 4 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Taste For Explosions
Taste For Explosions (Level 4) Junkrat

Quest: Hitting a Hero with Frag Launcher increases its damage by 0.5, up to 100.

Junkrat Bonzer Hits
Bonzer Hits (Level 4) Junkrat

Quest: Hit enemy Heroes 12 times with Concussion Mine.

Reward: Concussion Mine deals 40% more damage and knocks enemies back 30% farther.

Junkrat Gotta Trap 'Em All!
Gotta Trap 'Em All! (Level 4) Junkrat

Quest: Hit 7 Heroes with Steel Trap.

Reward: Reduce Steel Trap's cooldown by 3 seconds and increase the maximum number of active traps to 3.

4.1. Discussion

Taste For Explosions Icon Taste For Explosions is probably the easiest Talent at Level 4 to use and works best with a Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher focused build. The Quest provides immediate returns, meaning that Junkrat sees a gradual increase in bonus damage the more and more of the Quest gets completed during the Match. Frag Launcher will begin to see a scaling damage increase as soon as the Talent is selected and Junkrat starts landing casts of Frag Launcher. The longer the match goes on for (rather, the faster Junkrat is able to accumulated stacks of Taste For Explosions) the more damage he will be able to put out. If a single grenade strikes two different Heroes, Junkrat is awarded two stacks of Taste for Explosions. It becomes especially easy to accrue stacks once Junkrat hits Level 16 and is able to reduce the cooldown of his Frag Launcher via Endless Nades Icon Endless Nades or increase the amount of grenades he can launch simultaneous with Spread Volley Icon Spread Volley.

Bonzer Hits Icon Bonzer Hits bolsters both the damage and utility of Junkrat's Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine upon completion of the Quest. The Quest is not terribly difficult to complete; even striking multiple Heroes with a single Concussion Mine will grant multiple stacks of Bonzer Hits. The bonus distance granted to the knockback of the mine feels quite impactful. If a Concussion Mine is activated between two enemy players the distance generated between them is incredibly large. When this happens to isolate an enemy Hero, Junkrat and his allies can initiate on them with follow-up crowd-control and focus-fire to immediately take them down. Like discussed in the Abilities and Strategies portion of the guide, Concussion Mine may end up doing more harm than good when used at less than ideal times. The bonus effects of Bonzer Hits will only magnify this, so Junkrat should make sure to only use Concussion Mine with purpose (and not simply to "deal damage" to the enemy team just because they are grouped up).

Completing the Quest Gotta Trap 'Em All! Icon Gotta Trap 'Em All! vastly increases the utility of Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap, allowing Junkrat to have 3 traps active simultaneously. Although trapping 7 Heroes sounds easy, sometimes it may prove more challenging than initially thought. The best way to generate stacks of Gotta Trap 'Em All is to leave traps within brush on commonly traveled pathways. Although trapping a Hero may not do much beyond briefly rooting them, completing the Gotta Trap 'Em All quest is Junkrat's early game priority. Being granted vision by trapping an enemy Hero on their way to capturing an early game Mercenary camp may even give Junkrat and his allies the opportunity to kill and steal the camp from the enemy team. Once Junkrat is able to have 3 traps active, his zoning and scouting potential skyrocket (which is the underlying purpose of the Steel Trap build). It is important to note that although Junkrat can have three traps active at one time with Gotta Tram 'Em All completed, he is still only able to hold one charge of Steel Trap at a time. This means that it will take a minimum of 18 seconds for Junkrat to place 3 traps and have them simultaneously active.

5. Level 7 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Tricky Shuffles
Tricky Shuffles (Level 7) Junkrat

While Frag Launcher has no charges left, gain 15% Movement Speed.

Junkrat Big As
Big As (Level 7) Junkrat

Increase Steel Trap's radius and damage by 50%.

Junkrat Sticky Wicket
Sticky Wicket (Level 7) Junkrat

Steel Trap no longer Roots enemies, and instead Slows them by 90% for 3.5 seconds.

5.1. Discussion

Since being dove on by enemy aggressors is one of Junkrat's greatest weaknesses, Tricky Shuffles Icon Tricky Shuffles is a phenomenal source or escape and repositioning (especially if Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine happens to be on cooldown). The movement speed granted to Junkrat also makes it easier to catch enemies attempting to flee from a losing trade or teamfight. In Heroes of the Storm where movement and positioning reign supreme, bonuses to movement speed should rarely be overlooked and Tricky Shuffles proves to be no exception.

The increased size of Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap granted by Big As Icon Big As causes the trap to connect much easier with enemy Heroes. The larger radius also causes it to be a much more threating zoning tool, being able to cover a larger portion of narrow corridors and choke-points. Big As is a strongly recommended Talent for the Steel Trap build and synergizes incredibly well with both Gotta Trap 'Em All! Icon Gotta Trap 'Em All! and Chattering Teeth Icon Chattering Teeth.

Unfortunately Sticky Wicket Icon Sticky Wicket is too weak in its current state to warrant selection. Although Sticky Wicket causes the effects of Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap to last 1.5 seconds longer, the fact that it changes the Root to a Slow is detrimental (even though it is 90%). Not to mention, the Root provided by Steel Trap is already a very reasonable 2 seconds long. A Root, unlike a Slow, provides more utility to Junkrat by preventing any Hero caught within Steel Trap from using any gap-closers such as Genji's Swift Strike Icon Swift Strike or Muradin's Dwarf Toss Icon Dwarf Toss. Even if slowed by 90%, enemies attempting to chase down Junkrat or dodge a potentially devastating skillshot will still be able to reposition with a single leap or dash.

6. Level 10 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat RIP-Tire ?
RIP-Tire (Level 10) Junkrat
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

Create a motorized bomb with 530 (+4% per level) Health that lasts 15 seconds. While active, Junkrat is immobile but gains control of RIP-Tire's movement.

RIP-Tire can be reactivated to detonate immediately, knocking nearby enemies back and dealing 775 (+4% per level) damage to enemies near the center gradually reduced to 475 (+6.53% per level) to enemies on the edge.

Junkrat Rocket Ride
Rocket Ride (Level 10) Junkrat
  • Cooldown: 75 seconds

After 1.25 seconds, Junkrat launches into the air. While in the air, he can steer the landing location by moving.

After 3.75 seconds, Junkrat lands, dealing 750 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies and activating Total Mayhem. 5 seconds after landing, Junkrat reappears at the Hall of Storms and gains 150% additional Movement Speed until dismounted.

6.1. Discussion

Both Heroic abilities have been discussed at length on the Abilities page, so we will focus here on the comparison between the two. In its current state, Rocket Ride Icon Rocket Ride seems to outclass RIP-Tire Icon RIP-Tire in just about every regard. The value provided by Rocket Ride is almost always too much to pass up on. Some players may feel more comfortable using RIP-Tire as it allows Junkrat to remain directly in the fight after its use, unlike Rocket Ride. RIP-Tire also may see some moderate success when utilized in a Steel Trap Build, where multiple targets can be locked down long enough and close enough together to generate a lot of value from the Heroic ability.

7. Level 13 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Ripper Air
Ripper Air (Level 13) Junkrat

Junkrat is knocked back 50% farther by Concussion Mine. Additionally, Concussion Mine's cooldown is reduced by 12 seconds if only Junkrat is hit.

Junkrat Bogged Down
Bogged Down (Level 13) Junkrat

Enemies launched by Concussion Mine are Slowed by 60% for 2 seconds upon landing.

Junkrat Chattering Teeth
Chattering Teeth (Level 13) Junkrat

Steel Traps will slowly chase nearby enemy Heroes.

7.1. Discussion

Ripper Air Icon Ripper Air is a phenomenal Talent that only benefits Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine when it is used solely as a means of repositioning Junkrat. Not only does the 50% increased distance help Junkrat to better disengage from a potential threat, but it also will help Junkrat more quickly catch up to a fleeing enemy or safely reposition to a desired location for whatever reason. The most powerful component of Ripper Air is the significantly reduced cooldown of Concussion Mine. Especially when utilizing the Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher build, Junkrat's ability to stay safe within the backline of his team by repositioning every few seconds is very powerful. Since the cooldown of Concussion Mine begins once the mine is placed, if Junkrat places a mine and immediately detonates it on himself he will only have to wait ~2 seconds before being able to place another mine. When Junkrat is only repositioning himself with the mines, he is able to keep up this shortened cooldown indefinitely.

Bogged Down Icon Bogged Down is a great component of the Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine build which provides even more crowd-control to Junkrat in the form of a pretty impactful Slow. This Slow will make it easier to capitalize on enemies caught out by Concussion Mine as they will have a much more difficult time reuniting with their team (especially if the team was also struck by the mine and sent in the opposite direction). Bogged Down also makes Concussion Mine a much stronger tool for peel should Junkrat or an ally find themselves in danger of being overwhelmed in the backline or caught out when over-extended.

Chattering Teeth Icon Chattering Teeth vastly increases the effective area and zoning potential of Steel Trap Icon Steel Trap. With Chattering Teeth enabled, a single trap will easily cover the entire width of a moderately sized choke-point. These traps can stall for Junkrat and his team as they attempt to secure an important location; whether it be a Mercenary camp, Boss, or Battleground objective. Traps under the effect of Chattering Teeth will only chase enemy Heroes who walk into a specified area around the trap. Should all enemy Heroes leave the area of Chattering Teeth's effect, the Steel Trap will simply stop and continue to wait until another enemy approaches.

8. Level 16 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Burst Fire
Burst Fire (Level 16) Junkrat

Frag Launcher fires all of its charges in a continuous burst, its cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds, but it loses 1 maximum charge.

Junkrat Endless Nades
Endless Nades (Level 16) Junkrat

Hitting an enemy Hero with Frag Launcher reduces its cooldown by 1.5 seconds.

Junkrat Spread Volley
Spread Volley (Level 16) Junkrat
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to make Frag Launcher fire 2 additional grenades in a spread. Works for up to 4 total charges, or until Frag Launcher runs out of charges.

8.1. Discussion

Burst Fire Icon Burst Fire reduces the cooldown of Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher by half but at the cost of one grenade charge and the ability to determine when each grenade will be fired. Burst Fire shoots all 3 grenades faster than Junkrat would be able to normally, however all 3 shots will always fire together in the same direction in which Frag Launcher was originally cast. Although this allows Junkrat to fire 6 grenades every 12 seconds (as opposed to 4), the inability to control the direction of each shot makes Burst Fire very difficult to control. In its current state, Burst Fire often times feel more like a set-back than a step-forward and is best left unselected.

Endless Nades Icon Endless Nades is a passive buff to the cooldown duration of Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher, assuming Junkrat is able to successfully land grenades on enemy Heroes. Because each Hero hit with a grenade reduces the cooldown by 1.5 seconds, when Junkrat is targeting a single Hero and is able to connect all 4 grenades he will reduce the total cooldown of Frag Launcher by 6 seconds. EVERY hero hit by a single grenade will also reduce the cooldown by an additional 1.5 seconds. This implies that if Junkrat is able to hit all 5 enemy Heroes with the first grenade shot, Frag Launchers remaining cooldown will be 4.5 seconds (12-5×1.5). The cooldown reduction provided by Endless Nades will generate a steady stream of grenades for Junkrat, which will not only allow him to more quickly complete Taste For Explosions Icon Taste For Explosions if has not already, but will also do massive amounts of sustained AoE damage to enemy teams positioned closely together.

Spread Volley Icon Spread Volley grants Junkrat the ability to deal a significant amount of burst damage, especially against teams grouped up tightly or trapped within a choke-point. The Talent needs to be activated and does not go onto cooldown until all of the charges of Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher are used or the cooldown of Frag Launcher expires after Spread Volley had been activated. This is why in order to generate the most grenades and value from Spread Volley, it is recommended to only activate it when Junkrat has all charges of his Frag Launcher available. It is possible to hit a single target with all 3 shots of each charge of Frag Launcher under the effect of Spread Volley. However Junkrat should be cautious when attempting this because it requires him to be positioned next to his desired target, which could put him in a potentially dangerous situation.

9. Level 20 Talents for Junkrat

Junkrat Extra Oomph ?
Extra Oomph (Level 20) Junkrat

Increase RIP-Tire's knockback distance by 50%, and its cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds for each enemy Hero hit.

Junkrat Puckish Scamp
Puckish Scamp (Level 20) Junkrat

Reduce Rocket Ride's cooldown by 45 seconds and increase its damage by 15%.

Junkrat Cannonball!
Cannonball! (Level 20) Junkrat

Increase the radius and explosion radius of grenades from Basic Attacks and Frag Launcher by 50%.

Junkrat BOOM POW
BOOM POW (Level 20) Junkrat

Hitting an enemy Hero with Concussion Mine reduces its cooldown by 12 seconds.

9.1. Discussion

Extra Oomph Icon Extra Oomph is a rather lackluster upgrade to the already outclassed Heroic Ability RIP-Tire Icon RIP-Tire. Extra Oomph is considered "Situational" as it is a prime example of the saying “feast or famine”. When it works, it works insanely well! However when it does not, Junkrat is effectively left without a Level 20 Talent for the remaining cooldown of RIP-Tire. Every other Talent in this tier will most likely provide Junkrat with more value in terms of damage output, utility, or even both.

Puckish Scamp Icon Puckish Scamp provides an insanely large cooldown reduction to the already very powerful Heroic Ability Rocket Ride Icon Rocket Ride. Puckish Scamp allows Junkrat to use Rocket Ride quite liberally in the late-game, and more importantly may be seen as a regular "get out of jail free card" if he finds himself being caught out over-extended or picked off first via enemy focus-fire in teamfights. With Rocket Ride only having a 30-second cooldown, Junkrat will often times be able to use Rocket Ride in a confrontation then return to his team with the ability almost off cooldown, if not already available to use again.

Cannonball! Icon Cannonball! is a passive talent that significantly increases the AoE splash damage radius of Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher and Junkrat's Basic Attacks. This will make is significantly easier to complete the Taste For Explosions Icon Taste For Explosions Quest if it remains unfinished. The increased size of the splash-damage by Cannonball! is incredibly generous and feel immediately impactful, especially in team fights when multiple Heroes are stacked close to one another. If Talented into Endless Nades Icon Endless Nades at Level 16, the increased splash damage of Junkrat's grenades will significantly reduce the cooldown of Frag Launcher generating even more value. Cannonball! also makes Junkrat an even greater master of waveclear. This may be very useful when at least one Keep has been already destroyed by the enemy team and Junkrat will need to constantly monitor the heavy flow of game-ending Catapults that will now be pressing down the lane.

BOOM POW Icon BOOM POW allows Junkrat to become more liberal when deciding when and how to most effectively use Concussion Mine Icon Concussion Mine. The reduced cooldown from hitting an enemy Hero with a mine grants Junkrat much more frequent crowd-control in the form of displacements. Remember that the cooldown of Concussion Mine begins right when Junkrat throws the mine, which takes about 1 second to land/detonate. This implies that Junkrat will be able to cast a mine and instantly detonate it on an enemy Hero every 5 seconds with BOOM POW. BOOM POW also synergizes beautifully with Bonzer Hits Icon Bonzer Hits at Level 4 and Bogged Down Icon Bogged Down at Level 16, collectively causing Junkrat's Concussion Mine to become a significant threat to the enemy team after Level 20 has been reached.

10. Changelog

  • 02 Nov. 2017: Updated the guide following the most recent balance patch, with the following changes being notable.
    • Level 4 Talent Gotta Trap 'Em All (E) has had the Heroes hit requirement reduced from 8 to 7.
    • Level 7 Talent Sticky Wicket (E) has had the Slow duration increased from 3 to 3.5 Seconds.
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