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The Lost Vikings Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on Jun 25, 2016 at 10:19 by Micekrispies 10 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play The Lost Vikings in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

Micekrispies is a Grand Master Hero League player who has a passion for the MOBA scene and its community. Having over 6 years of experience in the upper divisions of League of Legends, Micekrispies saw Heroes of the Storm as an exciting new endeavor. His priority is to share his knowledge of the MOBA genre with any and all who desire to learn more. Feel free to drop off a comment in the comments section or check out him out on Twitch where he will gladly answer any of your questions.

1. General Strategy

Learning how to effectively play The Lost Vikings starts with a good understanding of rudimentary game fundamentals. Aside from having to control three independent characters, knowing what to do and when to do it tends to be the biggest hurdle for most new TLV players. The best place to start when first picking up the Vikings tends to be focusing on their strongest role as experience soaking machines. When the first Battleground objective arises the enemy team will most often group up in order to contest it. Depending on how long their team is able to stall an objective for, the Vikings should be able to generate a sizable lead in experience and team level. TLV and their allies should always try to capitalize on this level advantage, primarily at level 10 once ultimate abilities are unlocked.

2. Early Game (Pre-Level 10)

It is quite important to start off this section mentioning that the Vikings have an incredibly weak early game presence. Most enemy teams will focus on ganking isolated Vikings as often as possible. Try to prevent this by keeping a constant eye on the mini-map and practicing the ability to quickly alternate from one Viking to the next. It is generally a good idea to leave idle Vikings within bushes or smoke, someplace where they will be able to soak up minion experience yet remain out of enemy vision. Try to remind your allies that during the early game their job should be to roam grouped as four, staying together to pick off overextended enemy Heroes and to destroy poorly defended structures. This group pressure provided by your team will require your opponents to provide support from one if not both other lanes, ideally leaving your Vikings to do their work uninhibited.

Even though both Baleog and Eric have ranged Basic Attacks it is best to try to not trade too heavily in lane with the opposition. The lack of sustain and smaller healthpools on the little adventurers combined with their limited number of abilities early game will most often result in a Viking either being killed or forced out of lane. Remember, that every second a Viking spends dead is a second minion experience and map pressure is lost. The Viking's job is not to kill other enemy Heroes but to survive and soak up experience, unless of course the allied team arrives in lane to provide assistance. Laning should turn out to be somewhat easier once Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win! becomes available at Level 7. The AoE damage provided by Spin to Win! allows the Vikings to quickly clear lanes and immediately retreat back to a safer position. In conjunction with Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery, Spin To Win! makes conquering Bruiser Mercenary camps much easier, particularly when two Vikings are brought together to defeat a camp.

Do not forget to gather Regeneration Globes alongside soaking minion experience, especially at this stage of the game. Although it may appear frivolous at first, this farming of Regeneration Globes will become quite beneficially impactful on the late game once Viking Hoard Icon Viking Hoard has attained a multitude of stacks. It is NOT worth gathering a Regeneration Globe when life threatening danger seems imminent. This is especially true when an enemy is missing from vision and last seen heading in your direction. Objectives earlier in match are, for the most part, not as impactful on the outcome of the game as those later. Because of this mechanic, the Vikings should try to remain split-up in all lanes at least until level 10, further raising their overall advantage through lane pressure and team level.

3. Mid Game (Levels 10-19)

The mid-game portion of the match is where the Vikings really start to shine. The talent Jump! Icon Jump! , which becomes available at level 13, incorporates a much needed defensive mechanic to TLV’s kit. This ability cannot come early enough, particularly because at this point in the game the Vikings should have been able to push relatively deep into the enemy terrain. Jump! allows the Vikings to maintain constant lane pressure while overextending without as much fear of being helplessly caught out. An isolated Viking should be able to flee most enemy Heroes once confronted thanks to their movement ability Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go!. Go Go Go! can also be activated in unison with Jump! to make for some great escapes that would otherwise have resulting in certain Viking death.

3.1. Teamfights and Longboat Raid!

The playstyle of the Vikings at this point ultimately depends on which level 10 talent was selected for. Players who choose Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! will place heavier emphasis on grouping up and teamfighting than those who decided on Play Again! Icon Play Again!. When a teamfight appears to be imminent, such as when allies are grouping to force an objective, try to make sure to have all of the Vikings on their way to that location. Longboat Raid! can ONLY be used when all Vikings are nearby one another. Keep an eye out on the location of enemy Heroes and on the pathing of your Vikings as they move toward grouping up since they can be very easily picked off and killed when isolated. Although Longboat Raid! is quite strong in its ability to apply a good sum of sustained damage, try to resist the urge to immediately activate it at the start of a teamfight.

The Vikings themselves can do a massive amount of damage to enemy Heroes, especially when stacking the damage effect of Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win! on the team's target of focus. Macroing the Vikings during teamfights can be particularly tricky. Try to track your opponent’s abilities and their cooldowns, as to avoid putting TLV in compromising position. Situations such as chasing after Gazlowe with his Grav-O-Bomb 3000 Icon Grav-O-Bomb 3000 still available or running into Kael'thas right after his Living Bomb Icon Living Bomb has come off cooldown may result in some very dead Vikings.

In regards to mechanics and positioning during teamfights, try to treat Baleog and Eric as though they are ranged assassins, similar to the way a Raynor or Valla would be treated. Olaf on the other hand has an entirely different role altogether. Olaf should most often be used to peel enemy heroes away from your squishier assassins. His charge applies a nice slow (if not a stun when talented into Large and In Charge Icon Large and In Charge), which sometimes may provide your ally just enough distance from a diving enemy to take them down and win the fight. Olaf can also be used to body block certain abilities for your allies, such as Thrall's Feral Spirit Icon Feral Spirit or Zagara's Baneling Barrage Icon Baneling Barrage. Once the Vikings abilities Basic Abilities (Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win!, Jump! Icon Jump!) have been used and are at maximum cooldown or when a Viking is being focused and about to die are the best times to activate Longboat Raid!. The cooldowns of TLV's Basic Abilities will still run their duration while in the Longboat, so using Longboat Raid! right after Basic Abilities been exhausted will maximum the Viking's up-time of utility.

3.2. Utilizing Play Again!

TLV players who have talented into Play Again! Icon Play Again! will, for the most part, have an entirely different approach to teamfights. Teams composed of Vikings that have chosen Play Again! will have to try and play accordingly, emphasizing more on stalling teamfights over forcing them. This stalling allows the Vikings to do what they are best at, pushing in waves of minions and enemy structures all the while further increasing the experience gap between teams. Eric and Baleog are best left in lane while objectives are being contested over. Left alone they can cause incredible harm to the enemy fortifications, particularly when quickly defeating Mercenary camps with Viking Bribery Icon Viking Bribery and leading them down lane with Mercenary Lord Icon Mercenary Lord. The beauty of this split-pushing technique is that it forces enemy teams to have to make a choice between stopping an isolated Viking or continue trying to force an objective while at risk losing important structures like forts and keeps.

TLV players in particular should try to remember the timing and location of primary objectives on each map, as that will allow them to send Olaf with their team when such an objective is just on the horizon. Olaf should be played in fights and skirmishes the same way as described above, focusing on providing protection to the allied back-line. Creating the scenario of split-up Vikings provides TLV players many options of how to counter an enemies response. If the opposing team decides to send a Hero away from a teamfight to stop a Viking, the Vikings now have an important choice to make. One option is to immediately group up the Vikings using Play Again! in order to duel the isolated enemy. This will not only create a 4v4 over the objective for their team, but also gives the possibility of winning the duel. If the duel is won and they enemy Hero is forced to retreat or is killed, the Vikings may then push uninhibited as three separate units for the duration of the enemy's absence. Another option once confronted, is to use Play Again! to group up the single Viking with their team at the objective location. This instantaneously creates a 5v4 numbers advantage, which can be utilized to quickly force a favorable teamfight. This is best done on larger maps where it would take the stray enemy Hero much longer to regroup with his allies after having left to stop the split-push.

4. Late Game (Levels 20+)

At this stage of the match the Vikings have shifted from being a minor nuisance to a full blown threat that requires direct attention from the enemy team. The playstyle of the Vikings from the mid to late game does not change much, although the severity of each action and it consequences is magnified exponentially. One misplay can be all it takes earn a defeat at this stage of the game, so take extreme caution when choosing what approach to take in strategy. Once reaching level 20 and talenting into Fury of the Storm Icon Fury of the Storm, the Vikings become absolute split-pushing monsters. Assuming TLV's allies can hold their own and play safe grouped together, the enemy will have to send one if not two Heroes toward the Vikings in order to save their defenses. This is when the Vikings will need to utilize their kit and mechanics to outplay the opposition as described above. Play aggressive, but safe. The Vikings' strongest attribute at this stage of the game is a constant application of map pressure. Make sure to only try and create pressure when there is a means of escape with either Go Go Go! Icon Go Go Go!, Norse Force! Icon Norse Force!, or Jump! Icon Jump!. Continue defeating Mercenary camps at opportune times, such as when an objective has just begun or an enemies' camp has recently spawned in order to deny their use of it. The longer a game goes, the more advantage the Vikings have as they can slowly pick away at enemy defenses. Patience is not only a virtue, but is the name of the game when playing The Lost Vikings. So take your time and try to not become too greedy with the inevitable frustration and potential defeat you will inflict on your opponents.

5. How To Control The Vikings

As a player, one of the hardest dynamics of The Lost Vikings to master is the ability to efficiently micro-manage three independent Heroes. While your Vikings are split up and pressuring lanes, it is important to constantly be watching the mini-map as to be ready to retreat when an enemy threat arrives. Vikings should be rotated through by striking either the "1", "2", or number "3" key twice in quick succession.

  • Pressing the number "1" key will select Olaf.
  • Pressing the number "2" key will select Baleog.
  • Pressing the number "3" key will select Eric.
  • Pressing the number "4" key will select all the Vikings.

It is important to note that pressing each of those keys once will only select each different Viking, but will not switch the camera position to that Viking. Pressing the key twice quickly will not only select that Viking, but will also center the camera focus on that Viking. Pressing the "4" key will select all 3 of the Vikings simultaneously, which can be very useful when trying to group up the Vikings for teamfights or when wanting to move them in unison for whatever reason. Being able to queue your actions in advance using the “Shift” key is a TLV players best friend. This allows a Viking to be given a series of tasks to accomplish without need for being constantly monitored. An example of this would be leaving lane, killing a group of neutral Mercenaries, standing in the center of the camp as to officially “defeat” the camp, then returning to lane to continue killing waves of enemy minions. All of this can be done in advance by queuing the Viking's actions using the “Shift” key. Again, remember to be watching the mini-map for the enemy's whereabouts to prevent an “automated” Viking from being caught and killed while controlling other Vikings.

When the Vikings are grouped together it is also relatively easy to select an independent Viking by clicking on that Viking instead of pressing "1", "2", or "3". When trying to control multiple Vikings on the same screen, players can click and drag which will create a box on the screen. All Vikings within that box will be selected and can be commanded as such. This generally comes in handy when trying to select for only two Vikings, especially when Eric and Baleog may need to be positioned differently than Olaf during a teamfight.

6. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • Stick with a passive playstyle in the early game (levels 1-9) as to not miss out on minion experience or Regeneration Globes because of a Vikings death.
  • When the opportunity arises, try to stack the damage of Spin To Win! Icon Spin To Win! on a single target as to maximize the Vikings damage potential.
  • Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid! should most often be saved for after the Viking's Basic Abilities have been exhausted or when a Viking is focused and about to die in order to maximize the Viking's teamfight effectiveness.
  • During teamfights, Olaf's slow or stun from his charge should be used to provide peel for allied assassins. He can also be used to body-block enemy Heroes trying to dive his backline as well as certain harmful abilities.
  • Try to never stack the Vikings too closely during teamfights in order to not be immediately wiped by deadly AoE abilities such as Gazlowe's Grav-O-Bomb 3000 Icon Grav-O-Bomb 3000 or Kael'thas's Living Bomb Icon Living Bombs.
  • In the mid to late game when a single Viking is pressuring the enemy teams structures, an individual enemy Hero can be baited away from important teamfights using Play Again! Icon Play Again!.
  • Always be trying to integrate the ability to queue actions using the "Shift" key into your TLV play, as this will greatly increase the efficiency of your micro-managing.
  • Vikings can be sent into bushes close to a lane using the attack-walk command by pressing the "A" key. This will cause them to step out of the bush to kill enemy minions and then immediately return to the bush when they are finished. This can prevent the Vikings from being spotted by enemy players while they are idle.
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