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Tyrande Talents

Last updated on Sep 12, 2017 at 17:11 by Kendric 45 comments

Table of Contents

Tyrande Image

General Information

On this page, we present the viable talent choices for playing Tyrande in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. For each talent, we explain what they do and why they should or should not be taken.

The other pages of our Tyrande guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Ranger Lunar Blaze Ranger's Mark ?
4 Moonlit Arrows Celestial Attunement ? Kaldorei Resistance ?
7 Huntress' Fury Darnassian Archery Trueshot Aura
10 Shadowstalk Starfall
13 Quickening Blessing Empower Harsh Moonlight
16 Overflowing Light Mark of Mending Elune's Chosen
20 Eyes of the Huntress Celestial Wrath Shooting Star Iceblade Arrows
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2. Common Talent Paths

2.1. Owl Build (talent calculator link)

The Owl Build focuses on poking the enemy team from an extremely large distance using Tyrande's Sentinel Icon Sentinel. Aiming the Owls carefully causes Ranger Icon Ranger to stack up consistently until it causes severe damage in the later stages of the game. As a rule of thumb, it is extremely important to fire as many Sentinels as possible, especially in order to prevent the enemy team from taking Map Objectives or after teleporting back to base.

2.2. Lunar Blaze Stun Build (talent calculator link)

The Lunar Flare Stun Build focuses on empowering Tyrande's Lunar Flare Icon Lunar Flare by removing its Mana cost and increasing its range after successfully completing the Lunar Blaze Icon Lunar Blaze quest talent at Level 1. If the enemy team has at least one Stun-dependent Hero such as Muradin or E.T.C., Moonlit Arrows Icon Moonlit Arrows at Level 4 should be replaced by Celestial Attunement Icon Celestial Attunement. Trueshot Aura Icon Trueshot Aura makes Tyrande a valuable enabler of strong Basic Attackers like Illidan or Valla, however, even without those Heroes it will usually net you most value compared to the other Level 7 talents. Since this is a rather offensive Build, we recommend picking up Iceblade Arrows Icon Iceblade Arrows at Level 20 in order to greatly increase your damage output.

3. Level 1 Talents

Tyrande Ranger
Ranger (Level 1) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Sentinel's width is increased by 25% and deals more damage based on the distance traveled, up to 75%.

Repeatable Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Sentinel increases the maximum damage bonus by 3%.

Tyrande Lunar Blaze
Lunar Blaze (Level 1) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Repeatable Quest: Hitting Heroes with Lunar Flare increases its damage by 3%.

Reward: After hitting 10 Heroes, Lunar Flare no longer has a Mana cost.

Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, increase the range of Lunar Flare by 40%.

Tyrande Ranger's Mark ?
Ranger's Mark (Level 1) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Hunter's Mark by 1 second.

Repeatable Quest: Every 50 Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase the duration of Hunter's Mark by 1 second.

3.1. Discussion

Ranger Icon Ranger allows Tyrande to become one of the greatest pokers in the game, especially on maps like Blackheart's Bay or Infernal Shrines where it is usually quite easy to predict where the opponents are located.

Lunar Blaze Icon Lunar Blaze is a great talent if your team features several sources of crowd control, such as Stuns, Roots, and Slows. Those effects make it a lot easier for Tyrande to land Lunar Flare Icon Lunar Flare, which is crucial to quickly stack up Lunar Blaze.

Ranger's Mark Icon Ranger's Mark is an acceptable choice if your team features heavy burst damage. Increasing Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark's duration can greatly increase your team's damage output and also possesses great synergy with Mark of Mending Icon Mark of Mending at Level 16.

4. Level 4 Talents

Tyrande Moonlit Arrows
Moonlit Arrows (Level 4) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Basic Attacks decrease the cooldown of Light of Elune by an additional 0.75 seconds.

Tyrande Celestial Attunement ?
Celestial Attunement (Level 4) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Light of Elune removes Stuns and Silences from its target. When a Stun or Silence is removed this way, Light of Elune may be used for free within 4 seconds. This free cast cannot benefit from Celestial Attunement.

Tyrande Kaldorei Resistance ?
Kaldorei Resistance (Level 4) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Light of Elune grants the target 15 Spell Armor for 6 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

4.1. Discussion

Moonlit Arrows Icon Moonlit Arrows possesses great synergy with Overflowing Light Icon Overflowing Light at Level 16, which makes it a great talent if you play Tyrande as a solo Support. But even in double Support compositions Moonlit Arrows can be a solid pick, especially if the enemy team is has little or no Stuns, which renders Celestial Attunement Icon Celestial Attunement useless.

Celestial Attunement Icon Celestial Attunement allows Tyrande to counter Stuns and Silences very efficiently, which makes it a formidable choice against Heroes like Anub'arak or Muradin.

Kaldorei Resistance Icon Kaldorei Resistance is a situational talent at best and should only be picked against heavy Mage compositions that exclusively rely on Ability damage.

5. Level 7 Talents

Tyrande Huntress' Fury
Huntress' Fury (Level 7) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Increase the cast range of Hunter's Mark by 50%. Tyrande's Basic Attacks against targets with Hunter's Mark splash to nearby Heroes and Mercenaries.

Tyrande Darnassian Archery
Darnassian Archery (Level 7) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes grant a stacking 5% increased Attack Damage bonus for 4 seconds. This bonus is lost when Basic Attacking non-Heroes.

Tyrande Trueshot Aura
Trueshot Aura (Level 7) World of Warcraft Tyrande
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Passively grant 10% increased Attack Damage to nearby allied Heroes. Activate to double this bonus for 5 seconds.

5.1. Discussion

Trueshot Aura Icon Trueshot Aura is a great talent if Tyrande's team composition consists of several Assassins like Valla or Illidan who are dependent on dealing damage through Basic Attacks. Trueshot Aura has literally no real down sides and can even be picked if your team has no real Basic Attack Assassins.

Darnassian Archery Icon Darnassian Archery's damage amplification is quite significant, especially if paired with Shadowstalk Icon Shadowstalk at Level 10.

Huntress' Fury Icon Huntress' Fury deals temporary splash damage to targets affected by Hunter's Mark Icon Hunter's Mark, which stands in no comparison to Trueshot Aura Icon Trueshot Aura, which permanently buffs all of your allies' Basic Attack damage.

6. Level 10 Talents

Tyrande Shadowstalk
Shadowstalk (Level 10) World of Warcraft Tyrande
  • Mana: 40
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Stealth and gain 30% Movement Speed. When Shadowstalk's Stealth is broken, gain 50% Attack Speed and retain its Movement Speed bonus for 5 seconds.

Tyrande Starfall
Starfall (Level 10) World of Warcraft Tyrande
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

Deal 88 (+4% per level) damage per second and slow enemies by 20% in an area. Lasts 6 seconds.

6.1. Discussion

At this level, Heroic abilities become available. Starfall Icon Starfall has already been described in the Abilities section.

Starfall Icon Starfall provides Tyrande with one of the strongest zoning abilities in the game. Being able to slow and damage multiple enemies at the same time for 8 seconds is especially useful when fighting over static Map Objectives such as Temples or Tributes. Thus, we recommend casting Starfall on narrow terrain and choke points in order to make it harder for the enemy to escape.

When choosing Starfall, it is of utmost importance to know when to use it in order to maximise its efficiency. It is generally a good idea to synchronise Starfall with other AoE abilities such as E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit or Kael'thas' Phoenix Icon Phoenix, however Tyrande should not wait too long until she uses Starfall as otherwise she risks losing a lot of its value. Just like other AoE abilities, Starfall reveals cloaked Heroes as soon as they enter its area of effect.

Shadowstalk Icon Shadowstalk is a strong Heroic Ability for two major reasons. Firstly, it enhances Tyrande's escape capabilities significantly, which is otherwise one of her greatest weaknesses. Secondly, it allows experienced players and teams to execute deadly ambushes and ganks on enemy Heroes. This makes it particularly rewarding on bigger maps like Cursed Hollow or Sky Temple, on which it is quite hard for the opposing team to predict your current position.

7. Level 13 Talents

Tyrande Quickening Blessing
Quickening Blessing (Level 13) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Light of Elune increases the target's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Tyrande Empower
Empower (Level 13) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Reduce Sentinel's cooldown by 2 seconds. Every time it hits a Hero, reduce it's cooldown by an additional 4 seconds.

Tyrande Harsh Moonlight
Harsh Moonlight (Level 13) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Sentinel Slows the target by 25% and reduces their damage dealt by 25% for 4 seconds.

7.1. Discussion

Quickening Blessing Icon Quickening Blessing is a useful upgrade to Light of Elune Icon Light of Elune which synergizes extremely well with nimble Assassins like Illidan or Valla. Furthermore, it possesses strong synergy with Moonlit Arrows Icon Moonlit Arrows's cooldown reduction at Level 4.

Empower Icon Empower becomes a solid talent during the later stages of the game when Sentinel Icon Sentinel can pierce through several enemy Heroes, greatly decreasing its cooldown. This results in additional vision and damage, which makes Empower a solid talent on larger maps in particular.

Harsh Moonlight Icon Harsh Moonlight is a strong defensive talent that can affect several enemy Heroes and reduce their damage by a significant amount. Consequently, we recommend Harsh Moonlight against aggressive Warriors and Assassins like Sonya, Kerrigan, or Li-Ming.

8. Level 16 Talents

Tyrande Overflowing Light
Overflowing Light (Level 16) World of Warcraft Tyrande

While Tyrande is above 60% Health, Light of Elune's healing is increased by 30%.

Tyrande Mark of Mending
Mark of Mending (Level 16) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Tyrande's Basic Attacks heal her for 2% of her maximum Health. Basic Attacks against targets with Hunter's Mark heal the attacker for 2% of their maximum Health.

Tyrande Elune's Chosen
Elune's Chosen (Level 16) World of Warcraft Tyrande
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Activate to make Tyrande's Basic Attacks heal the target ally for 200% of the damage dealt. Lasts for 5 seconds.

8.1. Discussion

Overflowing Light Icon Overflowing Light increases the efficiency of Light of Elune Icon Light of Elune and thus makes up for one of her most prominent weaknesses, which is a lack of strong single target heals in the early game. We consider this talent essential if there is no full Support in your team or if the enemy team composition relies heavily on burst damage.

Mark of Mending Icon Mark of Mending has outstanding synergy with Ranger's Mark Icon Ranger's Mark at Level 1 but even without it, it proves to be strong sustain talent, especially if your team features multiple high health Heroes who benefit greatly from the granted healing effect.

Elune's Chosen Icon Elune's Chosen is not a recommended talent, since Tyrande's Basic Attacks do not hit hard enough to grant a significant healing bonus. Furthermore, its 5-second duration is too short while the 30-second cooldown is a bit too long to make this talent worth picking.

9. Level 20 Talents

Tyrande Eyes of the Huntress
Eyes of the Huntress (Level 20) World of Warcraft Tyrande

After casting Shadowstalk, reveal all enemy Heroes for 3 seconds.

Tyrande Celestial Wrath
Celestial Wrath (Level 20) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Starfall applies Hunter's Mark to enemy Heroes while inside of its area of effect.

Tyrande Shooting Star
Shooting Star (Level 20) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Increase Basic Attack range by 1.1. Every 10th Basic Attack against Heroes casts a free Lunar Flare at a random Hero near Tyrande's position.

Tyrande Iceblade Arrows
Iceblade Arrows (Level 20) World of Warcraft Tyrande

Increase Attack Speed by 25%. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce their damage dealt by 8% for 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

9.1. Discussion

Eyes of the Huntress Icon Eyes of the Huntress is a solid choice if you decided to pick Shadowstalk Icon Shadowstalk at Level 10. The ability to reveal the entire enemy team every 17 seconds allows your team to set up ganks and rotations and on the flip side denies enemies from doing so.

Celestial Wrath Icon Celestial Wrath is an incredibly powerful upgrade to Starfall Icon Starfall. The 25% damage amplification it provides makes it in ideal match for strong Basic Attackers and AoE abilities, such as Kael'thas' Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike or Chromie's Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath.

Iceblade Arrows Icon Iceblade Arrows is a very safe talent to pick at Level 20 as it only requires Tyrande to use Basic Attacks on enemy Heroes in order to reduce their overall damage dealt. Its 2-second duration is long enough for good Tyrande players to alternate Basic Attacks between several targets, stacking up the damage-debuff simultaneously.

Shooting Star Icon Shooting Star has two unreliable RNG element to it, which makes it a rather underwhelming talent compared to the other Level 20 talents who give guaranteed value. Firstly, you cannot determine which enemy is getting hit by the random instance of Lunar Flare Icon Lunar Flare. Secondly, you cannot always time every 10th Basic Attack perfectly in order to proc the Lunar Flare.

10. ChangeLog

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  • 12 Sep. 2017: Changed Ranger from Not Recommended to Recommended.
  • 03 Sep. 2017: Updated talent descriptions on multiple tiers.
  • 16 Jul. 2017: Changed Darnassian Archery from Not Recommended to Recommended.
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