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General Information

On this page, we present the viable talent choices for playing The Lost Vikings in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. For each talent, we explain what they do and why they should or should not be taken.

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Micekrispies is a Grand Master Hero League player who has a passion for the MOBA scene and its community. Having over 6 years of experience in the upper divisions of League of Legends, Micekrispies saw Heroes of the Storm as an exciting new endeavor. His priority is to share his knowledge of the MOBA genre with any and all who desire to learn more. Feel free to drop off a comment in the comments section or check out him out on Twitch where he will gladly answer any of your questions.


Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Olaf the Stout Spy Games Explosive Attacks Viking Bribery
4 Pain Don't Hurt Erik the Swift ? It's a Sabotage! Mercenary Lord
7 Baleog the Fierce Spin To Win! Norse Force!
10 Longboat Raid! Play Again!
13 Hunka' Burning Olaf ? Jump! Nordic Attack Squad
16 Large and In Charge ? Impatience Is a Virtue 64 KB Marathon Executioner
20 Ragnarok 'n' Roll! Checkpoint Reached ? The Sequel! Fury of the Storm

Common Talent Paths

The Lost Team Fighters: Strong team fighting with decent split-pushing qualities

The Lost Split-Pushers: Incredibly strong split-pushing build

The Lost Baleog: He's the hero that nexus deserves


Choosing your build

The Lost Vikings have three primary build paths that should be decided on very early in the match, if not before hand. Which build to take for each match is predominantly dependent on which Battleground that match will be played in. The Lost Vikings truly shine in their ability to spread out and control the map through soaking and split-pushing. Because of this, they tend to excel on larger maps such as Sky Temple, Garden of Terror, and Cursed Hollow. The Lost Split-Pushers and The Lost Baleog build is going to be the ideal choice when placed into these Battlegrounds. The Lost Team Fighters build is going to be a great choice on smaller maps where constant team fights are blatantly unavoidable, such as Tomb of the Spider Queen and Towers of Doom. Although a split-pushing build is going to open up more opportunity for counter-play and map control on specific maps, it does tend to have a much higher skill cap requirement in order to be played to its potential. Some players who may be newer to playing with TLV may choose to run a stronger team fighting build on all maps due to its more straightforward and traditional play-style.


Level 1 Talents

Olaf the Stout Spy Games Explosive Attacks Viking Bribery


Olaf the Stout Icon Olaf the Stout generates a charge of Block every 8 seconds, which reduces the damage of the next Basic Attack from a Hero by 75%. You can hold up to 2 charges.

Spy Games Icon Spy Games provides Erik with Stealth and 75% increased vision after he remains stationary for 3 seconds. The Stealth remains for 3 seconds after moving.

Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks increases Baleog's AoE damage to non-Heroic enemies by 100%.

Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery generates one stack of Viking Bribery (up to a maximum of 200 stacks) whenever an enemy Minion dies near you. You can instantly defeat a neutral Mercenary by expending 40 stacks of Viking Bribery. Viking Bribery does not work against Golem Bosses. Mercenary Camps defeated solely by Viking Bribery will have a 50% increased respawn rate.


Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery is very similar to the generic Pixie Charm Icon Pixie Charm talent that other specific Heroes have access to. It essentially permits a single Viking to defeat a Mercenary camp within seconds of leaving lane, allowing them to quickly return in order to soak experience and collect available Regeneration Globes. Having the ability to choose the exact moment to release a group of Mercenaries against your adversaries is quite the luxury. Also, being able to defeat Mercenary camps with such speed permits the Vikings to regularly deny opponents the use of their camps. Once the camps are taken, players who have talented into Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord may choose to travel with their allied Mercenaries, greatly increasing their damage output and overall sustain.

Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks may be another great choice in terms of split-pushing utility. Although not commonly seen as stronger than Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery in terms of versatility, Explosive Attacks is the go-to talent choice on maps where Mercenary camps may be limited by long cooldown duration or simple the number of camps available. Explosive Attacks, when left unchecked by the opposing team, can quickly whittle down waves of minions and the structures behind them.


Olaf the Stout Icon Olaf the Stout is a talent that, although at first appealing (who would not want an even beefier Olaf?!), is a relatively weak choice. Not only does it inhibit a player from selecting either one of two very strong split-pushing talents (Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery or Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks), the talent itself is rather counter-intuitive. Olaf, although the “tankiest” of the three Vikings, should never be used as a main tank both in terms of damage soak or engage. Selecting a talent that benefits an aspect of a Hero that should not be particularly emphasized, especially when there better talents options available, simply is not the wisest choice.

Spy Games Icon Spy Games is a quirky talent that provides very little utility aside from turning Erik into an invisible Scouting Drone when left standing around. This talent, much like Olaf the Stout Icon Olaf the Stout, is counter-intuitive in that it is only really beneficial when you are under-utilizing Erik. Erik should be one of the most active Vikings, constantly zipping throughout the Battlefield with his elevated movement speed. Ideally, Erik should rarely be left stationary therefore eliminating the usefulness of this talent.


Level 4 Talents

Pain Don't Hurt Erik the Swift ? It's a Sabotage! Mercenary Lord


Pain Don't Hurt Icon Pain Don't Hurt causes Baleog's Basic Attacks to heal him for 20% of all damage that they deal. This effect is doubled versus enemy Heroes.

Erik the Swift Icon Erik the Swift increases Erik's movement speed by 10%, and while he is moving he gains substantially increased health regeneration.

It's a Sabotage! Icon It's a Sabotage! causes Erik's Basic Attacks to deal damage over 10 seconds when attacking Structures. Additional attacks against the same Structure will renew this effect.

Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord passively reduces the damage taken from non-Heroic sources — Minions, Structures, Mercenaries, and certain Map Objectives — by 50%. It also causes claimed non-Boss Mercenaries near you to deal 50% more damage.


Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord is pretty much the standard talent choice for this Level, particularly when having already talented into Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery. Not only does this talent increase the pushing speed of your Mercenaries by increasing their damage output, it also ups their survivability. This increase in defense allows your Mercenaries to soak up most if not all of the damage from enemy minions and mercenaries resulting in an even stronger lane presence.

Pain Don't Hurt Icon Pain Don't Hurt greatly increases the survivability of Baleog through a life steal element being applied to his Basic Attacks. This talent is not only strong in lane but quite beneficial when soloing Mercenaries camps. Pain Don't Hurt also allows Baleog to be positioned deep within enemy lanes tanking waves of minions while defeating them. This forces an enemy to come stop Baleog all the while that lane is being pressed hard into due to lack of minion opposition.



Erik the Swift Icon Erik the Swift is another niche talent selection that does have a beneficial place in TLV's kit, much like that of Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks. This talent should generally be chosen in similar situations you would choose Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks, particularly when you are not placing heavy emphasis on utilizing Mercenary camps. This talent not only increases Erik's survivability and sustainability, it also gives him an added bonus to his already incredibly useful swiftness.


It's a Sabotage! Icon It's a Sabotage! is a decent choice in terms of pushing power and lane pressure, however it lacks the versatility of both Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord and Erik the Swift Icon Erik the Swift. It's A Sabotage is specific only to Erik's Basic Attacks and therefore is relatively outclassed by Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord map-wide effectiveness.


Level 7 Talents

Baleog the Fierce Spin To Win! Norse Force!


Baleog the Fierce Icon Baleog the Fierce causes Baleog to increase his Basic Attack speed by 8% every time he uses a Basic Attack, stacking up to 5 times. After 3 seconds of not attacking, the stacks will rapidly decay until Baleog uses Basic Attacks again.

Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win! is an activatable talent that causes all three Vikings to spin when activated, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Each Viking deals unique damage, so hitting a single target with all three Vikings deals 3 times as much damage as just using a single Viking.

Norse Force! Icon Norse Force! is an activatable talent that grants each Viking a shield for 4 seconds. The strength of the shield increases for each Viking that is alive.


Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win! is, in my opinion, a must have. This talent choice marks the point in the match at which the Vikings become a real threatening presence well into the late game. Not only does this talent allow both Erik and Olaf the ability to quickly clear lanes, it gives the Vikings a much more menacing team fighting role. Before talenting into Spin to Win! the vikings have to solely rely on individual Basic Attacks for harassing and trading in lane. Once grouping for team fights the Vikings are able to stack together to put out a rather heavy amount of burst damage assuming all three Vikings land Spin To Win! on a single target. Be careful though as to not get caught or killed yourself by other high damage AoE abilities such as Gazlowe's Xplodium Charge Icon Xplodium Charge.

Baleog the Fierce Icon Baleog the Fierce is a great choice when running the Baleog build on larger maps where team fights are most certainly avoidable. There is no doubt of the massive split pushing potential with this talent, particularly when paired with Explosive Attacks Icon Explosive Attacks. Of course, this is all assuming Baleog can be manuvered around long enough to build stacks of attack speed and sneak his way down lanes without contest.


Norse Force! Icon Norse Force! is not an inherently bad talent, it is just unfortunately way outclassed in this specific talent tier. The shield provided to the Vikings is actually very strong, and will greatly increase the survivability of the little scoundrels. When talenting into this defensive ability however, TLV players will lose out on one of the most powerful overall talents in the TLV kit, Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win!. Besides, at level 13 the Vikings will have Jump! Icon Jump! available. Jump! Icon Jump! tends to be just as, if not more, effective as Norse Force! in providing the Vikings with some defensive utility.


Level 10 Talents

Longboat Raid! Play Again!


Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! summons an Unstoppable Longboat at the currently selected Viking's location, placing all Vikings in it for 15 seconds. The Longboat has a separate health pool from the Vikings and gains a flat amount of max health per Viking in the Longboat. The Longboat attacks the nearest enemy every second, prioritizing Heroes and giving you Mortar Icon Mortar, an additional ability that shoots an explosion at the targeted location, damaging all enemies hit. If the Longboat is destroyed, all of the Vikings are Stunned for 1.5 seconds. Longboat Raid can only be activated if all living Vikings are near one other. If no Viking is selected when summoning the Longboat, it will default to Olaf.

Play Again! Icon Play Again! places a pylon at the target location that summons, fully heals, and revives all Vikings after any Viking channels for 2 seconds.


Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! is arguably the most amusing talent choice within TLV's entire kit. For me personally, there is little in this game more hilarious than raining down literal fire onto your opponents as you navigate an obscure quaint flying watercraft along to a rather whimsical soundtrack. First off, when it comes to the question of which talent to choose between Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! and Play Again! Icon Play Again! there is rarely a cut and dry answer. Longboat Raid! should be selected in scenarios where team fighting will be prioritized over split-pushing. The reason for this prioritization could be the result of a specific map, TLV's team composition, or even being counter-picked by Heroes that will try to shut down any attempts at split-pushing such as Zeratul. Although at first this ability comes across as quite silly, it can be incredibly strong when utilized appropriately in team fights with good positioning and mechanical prowess regarding Mortar Icon Mortar. It is important to note that there is a delay in the time from when Mortar Icon Mortar is cast, to when the ability lands and deals damage, so try to somewhat lead your target as they move. Although the ability is relatively spammable (has a shorter cooldown), it may be better to wait to use it when you know your target will be stationary, such as well they are channeling an ability or under the effects of crowd control. Although TLV can only control the focus of the constant stream of damage dealt by Longboat Raid! through positioning, Mortar should generally be used on the target of team focus. More often than not, it is a bad decision to put TLV in a compromising position simply for the purpose of forcing Longboat Raid! to apply its sustained damage onto a specific target. Even when Longboat Raid! is active, the Longboat itself has a relatively low health-poll and is incredibly susceptible to crowd control and burst abilities... so try to play accordingly. In extreme situations, Longboat Raid! can even be used defensively. When caught out or under high risk conditions, Longboat Raid! may be activated to prevent the Vikings from death or buy them enough time to call upon the allied team for additional support.

Play Again! Icon Play Again! is a relatively straightforward ability to understand, and is even more simple to use. The real challenge to utilizing Play Again! to its full potential is understanding WHEN is the most appropriate time to activate it. Much of the basis for this understanding comes with fundamental game knowledge and the ability to weight the cost-effectiveness of your decisions. Will it be “worth it” to bring all three Vikings top to force an enemy Keep? Should I quickly group the Vikings up with my team for a full blown fight using Play Again!? Can I successfully duel an isolated Hero with all three Vikings thus creating a large moment of opportunity for my team to take objectives? These, along with many others, are questions that all TLV players who regularly select Play Again! will have to ask themselves. Sometimes there is no right answer until a decision is made and the situation is resolved. If the decision to use Play Again! at a particular time turns out to be a poor one, try not to waste the opportunity to analyze and learn why it turned out that way. Play Again! is a talent that should be selected when your team will benefit most from the massive amount of utility this talent provides for the Vikings. Ideally, an allied team composition should be developed around the selection of TLV. When shooting for a split-pushing TLV build, this includes Heroes that have relatively good sustain and ranged ability uptime (in order to prevent the opposition from capturing objectives such as altars or tributes depending on the Battleground). This stalling from TLV's team gives the Vikings ample time to force secondary objectives, such as mercenary camps and enemy structures especially when teleporting around the map with Play Again!.


Level 13 Talents

Hunka' Burning Olaf ? Jump! Nordic Attack Squad


Hunka' Burning Olaf Icon Hunka' Burning Olaf causes Olaf to passively deal damage to nearby enemies every second.

Jump! Icon Jump! is an activatable talent that flings all Vikings into the air, making them invulnerable for 1.5 seconds and able to pass through enemy units. If any Viking is affected by Silence, Polymorph, Stun, or otherwise incapacitated then Jump! cannot be used.

Nordic Attack Squad Icon Nordic Attack Squad is an activatable talent that causes each Viking's Basic Attack to deal bonus damage equal to 1% of the targeted Hero's maximum health. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.


Jump! Icon Jump! is hands down the strongest choice for TLV at this level 13. Although sitting at a cooldown of 30 seconds, having the ability to become both invulnerable and untargetable for 1.5 seconds is phenomenal. Jump! provides the inherently vulnerable Vikings with an incredibly precious defense/escape mechanic. This talent is particularly ideal for TLV's standard playstyle that will sometimes leave the Vikings in compromising positions deep within enemy terrain. Not only should Jump! be used to prevent large amounts of damage that would otherwise be unavoidable, the ability can be used to in unison with Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go! to make for some flashy escapes.



Hunka' Burning Olaf Icon Hunka' Burning Olaf is not a bad talent by any means. The idea of this talent actually integrates very smoothly into the emphasis of TLV's main objective; to apply lane pressure by pushing down waves of enemy defenses. This talent can be selected if maxing TLV's lane pressure is the end goal for the match. Unless having previously selected Norse Force! Icon Norse Force! or Play Again! Icon Play Again! at earlier levels, choosing Hunka' Burning Olaf does leave the Vikings quite vulnerable to being picked off throughout the map with no means of escape aside from Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go!. Hunka' Burning Olaf also gives Olaf the option to take camps even faster by himself which should be seen as an added bonus. This aspect of the talent should not be relied on too much if Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery had previously been selected at level 1.


Nordic Attack Squad Icon Nordic Attack Squad is a relatively weak talent, especially when held up against the strength and versatility of Jump! Icon Jump! or even Hunka' Burning Olaf Icon Hunka' Burning Olaf. Although Nordic Attack Squad can greatly increase the damage output of the Vikings, particularly in team fighting situations, it can be too easily countered. Blinds such as Li Li's Blinding Wind Icon Blinding Wind and Johanna's Shield Glare Icon Shield Glare as well as defensive abilities like Illidan's Evasion Icon Evasion will render Nordic Attack Squad essentially useless. The 5-second duration also leaves a very small window of opportunity to truly benefit from the talent's full potential.


Level 16 Talents

Large and In Charge ? Impatience Is a Virtue 64 KB Marathon Executioner


Large and In Charge Icon Large and In Charge causes Olaf's charge to Stun his target for 1 second in addition to its normal effects.

Impatience Is a Virtue Icon Impatience Is a Virtue reduces the cooldown of all of your activatable abilities (including Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go!) by 0.25 seconds each time a Viking attacks.

64 KB Marathon Icon 64 KB Marathon increases the movement speed bonus of Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go! to 70%, decaying back down to 30% over 4 seconds. Additionally, Go Go Go! will remove any Slows or Roots from the Vikings.

Executioner Icon Executioner increases the damage of your Basic Attacks by 30% for 3 seconds after hitting a Hero that is currently affected by any form of crowd control.


Impatience Is a Virtue Icon Impatience Is a Virtue is a wonderful talent that, simply put, makes TLV better at everything they do. Even if no activateable talents were previously selected in TLV's kit this talent at worst will reduce the cooldown time of Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go!. Having a shorter cooldown of Go Go Go! will allow the Vikings to spend more time forcing objectives without fear of being caught in a sticky situation without means of escape. Assuming the Vikings are all constantly attacking a target, this talent will cut the cooldown time of all Basic Abilites by about 50%. This is particularly important for TLV's abilities with very long cooldowns such as Jump! Icon Jump!, which unaltered has a cooldown of 30 seconds. This bigger uptime on TLV's abilities allows them to do more of everything which is almost always too good to pass up.



Large and In Charge Icon Large and In Charge is a great little addition of utility to the Vikings. At first a 1-second stun might not seem like much, but its usefulness should not be underestimated. For the most part, Olaf should already be sticking with the allied team as a source of support for the carries. This 1-second stun could provide your team with just enough added utility to turn team fights by any number of means, such as interrupting enemy channeled abilities like Kael'thas' Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast or peeling enemy Heroes away from your carries. Large and In Charge can also be used as follow up crowd-control on your team's target of focus.


64 KB Marathon Icon 64 KB Marathon is a neat concept that has its benefits but is simply not as useful to TLV's kit as Impatience Is a Virtue Icon Impatience Is a Virtue or Large and In Charge Icon Large and In Charge. Although 64KB Marathon adds another beneficial dimension to the already strong ability Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go! by allowing TLV to be able to break free from particular crowd ontrol effects, it cannot compete with the uptime bonus on other more important abilities such as Jump! Icon Jump! that Impatience Is a Virtue provides.

Executioner Icon Executioner is a team-fight oriented Talent that requires The Vikings to attack a slowed, rooted, or stunned enemy Hero to proc the Attack Damage buff. Although this can be done alone with Olaf's Charge, it is only available once every 8 seconds. Therefore The Vikings will need to rely heavily on their allies crowd-control to maintain the increased Attack Damage. On larger Battlegrounds that focus heavily on PvE, The Vikings will sometimes go long durations without even facing off against an enemy Hero. Although this Talent may have very situational benefits, it remains severely outclassed by the overall strength of both Impatience Is a Virtue Icon Impatience Is a Virtue and even Large and In Charge Icon Large and In Charge.


Level 20 Talents

Ragnarok 'n' Roll! Checkpoint Reached ? The Sequel! Fury of the Storm


Ragnarok 'n' Roll! Icon Ragnarok 'n' Roll! allows Longboat to attack 2 targets simultaneously and increases the range of Mortar Icon Mortar by 100%.

Checkpoint Reached Icon Checkpoint Reached revives and summons any dead Vikings and heals any living Vikings to full health 10 seconds after using Play Again! Icon Play Again!.

The Sequel! Icon The Sequel! reduces the death timer for all Vikings by 50%.

Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm causes your next Basic Attack to deal bonus damage to the target and any nearby Minions or Mercenaries. It takes 5 seconds for your next Basic Attack to become empowered again. Each Viking has their own cooldown.


Ragnarok 'n' Roll! Icon Ragnarok 'n' Roll! is a great talent that significantly upgrades the effectiveness of Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid!. The added Longboat target as well as the increase in Mortar Icon Mortar range make Longboat Raid! a much deadlier and safer ability to use in the late game. These additions give the Vikings more control over how the Longboats damage is applied and to whom through a less unforgiving demand of positioning. With Ragnarok 'n' Roll the Vikings should never be required to be anywhere near the front line of a team fight to do great amounts of sustained damage to the target(s) of their choosing. This talent is a great pick for games where TLV are set up to play around Longboat Raid! and its team fighting advantages.

Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm should be the uncontested choice in matches where team fights may still be somewhat avoided and TLV need to do some serious work to the enemy lanes/structures. This talent not only intensifies the Vikings ability to individually apply pressure to multiple lanes but also allows the Vikings to group up and completely melt waves and ultimately enemy structures because of each Viking's independent cooldown for the bonus damage. With the right timing and by placing all three Vikings in a single lane with a Mercenary camp under the effects of Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord, enemy keeps might go down before the opposition even has time to notice.



Checkpoint Reached Icon Checkpoint Reached is a talent choice that I find myself still personally torn over. There is no doubt that this talent alone may be a game winning choice, potentially avoiding otherwise devastating misplays. However the fact that it is taken most often with the mind-set that your Vikings will end up dying does not really resonate well with me. It would be wiser to select a talent option that gives a higher chance of outright success, such as Ragnarok 'n' Roll! Icon Ragnarok 'n' Roll! or Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm, rather than choose something that might be beneficial if something were to go wrong. There are situations where I could see this talent being a great pick when dueling an enemy Hero who attempts to stop a TLV split-push, but I am just not sure of how much I would trust this over two other blatantly great options.


Similarly to Checkpoint Reached Icon Checkpoint Reached I do not know how I feel about talents such as The Sequel! Icon The Sequel! that reward misplays which result in a Heroes death. There is one main reason that this talent is not recommended at all (as opposed to Checkpoint Reached which is listed as “situational”) Death timers are very long at level 20 when this talent becomes available. Reducing the time spent dead by 50% will not really allow TLV to prevent the enemy team from taking an objective or even finishing the game. This is particularly true if TLV is the only Hero alive and available to prevent a push from the opposition while the rest of the allied team has 50% or more of their time left to wait. The only time I can see this talent being somewhat useful is if an individual Viking is caught out and the team can only buy so much time before he will need to be back into the action. This talent should just be avoided as all three other options provide more overall for TLV.



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