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Medivh Talents

Last updated on Apr 04, 2018 at 09:50 by Kendric 35 comments

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General Information

On this page, we present the viable talent choices for playing Medivh in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. For each talent, we explain what they do and why they should or should not be taken.

The other pages of our Medivh guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About the Author

KendricSwissh is a Master League Warrior and Support player in Hero League. He has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the early stages of the Alpha version and has mastered a large number of Heroes. He is also creating Heroes of the Storm related content on YouTube, most notably his series called Epic Plays of the Week, which focuses on video clips submitted by his viewers. He is also a streamer on Twitch where he will gladly answer all of your questions about the game.

1. Medivh's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Winds of Celerity Raven's Intellect Portal Mastery
4 Mage Armor Raven Familiar Dust of Appearance
7 Mystic Assault Arcane Explosion Force of Magic
10 Poly Bomb Ley Line Seal
13 Circle of Protection Enduring Will Reabsorption
16 Arcane Charge ? Temporal Flux ? Stable Portal
20 Glyph Of Poly Bomb Medivh Cheats! Guardian of Tirisfal Arcane Brilliance Dust of Disappearance
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2. Medivh's Common Talent Paths

2.1. Force of Will Build (talent calculator link)

Level 1 Raven's Intellect Icon Portal Mastery Icon ?
Level 4 Dust of Appearance Icon Raven Familiar Icon ?
Level 7 Arcane Explosion Icon Force of Magic Icon ?
Level 10 Ley Line Seal Icon Poly Bomb Icon ?
Level 13 Circle of Protection Icon
Level 16 Stable Portal Icon
Level 20 Medivh Cheats! Icon Glyph Of Poly Bomb Icon ?

The Will of Force Build is a well-rounded Talent Build that focuses on both Medivh's defense and offense. While Raven's Intellect Icon Raven's Intellect at Level 1 provides him with decent Mana and health regeneration, Arcane Explosion Icon Arcane Explosion becomes an incredibly powerful talent if timed well against heavy damage from the enemy team. At Level 10 we recommend either Poly Bomb Icon Poly Bomb or Ley Line Seal Icon Ley Line Seal depending on your team composition's playstyle. If you have other AoE combo abilities available, such as Diablo's Apocalypse Icon Apocalypse, then Ley Line Seal becomes the perfect foundation to execute devastating crowd control chains. If the enemy team composition features aggressive Assassins, however, Poly Bomb can become a great counter to hinder their movement and render them defenseless for a couple of seconds.

3. Level 1 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Winds of Celerity
Winds of Celerity (Level 1) World of Warcraft Medivh

Increases Raven Form's Movement Speed bonus by 50%.

Medivh Raven's Intellect
Raven's Intellect (Level 1) World of Warcraft Medivh

Raven Form increases Medivh's Mana and Health Regeneration by 75%.

Medivh Portal Mastery
Portal Mastery (Level 1) World of Warcraft Medivh

Medivh can manually place both Portal locations and it no longer breaks Raven Form.

Activate Medivh's Trait to cancel an unlinked Portal.

3.1. Discussion

Raven's Intellect Icon Raven's Intellect offers much needed Mana and health regeneration to Medivh. Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift and Force of Will Icon Force of Will, in particular, consume a lot of Mana if used too frequently, which is why Raven's Intellect is a solid talent to prevent unnecessary downtimes.

Portal Mastery Icon Portal Mastery is a great talent, since it allows Medivh to use Portal Icon Portal without breaking Raven Form Icon Raven Form, which allows him to save allies without exposing himself to enemy Heroes.

Winds of Celerity Icon Winds of Celerity feels underwhelming because Raven Form Icon Raven Form's original Movement Speed already feels fast enough.

4. Level 4 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Mage Armor
Mage Armor (Level 4) World of Warcraft Medivh

The first time an ally uses a Portal, they gain 25 Armor for 4 seconds, reducing their damage taken by 25%.

Medivh Raven Familiar
Raven Familiar (Level 4) World of Warcraft Medivh

A Raven Familiar joins allies each time they use a Portal. The Raven will dive at the ally's next Basic Attack against a Hero within 5 seconds, dealing 114 (+4% per level) damage and Slowing them by 30% for 2.5 seconds.

Medivh Dust of Appearance
Dust of Appearance (Level 4) World of Warcraft Medivh
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

Activate to greatly increase sight range for 5 seconds and reveal enemy Heroes in the area for 8 seconds. Does not cancel Raven Form.

Passive: Increase Medivh's sight range while in Raven Form by 25%.

4.1. Discussion

Dust of Appearance Icon Dust of Appearance offers an incredible amount of bonus vision and comes with a relatively low cooldown, which makes it an ideal talent to observe the enemy team's movements.

Raven Familiar Icon Raven Familiar offers enough damage to make it worth the investment. Furthermore, the Movement Speed Slow is surprisingly strong when it comes to chasing enemy Heroes down or keeping them at a distance.

Mage Armor Icon Mage Armor is too special of a talent to be recommended since most team compositions feature at least one Mage.

5. Level 7 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Mystic Assault
Mystic Assault (Level 7) World of Warcraft Medivh

If Arcane Rift hits an enemy Hero, Medivh's next Basic Attack within 6 seconds deals 40% more damage and heals for 40% of the damage dealt.

Medivh Arcane Explosion
Arcane Explosion (Level 7) World of Warcraft Medivh

When Force of Will expires, it deals 80 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies, plus 50% of the damage it prevented, up to 315 (+4% per level) additional damage.

Medivh Force of Magic
Force of Magic (Level 7) World of Warcraft Medivh

Preventing at least 268 (+4% per level) damage with a single cast of Force of Will grants 25% Spell Power for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.

5.1. Discussion

Arcane Explosion Icon Arcane Explosion is particularly effective if the enemy team consists of multiple melee Assassins and Warriors who will take damage at the same time if they stand to close to each other.

Force of Magic Icon Force of Magic can be incredibly effective if used to absorb lots of damage at the same time, making it a great tool against burst Mages like Jaina or Kel'Thuzad in particular.

Mystic Assault Icon Mystic Assault's reward is not good enough to justify the condition of landing Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift on an enemy Hero.

6. Level 10 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Poly Bomb
Poly Bomb (Level 10) World of Warcraft Medivh
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

Polymorph an enemy Hero for 2 seconds, Silencing them and making them unable to attack. On expiration, Poly Bomb spreads to other nearby enemy Heroes.

Medivh Ley Line Seal
Ley Line Seal (Level 10) World of Warcraft Medivh
  • Mana: 75
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds

After 0.5 seconds, unleash a wave of energy that places enemy Heroes in Time Stop for 3 seconds.

6.1. Discussion

Poly Bomb Icon Poly Bomb is an incredibly useful Heroic Ability against melee Heroes in particular who usually clump up while focusing on an enemy target. Nimble Assassins and Bruisers, such as Illidan or Sonya suffer greatly from being interrupted while engaging on their target.

It is quite important to keenly observe the course of battle before casting Poly Bomb Icon Poly Bomb. Make sure to use it when the enemy team groups up and/or is impaired by movement speed Slows and Stuns, which will make it much harder for them to spread out.

Ley Line Seal Icon Ley Line Seal has the potential of single-handedly winning or losing a team fight. If it successfully hits multiple enemy Heroes, your team can set up a strong follow-up combination. However, if it misses, it has literally zero value and you will have wasted a relatively long cooldown in vain. Furthermore, Ley Line Seal's travel animation is very slow, which usually allows enemies to dodge it.

7. Level 13 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Circle of Protection
Circle of Protection (Level 13) World of Warcraft Medivh

Force of Will also applies to allies near the target, but its cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.

Medivh Enduring Will
Enduring Will (Level 13) World of Warcraft Medivh

Preventing at least 268 (+4% per level) damage with Force of Will reduces its cooldown to 3 seconds.

Medivh Reabsorption
Reabsorption (Level 13) World of Warcraft Medivh

Increase the amount of healing from Force Of Will to 70% of the damage it absorbed.

7.1. Discussion

Circle of Protection Icon Circle of Protection is an amazing talent if your team consists of multiple melee Assassins and Warriors who generally tend to group up when focusing the same target. Also, Circle of Protection offers great value when cast on several of your teammates as they exit your Portal Icon Portal.

Reabsorption Icon Reabsorption's extra healing on just one allied target feels underwhelming when Circle of Protection Icon Circle of Protection has the ability to completely protect several allies at the same time.

Enduring Will Icon Enduring Will offers a slighty shorter cooldown on Force of Will Icon Force of Will, however, it cannot compete against the protection value of Circle of Protection Icon Circle of Protection.

8. Level 16 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Arcane Charge ?
Arcane Charge (Level 16) World of Warcraft Medivh

When Arcane Rift damages an enemy Hero, the next Arcane Rift deals 15% more damage.

Medivh Temporal Flux ?
Temporal Flux (Level 16) World of Warcraft Medivh

Basic Attacks reduce Medivh's Heroic Ability cooldown by 1 second. Each enemy Hero hit by Arcane Rift reduces Medivh's Heroic Ability cooldown by 3 seconds.

Medivh Stable Portal
Stable Portal (Level 16) World of Warcraft Medivh

Decrease Portal cooldown by 25% and increase Portal duration by 50%.

8.1. Discussion

Stable Portal Icon Stable Portal is a very versatile talent that offers plenty of benefits. Lowering the cooldown and extending the duration of Portal Icon Portal allows Medivh's team to cover larger distances more frequently and reliably. As a result, it also provides strong synergy with Raven Familiar Icon Raven Familiar at Level 7.

Arcane Charge Icon Arcane Charge is a good talent if you are an experienced Medivh player and have the timing and accuracy to consistently land multiple Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rifts.

Temporal Flux Icon Temporal Flux can be useful when paired with Ley Line Seal Icon Ley Line Seal whose cooldown is significantly higher than Poly Bomb Icon Poly Bomb.

9. Level 20 Talents for Medivh

Medivh Glyph Of Poly Bomb
Glyph Of Poly Bomb (Level 20) World of Warcraft Medivh

Poly Bomb explodes 1 second sooner and the spread radius is increased by 25%.

Medivh Medivh Cheats!
Medivh Cheats! (Level 20) World of Warcraft Medivh

Increase the duration of the Time Stop by 33% and gain the ability to redirect the wave once while it's active.

Medivh Guardian of Tirisfal
Guardian of Tirisfal (Level 20) World of Warcraft Medivh

Minions and Catapults hit by Arcane Rift are instantly killed.

Medivh Arcane Brilliance
Arcane Brilliance (Level 20) World of Warcraft Medivh
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds

Activate to instantly restore 200 mana to all nearby allied Heroes and grant them 10% Spell Power for 10 seconds.

Medivh Dust of Disappearance
Dust of Disappearance (Level 20) World of Warcraft Medivh
  • Charges: 2
  • Recharge Time: 10 seconds

Stealth an allied Hero for 20 seconds. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds while Stealthed grants Invisible.

Stores up to 2 charges.

9.1. Discussion

Glyph Of Poly Bomb Icon Glyph Of Poly Bomb often proves to be counter-productive, since it reduces the actual time a target is Polymorphed, which means it also reduces the time a target unable to attack or use abilities. However, the increased spread speed can wreak havoc in the enemy lines. Melee Heroes, in particular, who are standing close to one another can suffer greatly if they do not spread fast enough.

Medivh Cheats! Icon Medivh Cheats! tackles one of Ley Line Seal Icon Ley Line Seal's main issues, which is the slow projectile speed. The ability to manually re-direct the course of Ley Line Seal once allows Medivh to catch enemies that he would have missed otherwise.

Guardian of Tirisfal Icon Guardian of Tirisfal offers potentially decent waveclear, which unfortunately comes too late in his talent tree to be relevant in most games.

Dust of Disappearance Icon Dust of Disappearance's very low cooldown make it a tempting talent at first glance. However, the talent remains unimpactful in most situations, especially during team fights.

Arcane Brilliance Icon Arcane Brilliance only makes sense if your team features Assassins like Kael'thas or Li-Ming who are quite Mana hungry and actually benefit from increased ability damage.

10. ChangeLog

  • 04 Apr. 2018: Updated Medivh's talents in accordance with the most recent Balance Updates.
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