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Welcome to our Talents page for Nazeebo. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Nazeebo's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Nazeebo's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Widowmakers ? Pandemic ? Thing of the Deep
4 Hexed Crawlers ? Big Voodoo Blood Ritual ?
7 Spirit of Arachyr ? Dead Rush Toads of Hugeness ?
10 Gargantuan Ravenous Spirit ?
13 Guardian Toads Superstition ? Ice Block
16 Spider Colony ? Ring of Poison ? Soul Harvest
20 Humongoid ? Annihilating Spirit ? Fury of the Storm Vile Infection

Nazeebo's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Zombie Wall Build

Level 1 Thing of the Deep Icon
Level 4 Big Voodoo Icon
Level 7 Dead Rush Icon
Level 10 Ravenous Spirit Icon Gargantuan Icon ?
Level 13 Ice Block Icon
Level 16 Soul Harvest Icon
Level 20 Vile Infection Icon

Nazeebo's Zombie Wall Build combines a bit more safety with good damage output. The increased casting range provided by Thing of the Deep Icon Thing of the Deep at Level 1 helps Nazeebo hit enemies with his Abilities. While his early game damage is not that great, the additional Spell Power provided empowers both his Heroic Abilities, something that will compensate this little weakness during big team fights.

Corpse Spiders Build

Level 1 Widowmakers Icon
Level 4 Hexed Crawlers Icon
Level 7 Spirit of Arachyr Icon
Level 10 Gargantuan Icon Ravenous Spirit Icon ?
Level 13 Ice Block Icon
Level 16 Soul Harvest Icon
Level 20 Vile Infection Icon

Nazeebo's Corpse Spiders Build focuses on Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders, which provides him with outstanding burst damage. Choose this Build when you need to take down an enemy Hero as fast as possible, especially if they dive on your team but also when your Tank has a short-range engage that can be used to crowd control a target and allow you to easily follow-up with all of your Abilities.


Level 1 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Widowmakers ?
Widowmakers (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Reduce the Mana cost of Corpse Spiders by 10.

Reward: After Corpse Spiders attack Heroes 100 times, their attack damage is increased by 30% and the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

Nazeebo Pandemic ?
Pandemic (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Reward: After hitting 40 Heroes with Plague of Toads, it spawns 2 additional toads.

Nazeebo Thing of the Deep
Thing of the Deep (Level 1) Diablo Nazeebo

Increase the range of Nazeebo's Basic Abilities by 20%.

Reward: After gaining 50 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, gain 5% Spell Power.

Reward: After gaining 100 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, gain an additional 5% Spell Power.



Widowmakers Icon Widowmakers increases the damage done by Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders once the Quest gets completed, something that gives Nazeebo some solid burst damage.

Pandemic Icon Pandemic increases the number of Toads spawning from Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads once the Quest is completed, something that gives Nazeebo more zoning potential and poke damage while also increasing his damage against melee enemy Heroes and non-Heroic enemies.

Thing of the Deep Icon Thing of the Deep gives a decent amount of Spell Power once the Quest is completed, and also allows him to cast his Abilities from a longer range, something that makes it a fairly useful choice in most situation but a useless pick when the enemy team likes to dive.


Level 4 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Hexed Crawlers ?
Hexed Crawlers (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

Corpse Spiders restore 1% of Nazeebo's maximum Health and Mana when they attack an enemy Hero.

Nazeebo Big Voodoo
Big Voodoo (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

Increases the Health and Mana bonuses from Voodoo Ritual by 100%.

Nazeebo Blood Ritual ?
Blood Ritual (Level 4) Diablo Nazeebo

If an enemy dies while poisoned by Voodoo Ritual, restore 2% of Nazeebo's maximum Health and Mana.



Hexed Crawlers Icon Hexed Crawlers helps to regenerate Health and Mana during a team fight or skirmish, effectively increasing Nazeebo's Health and Mana by 12% each time Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders is used. Pick this Talent only when going for Spirit of Arachyr Icon Spirit of Arachyr, a combination that will increase your total Health and Mana by 20% each use. Its indirect dependency from Voodoo Ritual Icon Voodoo Ritual makes it more effective in the early game compared to Big Voodoo Icon Big Voodoo.

Big Voodoo Icon Big Voodoo increases maximum Health and maximum Mana values based on the Quest progress of Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection, something that will increase Nazeebo's Health by 20% and Mana by 15% at 100 stacks. Its direct dependency on Voodoo Ritual Icon Voodoo Ritual stacks makes it more effective in the late game compared to Blood Ritual Icon Blood Ritual.

Blood Ritual Icon Blood Ritual helps to regenerate Health and Mana during the laning phase, restoring Nazeebo's Health and Mana by 14% per a Minion wave while rotating. The additional Mana at your disposal indirectly increases your waveclear by letting you cast Basic Abilities without having to worry about Mana. It is good to know that it works on Monsters as well (for example the Skeletal Guardians on Infernal Shrines). All that said, this is the least interesting Talent of the whole Tier because it does not provide any value in team fight and it is not necessary for the laning phase, especially if you are good with Mana management by not using too many Abilities for clearing Minions.


Level 7 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Spirit of Arachyr ?
Spirit of Arachyr (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

If Corpse Spiders hits only one enemy, it creates 2 additional spiders.

Nazeebo Dead Rush
Dead Rush (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

Zombie Wall deals 100% more damage. When it expires up to 5 remaining Zombies uproot and attack nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Nazeebo Toads of Hugeness ?
Toads of Hugeness (Level 7) Diablo Nazeebo

Increase the damage and explosion radius of Plague of Toads by 25% after each hop, up to a maximum of 100%.



Spirit of Arachyr Icon Spirit of Arachyr increases the number of Spiders generated by Corpse Spiders Icon Corpse Spiders and therefore its damage, but only if the Ability hits a single enemy. Pick this Talent when you need consistent burst damage.

Dead Rush Icon Dead Rush doubles the damage done by Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall and makes it spawn a few Zombies when it ends, something that will increase the damage even more and can occasionally intercept enemy Abilities as well. Pick this Talent when you need burst damage and the enemy team cannot deal with Zombie Wall.

Toads of Hugeness Icon Toads of Hugeness increases the damage of Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads based on the distance traveled, something that allows Nazeebo to zone enemy Heroes or to take down Structures while pushing with his team, but it gets zero value when enemy Heroes get close to you.


Level 10 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Gargantuan
Gargantuan (Level 10) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Mana: 90
  • Cooldown: 70 seconds

Summon a Gargantuan to guard an area for 20 seconds. Deals 100 (+4% per level) damage when summoned, attacks for 140 (+4% per level) damage, and can be ordered to stomp nearby enemies.

Nazeebo Ravenous Spirit ?
Ravenous Spirit (Level 10) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Mana: 100
  • Cooldown: 90 seconds

Channel a Ravenous Spirit that deals 230 (+4% per level) damage per second. Cannot move while channeling. Lasts for 8 seconds.



Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan is always a good choice thanks to its good damage and versatility. It can be used to deal more damage, to zone vulnerable enemy Heroes out of a team fight, or to tank enemy Structures while sieging. Pick it while playing against a dive composition.

Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit will deal more damage than Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan over its duration, but there are a number of drawbacks attached to using Ravenous Spirit: you are immobile while channeling, it can be interrupted, and some enemy Heroes can run away from it. Pick it while not playing against a dive composition and when the enemy team does not have too many long-range interrupts.


Level 13 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Guardian Toads
Guardian Toads (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo

Hitting an enemy Hero with Plague of Toads gives 25 Armor for 2 seconds, reducing damage taken by 25%.

Nazeebo Superstition ?
Superstition (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo

Gain 40 Spell Armor. Heroic Basic Attacks against Nazeebo remove this bonus for 3 seconds.

Nazeebo Ice Block
Ice Block (Level 13) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.



Guardian Toads Icon Guardian Toads is the least viable option of this Tier because it is tied to Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads, an Ability that is slow and unreliable at hitting enemy Heroes from the distance.

Superstition Icon Superstition gives you a high but conditional amount of Spell Armor that can be useful while playing against a poke composition. Considering that enemy Basic Attacks can disable its effect and that Ice Block Icon Ice Block can protect you from heavy-hitting Abilities too, we think this Talent is unreliable and therefore should rarely be the choice.

Ice Block Icon Ice Block can drastically increase your survivability by either allowing you to dodge enemy Abilities or giving your team time to assist you.


Level 16 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Spider Colony ?
Spider Colony (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo

Corpse Spider Attacks against Heroes reduce the cooldowns of Zombie Wall and Plague of Toads by 0.25 seconds.

Nazeebo Ring of Poison ?
Ring of Poison (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo

Zombie Wall lasts 1 second longer, and the center is filled with poison that deals a total of 319 (+4% per level) damage over 4 seconds. This damage starts small and increases over the duration.

Nazeebo Soul Harvest
Soul Harvest (Level 16) Diablo Nazeebo
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Activate to increase Nazeebo's Health and Spell Power by 7% for each nearby enemy, up to a maximum of 35%. Lasts 15 seconds.



Spider Colony Icon Spider Colony is a decent Talent that lowers the cooldown of Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall and Plague of Toads Icon Plague of Toads, however, it cannot compete with Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest.

Ring of Poison Icon Ring of Poison is another decent Talent that adds damage and duration to Zombie Wall Icon Zombie Wall, however, it also cannot compete with Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest.

Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest is a very strong offensive and defensive Talent that temporarily gives Spell Power and maximum Health based on the number of enemies hit (including Structures). A common trick is to safely walk near Minions just before a team fight starts to boost your stats for free. If you want to get the buff during a team fight, do not be greedy and just hit the enemy front line as they engage on you.


Level 20 Talents for Nazeebo

Nazeebo Humongoid ?
Humongoid (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Reduce Gargantuan's cooldown by 40 seconds and its Mana cost by 50%.

Nazeebo Annihilating Spirit ?
Annihilating Spirit (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Increases the range of Ravenous Spirit by 50%, and each time it damages an enemy Hero increase its damage 5% for the rest of its duration.

Nazeebo Fury of the Storm
Fury of the Storm (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 91 damage to the target, and 228 damage to all nearby Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.

Nazeebo Vile Infection
Vile Infection (Level 20) Diablo Nazeebo

Quest: Reach 175 stacks of Voodoo Ritual.

Reward: After reaching 175 stacks of Voodoo Ritual, it can also be applied to Heroes and its damage is increased from 67 (+4% per level) to 167 (+4% per level) over 6 seconds.



Humongoid Icon Humongoid is a situationally good Talent that allows you to spam Gargantuan Icon Gargantuan once every 30 seconds. Considering that it lasts 20 seconds, you will have Gargantuan on the battlefield 2/3 of the time, unless the enemy team deals with it. It is important to know that you will not immediately get the cooldown reduction if you pick this Talent while Gargantuan is on cooldown already. Pick this Talent only when you cannot get value from Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection.

Annihilating Spirit Icon Annihilating Spirit is a situationally good Talent that allows you to cast Ravenous Spirit Icon Ravenous Spirit from a safer distance and for more damage. Pick this Talent only when you cannot get value from Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection.

Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm is a bad Talent because it cannot compete with Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection in team fight and it gives waveclear at a stage of the game when you do not really need more of it and on a Hero that already has a solid amount of it.

Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection turns Nazeebo into a late-game powerhouse by buffing his Basic Attacks and Basic Abilities significantly. It is crucial to collect 175 Voodoo Ritual Icon Voodoo Ritual stacks to activate it, which is why we generally recommend to poison as many enemy Minions with your Abilities before killing them.

When you are not sure if you will be able to complete Vile Infection Icon Vile Infection before winning or losing the game, do not lock your Level 20 Talent unless you really need it for an important team fight or if your team is going for Core to end the game, in which case you just upgrade your Heroic Ability because incomplete Vile Infection will be literally useless.



  • 09 Apr. 2020: Talent Build fully revised to match new standards.
    • Talent Build and Talent Build Cheatsheet modified to reflect the current metagame.
    • Talent Descriptions modified to better describe when to pick them.
  • 23 Mar. 2020: Outdated and misleading information corrected.
  • 19 Dec. 2019: Updated Thing of the Deep's description. It remains Recommended despite the latest Balance Update.
  • 03 Dec. 2019: Updated Nazeebo's Talents and removed the Spider Build.
  • 25 Nov. 2019: Added Nazeebo's Zombie Build and updated his talent section in accordance with the latest Balance Update.
  • 25 Jun. 2019: Updated Nazeebo's talents and builds in accordance with the latest state of the game.
  • 29 Jan. 2018: Updated the Soul Harvest description slightly.
  • 23 Dec. 2017: Added the Spider 2.0 Build and updated Spider Talents from 1 to 7 , as well as Annihilating Spirit at Level 20.
  • 22 Dec. 2017: Changed Guardian Toads from Situational to Not Recommended.
  • 09 Nov. 2017: Updated Nazeebo's talents, notably Spirit of Arachyr, Spider Colony, and Humongoid.
  • 15 Oct. 2017: Further updated Nazeebo's talents, notably Hexed Crawlers, Big Voodoo, and Soul Harvest.
  • 12 Oct. 2017: Balance patch update.
    • Updated Ring of Poison description.
    • Updated talent builds.
  • 28 May 2017: Changed Big Voodoo from Recommended to Not Recommended. Changed Blood Ritual from Not Recommended to Recommended and updated Talent Builds.
  • 04 May 2017: Updated Gargantuan's and Vile Infection's talent descriptions.
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