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Necromancer Pestilence Master's Shroud Fresh 70 Starter Build (Patch 2.7.1 / Season 24)

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This build is a starter build for fresh Level 70 Necromancers who have access to the Pestilence Master's Shroud set.

This guide is part of our Necromancer Seasonal Progress Guide, which also includes a leveling build and other early builds for fresh 70 characters.


Fresh 70 Build

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Corpse Lance Icon Corpse Lance Ricochet Ricochet Right Mouse Button Blood Rush Icon Blood Rush Molting Molting 1 Bone Armor Icon Bone Armor Dislocation Dislocation 2 Devour Icon Devour Cannibalize Cannibalize 3 Bone Spear Icon Bone Spear Blighted Marrow Blighted Marrow 4 Land of the Dead Icon Land of the Dead Frozen Lands Frozen Lands
Passive Skills

How to Play the Build: Skills and Rotation

The build is an adaptation of the Pestilence Greater Rift build, which exchanges the essence-stacking focus of the progression variant for the steady damage bonus of a poison-stacking spec and CDR-related speedfarming staples. You will be gambling and cubing Corpsewhisper Pauldrons Corpsewhisper Pauldrons with priority to cater to the set's aptitude for Corpse Lance Corpse Lance, and prioritize Nayr's Black Death Nayr's Black Death and Krysbin's Sentence Krysbin's Sentence as your next key items.

Activate Land of the Dead Land of the Dead as soon as it comes up, ideally with complete overlap as your CDR improves and your In-geom In-geom resets come at a greater speed. This can be accomplished with as low as two elite kills within a single Land of the Dead Land of the Dead window, given the focus on CDR on gear.

Once you obtain Nayr's Black Death Nayr's Black Death (likely from upgrading two-handed rare scythes in the Cube, a very effective shortcut for this weapon), you will be stacking its power with a combination of Bone Armor Bone Armor Dislocation Dislocation, Bone Spear Bone Spear Blighted Marrow Blighted Marrow and Corpse Lance Corpse Lance Ricochet Ricochet. Note that you will have to manually cast at least one Corpse Lance Corpse Lance Ricochet Ricochet, since the auto shots from the Pestilence 2-piece will not count towards the bonus.

With the help of Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, your next priority item, you will be able to use Bone Spear Bone Spear Blighted Marrow Blighted Marrow for cooldown resets when the ones from In-geom In-geom do not line up properly. Do not rely on this attack for DPS, it is strictly there for the CDR with the Zodiac ring.

Last but not least, continuously spam Devour Devour Cannibalize Cannibalize to sustain your health and get free Corpse Lance Corpse Lance Ricochet Ricochet shots from the Pestilence 2-piece. Move around with Blood Rush Blood Rush Molting Molting.


Gear and Builds Using This Set



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