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Welcome to our Talents page for Tracer. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Tracer's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Tracer's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 Pulse Strike Slipstream Tracer Rounds ?
4 Parting Gift Is That a Health Pack?! Untouchable ?
7 Jumper ? Bullet Time Spatial Echo ?
10 Sticky Bomb Quantum Spike ? Pulse Rounds ?
13 Bullet Spray ? Ricochet Leeching Rounds
16 Sleight of Hand Focus Fire ? Locked and Loaded ?
20 Get Stuffed! ? Total Recall Composition B

Tracer's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Basic Attack Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Pulse Strike Icon Tracer Rounds Icon ?
Level 4 Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Untouchable Icon ?
Level 7 Bullet Time Icon
Level 10 Sticky Bomb Icon Quantum Spike Icon ? Pulse Rounds Icon ?
Level 13 Leeching Rounds Icon Bullet Spray Icon ?
Level 16 Sleight of Hand Icon
Level 20 Composition B Icon

The Basic Attack build is good template to use while approaching each game. Because Tracer must typically deal sustained damage until she can go in for a kill, her effectiveness scales with the amount of time that she can safely remain within Basic Attack range. Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Is That a Health Pack?! greatly increases Tracer's ability to manage her own health, which allows her to safely apply Basic Attacks much more often. Leeching Rounds Icon Leeching Rounds also helps Tracer remain healthy enough to continuously apply Basic Attacks. Although Leeching Rounds is great against Heroes, some games may require you to increase your waveclear with Bullet Spray Icon Bullet Spray instead. Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb adds a powerful slow to Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb, which makes it easier to apply Basic Attacks to your victims. Pulse Strike Icon Pulse Strike will make Sticky Bomb available more often. If the map has many bushes or vents, you might consider taking Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds to avoid losing your targets.


Level 1 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Pulse Strike
Pulse Strike (Level 1) Tracer

Increases Melee's Pulse Bomb charge from 10% to 20% against Heroes.

Tracer Slipstream
Slipstream (Level 1) Tracer

Increases the amount of time Recalled by 1 second.

Tracer Tracer Rounds ?
Tracer Rounds (Level 1) Tracer

Basic Attacks reveal enemies for 4 seconds.



Pulse Strike Icon Pulse Strike increases the number of times you can use Pulse Bomb, which will increase the frequency with which you have kill potential. Consider Pulse Strike when you are facing enemy Heroes who you can Melee Icon Melee safely without using Recall Icon Recall.

Slipstream Icon Slipstream allows you to stop and brawl for 1 second, while still having Recall deliver you to a safe place upon activation. Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds currently has better overall synergy with Basic Attacks than Slipstream does. For this reason, Slipstream is not recommended at this time.

Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds can be useful when chasing enemies into Bushes or Vents, or around corners. When you would normally lose vision of your target and be unable to continue attacking, this Talent allows you to continue your assault. It will also prevent enemy Heroes from entering Stealth while they are revealed. In addition, you will maintain vision of recently attacked enemy Heroes for a short time after Recalling away.


Level 4 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Parting Gift
Parting Gift (Level 4) Tracer

Recall leaves behind 3 bombs that deal 240 (+4% per level) damage each to different targets.

Tracer Is That a Health Pack?!
Is That a Health Pack?! (Level 4) Tracer

Increases Regeneration Globe and Healing Fountain healing by 100%.

Tracer Untouchable ?
Untouchable (Level 4) Tracer

Quest: Takedowns increase Tracer's Basic Attack damage by 2%, up to 30%. These bonuses are lost on death.



Parting Gift Icon Parting Gift adds damage to Recall Icon Recall, which otherwise deals no damage. The drawback is that you can only use this Talent once every 30 seconds, and will often have longer periods between uses.

Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Is That a Health Pack?! greatly increases healing from globes and healing fountains. Because Tracer must typically deal sustained damage until she can go in for a kill, her effectiveness scales with the amount of time that she can safely remain within Basic Attack range. Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Is That a Health Pack?! greatly increases Tracer's ability to manage her own health, which allows her to safely apply Basic Attacks much more often.

Untouchable Icon Untouchable can add a lot of damage to your Basic Attacks, but you will lose that damage if you die.


Level 7 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Jumper ?
Jumper (Level 7) Tracer

Increases Blink's charges by 1, but also increases Blink's cooldown by 2 seconds.

Tracer Bullet Time
Bullet Time (Level 7) Tracer

Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Blink by 0.15 seconds.

Tracer Spatial Echo ?
Spatial Echo (Level 7) Tracer

Hero Takedowns grant 2 charges of Blink.



Jumper Icon Jumper allows you to make a much wider range of plays. You can use 2 charges of Blink Icon Blink offensively, and still have 2 to use after Recalling away. It also allows you to chase down kills that would be otherwise impossible to secure.

Bullet Time Icon Bullet Time allows you to Blink Icon Blink more often in situations where you are able to Basic Attack constantly. Take Bullet Time when the enemy team composition has a lot of skillshots to dodge, and a lack of targeted damage to stop you with.

Spatial Echo Icon Spatial Echo allows you to chase down fleeing enemy teams and potentially secure multiple kills, by resetting Blink on each kill. This is less reliable than Jumper, but can be a lot of fun if you find the enemy team escaping with low Health quite often.


Level 10 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Sticky Bomb
Sticky Bomb (Level 10) Tracer

Increases Pulse Bomb's radius by 50% and enemies hit are slowed by 70% for 3 seconds.

Tracer Quantum Spike ?
Quantum Spike (Level 10) Tracer

Pulse Bomb deals an additional 7% of the primary target's maximum Health.

Tracer Pulse Rounds ?
Pulse Rounds (Level 10) Tracer

Increases Pulse Bomb's range and charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes by 100%.



Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb transforms Pulse Bomb into a better follow-up Ability. Sticky Bomb is strong on maps with many choke-points, and with combo oriented team compositions.

Quantum Spike Icon Quantum Spike deals increased damage to targets based on their maximum Health. This allows Tracer to deal more damage with each Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb. While it has a greater effect on Heroes with large Health pools, the extra percent Health damage adds burst damage to all takedown attempts. This Heroic will usually help you secure takedowns faster than the others, and is recommended for this reason.

Pulse Rounds Icon Pulse Rounds greatly increases the range and charge rate of Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb. This, in turn, increases the frequency with which Pulse Bomb may be cast, and the number of positions from which you can stick it to enemy Heroes. The increased range also makes Pulse Rounds the safest version to apply.


Level 13 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Bullet Spray ?
Bullet Spray (Level 13) Tracer

Increases Melee's radius by 32%, and causes it to damage all enemies in range.

Tracer Ricochet
Ricochet (Level 13) Tracer

Tracer's Basic Attacks have a 50% chance to hit another nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes.

Tracer Leeching Rounds
Leeching Rounds (Level 13) Tracer

Basic Attacks against Heroes heal Tracer for 20% of their damage dealt.



Bullet Spray Icon Bullet Spray increases Tracer's damage in team fights, and gives her much needed waveclear. Take this if you have a reliable healer and need more AoE damage.

Ricochet Icon Ricochet does not reliably increase your useful damage. Ricochet can be used to poke Heroes who are behind Minions or Mercenaries, because the bouncing Basic Attacks prioritise Heroes. It is not reliable in team fights because the bonus damage will be spread between all Heroes in range. Also, Ricochet procs do not apply Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds's reveal effect.

Leeching Rounds Icon Leeching Rounds makes damage trading much more efficient. It will allow you to deal more damage by keeping you in the fight when you would otherwise need to retreat. It does not help with waveclear at all; do not take this if you require additional waveclear on your team.


Level 16 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Sleight of Hand
Sleight of Hand (Level 16) Tracer

Reduces Reload time by 50%. This equals 20% more damage per second.

Tracer Focus Fire ?
Focus Fire (Level 16) Tracer

If an entire ammo magazine is unloaded on an enemy, the last bullet will deal 91 (+4% per level) bonus damage. This is equal to 35% of the total magazine.

Tracer Locked and Loaded ?
Locked and Loaded (Level 16) Tracer

Reactivate Reload within the last 50% of its cast time to increase Tracer's Basic Attack damage by 40% for that magazine.



Sleight of Hand Icon Sleight of Hand increases your damage per second unconditionally. It does not require planning or good timing, it just works. It is a great Talent to take if you are just learning Tracer, or if you are a seasoned Tracer player facing a difficult matchup.

Focus Fire Icon Focus Fire is a good option if you will be able to reliably Basic Attack single targets with entire magazines. Focus Fire is strong on Maps that have frequent PvE battles involving high Health enemies, like the Immortals on Battlefield of Eternity. Consider taking it in these situations if you are having difficulty acclimating to Locked and Loaded Icon Locked and Loaded.

Locked and Loaded Icon Locked and Loaded is the hardest Talent to use effectively in this tier, but has the highest potential damage bonus. This Talent further increases her mechanical difficulty, while increasing your damage if you can reliably land the timed Reload. Bonus damage from Locked and Loaded increases healing of Leeching Rounds Icon Leeching Rounds. Take this Talent if you are up to the challenge. While adjusting to this Talent, try "priming" it on Minons and holding the bonus damage for an enemy Hero. This will allow you to practice the Reload timing, and will guarantee the 40% bonus damage for the first magazine used against a Hero.


Level 20 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Get Stuffed! ?
Get Stuffed! (Level 20) Tracer

Reduces Melee's cooldown by 3 seconds. Hitting an enemy with Melee who is stuck with a Pulse Bomb causes the bomb to instantly explode and knocks the target away.

Tracer Total Recall
Total Recall (Level 20) Tracer

Recall's cooldown is increased by 8 seconds, but it heals Tracer equal to the amount of Health she lost during that time.

Tracer Composition B
Composition B (Level 20) Tracer

Successfully sticking a Pulse Bomb to an enemy Hero also drops another one at their feet that deals 50% damage and explodes slightly earlier.



Get Stuffed! Icon Get Stuffed!'s displacement effect can be used to hit enemies out of position, and has strong synergy with Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb. It can be difficult to use this Talent correctly; however when properly executed, it is similar to Muradin's Haymaker Icon Haymaker. Take this Talent if you want the ability to displace enemies.

Total Recall Icon Total Recall returns all recently lost Health when Recall is activated, effectively making it a burst heal. Because Tracer normally struggles with self-sustain, this Talent can be strong if timed correctly. The added 8-second cooldown to Recall is very inconvenient; however, you will seldom Recall more than once during late-game team fights anyway.

Composition B Icon Composition B is very strong on combo oriented teams, and pairs well with Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb.



  • 17 Oct. 2019: Updated Talent discussion and recommended build to reflect current meta.
  • 27 Mar. 2018: Updated Talent discussion to reflect balance changes in Fenix patch.
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