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Welcome to our Talents page for Tracer. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Tracer's talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.


Tracer's Talent Build

Level Choices
1 One-Two Punch Parting Gift Tracer Rounds ?
4 Leeching Rounds Pulse Generator Is That a Health Pack?! ?
7 Sleight of Hand ? Focus Fire Locked and Loaded
10 Sticky Bomb ? Quantum Spike ? Pulse Rounds
13 Untouchable Jumper Telefrag
16 Bullet Spray ? Heavy Handed ? Ricochet
20 Chrono Triggers ? Get Stuffed! Total Recall Composition B

Tracer's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Basic Attack Build

Level 1 One-Two Punch Icon Tracer Rounds Icon ?
Level 4 Pulse Generator Icon Is That a Health Pack?! Icon ?
Level 7 Locked and Loaded Icon Sleight of Hand Icon ?
Level 10 Pulse Rounds Icon Quantum Spike Icon ?
Level 13 Untouchable Icon Jumper Icon ?
Level 16 Ricochet Icon Heavy Handed Icon ?
Level 20 Get Stuffed! Icon Chrono Triggers Icon ?

The Basic Attack build is a good template to use while approaching each game. Because Tracer must typically deal sustained damage until she can go in for a kill, her effectiveness scales with the amount of time that she can safely remain within Basic Attack range.

One-Two Punch Icon One-Two Punch greatly increases Tracer's damage outside of teamfights, but you will not be able to use melee that often during a 5v5 for an objective. We recommend going for Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds if you will be always grouping with your team (which will happen when you are the only ranged assassin of the composition). Pulse Generator Icon Pulse Generator will not only increase Tracer's self-sustain, but also her mobility. Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Is That a Health Pack?! greatly increases Tracer's ability to manage her own health, and is a decent option on maps where you can pre-tap before fighting, getting a great sustain boost. Heavy Handed Icon Heavy Handed is a good option at level 16 if you need some extra damage to burst a single target, and may be the difference between killing a desired target or not.

Ricochet Icon Ricochet, Untouchable Icon Untouchable, and Locked and Loaded Icon Locked and Loaded will greatly increase Tracer's damage output. Tracer will start being a huge threat when she starts stacking Untouchable Icon Untouchable. It is recommended to play safe after 2 stacks, since 10% extra damage will be more than enough for you to secure more kills. However, Jumper Icon Jumper is a good option if you will not be able to secure some kills before the end of the game.


Level 1 Talents for Tracer

Tracer One-Two Punch
One-Two Punch (Level 1) Tracer

Reduce the cooldown of Melee by 1 second and it gains an additional charge.

Tracer Parting Gift
Parting Gift (Level 1) Tracer

Recall leaves behind 3 bombs that deal 250 (+4% per level) damage each to different targets. Each Hero hit with these bombs grants 5% Pulse Bomb charge.

Tracer Tracer Rounds ?
Tracer Rounds (Level 1) Tracer

Increase Basic Attack range by 10%. Basic Attacks against Heroes reveal a small area around them for 3 seconds.



One-Two Punch Icon One-Two Punch will greatly increase Tracer's single-target damage and bomb generation speed. This Talent is recommended when playing Tracer as ganker, since the extra damage from Melee will be crucial to secure a kill. However, be aware that the charges have a 2 seconds Cooldown between them, so it is good to use the first one instantly when ganking, to then use the second charge, finishing the target.

Parting Gift Icon Parting Gift adds damage to Recall Icon Recall, which otherwise deals no damage. 3 bombs will be created when Recall Icon Recall is used, one in front of you, and 2 behind. It is recommended to use a blink behind the target before recalling, making sure one of the bombs will hit. Even though it will increase your burst damage, we do not recommend Parting Gift because of how hard it is to secure a kill using it. One-Two Punch Icon One-Two Punch will be a better choice if you are looking for a good burst damage, since it is more reliable damage.

Tracer Rounds Icon Tracer Rounds can be useful when chasing enemies into Bushes or Vents, or around corners. When you would normally lose vision of your target and be unable to continue attacking, this Talent allows you to continue your assault. Besides the extra vision, it will also increase Tracer's Basic Attack range, allowing her to kite enemies easier. We recommend going for Tracer Rounds when you are playing against a composition with good crowd control, since they will punish dives attempts. The extra range will be necessary to play safe in those situations.


Level 4 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Leeching Rounds
Leeching Rounds (Level 4) Tracer

Increase the healing from Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes by 5%. This bonus is further increased by 5% for each Blink charge you currently have.

Tracer Pulse Generator
Pulse Generator (Level 4) Tracer

Successfully sticking a Pulse Bomb to an enemy Hero heals Tracer for 25% of her maximum Health over 1.5 seconds and refunds a charge of Blink.

Tracer Is That a Health Pack?! ?
Is That a Health Pack?! (Level 4) Tracer

Passive: Increases Regeneration Globe and Healing Fountain healing by 100%.

Collecting a Regeneration Globe reduces the cooldown of Healing Fountain by 15 seconds.



Leeching Rounds Icon Leeching Rounds requires Tracer to have many Blink charges available to be useful. Considering that in most scenarios you will be using Blink Icon Blink to dodge abilities, this Talent will not be very impactful.

Pulse Generator Icon Pulse Generator is a great Talent with many different uses. You can use the healing from it either to survive or to make better trades against enemies. The extra Blink Icon Blink charge it provides will be very noticeable, and can be used to go deeper, to reposition in battle, or to retreat if necessary. This is the standard Talent for this tier because of the flexibility and usefulness of it.

Is That a Health Pack?! Icon Is That a Health Pack?! greatly increases healing from globes and Healing Fountains, while also reducing the Cooldown of those. This Talent is great in maps where you can pre-tap before objective, like in Infernal Shrines. By doing that and getting a globe, you will have 100% of your health healed in the next seconds, and it will make the difference in many games. This Talent is exceptional in Braxis Holdout, because of the abundance of Healing Globes.


Level 7 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Sleight of Hand ?
Sleight of Hand (Level 7) Tracer

Reduces Reload time by 50%. This equals 20% more damage per second.

Tracer Focus Fire
Focus Fire (Level 7) Tracer

If an entire ammo magazine is unloaded on an enemy, the last bullet will deal 84 (+4% per level) bonus damage. This is equal to 37% of the total magazine.

Tracer Locked and Loaded
Locked and Loaded (Level 7) Tracer

Reactivate Reload within the last 50% of its cast time to increase Tracer's Basic Attack damage by 40% for that magazine.



Sleight of Hand Icon Sleight of Hand increases your damage per second unconditionally. It does not require planning or good timing, it just works. It is a great Talent to take if you are just learning Tracer, or if you are a seasoned Tracer player facing a difficult matchup.

Focus Fire Icon Focus Fire does not benefit from Ricochet Icon Ricochet. It only works if you spend all your magazine in a single target, and still deals less damage than Locked and Loaded Icon Locked and Loaded. If you are not comfortable going Locked and Loaded, it is still better to go for Sleight of Hand instead, since it will have synergy with Ricochet Icon Ricochet, Pulse Generator Icon Pulse Generator, and Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb.

Locked and Loaded Icon Locked and Loaded is the hardest Talent to use effectively in this tier, but has the highest potential damage bonus. This Talent further increases her mechanical difficulty, while increasing your damage if you can reliably land the timed Reload. Bonus damage from Locked and Loaded are also applied to Ricochet Icon Ricochet. Take this Talent if you are up to the challenge. While adjusting to this Talent, try "priming" it on Minions and holding the bonus damage for an enemy Hero. This will allow you to practice the Reload timing, and will guarantee the 40% bonus damage for the first magazine used against a Hero.


Level 10 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Sticky Bomb ?
Sticky Bomb (Level 10) Tracer

Increases Pulse Bomb's radius by 50% and enemies hit are Slowed by 70% for 3 seconds.

Tracer Quantum Spike ?
Quantum Spike (Level 10) Tracer

Pulse Bomb deals an additional 6% of maximum Health as damage to Heroes.

Tracer Pulse Rounds
Pulse Rounds (Level 10) Tracer

Increases Pulse Bomb's range and charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes by 100%.



Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb transforms Pulse Bomb into a better follow-up Ability. Sticky Bomb is strong with combo oriented team compositions. It can be a choice if you are coordinated with another Hero such as a Diablo with Apocalypse Icon Apocalypse or a Fenix with Planet Cracker Icon Planet Cracker to combo with you.

Quantum Spike Icon Quantum Spike deals increased damage to targets based on their maximum Health. This allows Tracer to deal more damage with each Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb. While it has a greater effect on Heroes with large Health pools, the extra percent Health damage adds burst damage to all takedown attempts. This Heroic will usually help you secure takedowns faster than the others, and will be a great option in games where you need to focus a squishy backline.

Pulse Rounds Icon Pulse Rounds greatly increases the range and charge rate of Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb. This, in turn, increases the frequency with which Pulse Bomb may be cast, and the number of positions from which you can stick it to enemy Heroes. This Talent has great synergy with Pulse Generator Icon Pulse Generator, since it will add much more Blinks and better sustain for Tracer. We recommend going for this Talent if you got Pulse Generator.


Level 13 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Untouchable
Untouchable (Level 13) Tracer

Passive: After Blinking, gain 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

Quest: Takedowns increase Tracer's Basic Attack damage by 5%, up to 30%. These bonuses are lost on death.

Tracer Jumper
Jumper (Level 13) Tracer

Passive: When Blink has no charges remaining, its cooldown refreshes 125% faster.

Casting Blink grants Tracer a Shield equal to 6% of her maximum Health for 3 seconds. This Shield stacks up to 3 times.

Tracer Telefrag
Telefrag (Level 13) Tracer

Passive: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Recall by 0.3125 seconds.

When Tracer arrives at her Recall location, nearby enemies are knocked back and take 160 (+4% per level) damage.



Untouchable Icon Untouchable is a great Talent. It not only slightly increases your mobility, but will also provided a much necessary damage boost. After getting this Talent, it is better to play safe in fights, focusing on staying alive while trying to get a kill. Do not risk yourself if you have 2 or more stacks, since you will need the extra damage to be a threat to enemies.

Jumper Icon Jumper will greatly reduce Blink Icon Blink's Cooldown when no charges are available. This Talent excels in situations where tracer wants to constantly harass their enemies, since it gives her a Blink charge whenever she needs it. With good sustained damage and extra mobility, she can be a great nuisance to enemy frontline. We recommend Jumper if you cannot secure kills easily in a game.

Telefrag Icon Telefrag is an underwhelming Talent, since Tracer wants to only use Recall Icon Recall when it is extremely necessary, instead of spamming it. The damage and knockback provided by the talent will be useless in most games, because Tracer will be recalling towards a safe position, far from enemies.


Level 16 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Bullet Spray ?
Bullet Spray (Level 16) Tracer

Increases the radius of Melee by 30%, and causes it to damage all enemies in range.

Tracer Heavy Handed ?
Heavy Handed (Level 16) Tracer

Heroes hit by Melee have their Armor reduced by 15 for 4 seconds.

Tracer Ricochet
Ricochet (Level 16) Tracer

Tracer's Basic Attacks have a 60% chance to hit another nearby enemy, prioritizing Heroes.



Bullet Spray Icon Bullet Spray slightly increases Tracer's AoE@ damage in team fights, and gives her more waveclear. Only take this Talent together with One-Two Punch Icon One-Two Punch, and if enemies cannot punish you for staying in melee range, or you will not be able to get value from it. However, be aware that Tracer's sustained damage in late game without Ricochet Icon Ricochet will be considerably lower than it could be.

Heavy Handed Icon Heavy Handed will increase all the subsequent damage after Melee for 4 seconds. Since this Armor reduction is only applied after Melee, it will not increase Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb's damage when it gets exploded earlier with Get Stuffed! Icon Get Stuffed!. Considering it mostly does not increase Tracer's Burst damage at 20, we recommend getting Heavy Handed if you need more damage to burst a specific target. It is also decent against targets with high armor, like Garrosh, since it will greatly increase the damage dealt by your whole team.

Ricochet Icon Ricochet will greatly increase your damage in fights. Tracer will be most of the time abusing her high mobility, by positioning herself at the edge of the fight while hitting the enemy frontline. So, even though Ricochet's damage is random, it will be effective, since you will be damaging the opposing backline while being far away from them. This is the standard Talent for this tier, since it is essential to increase Tracer's sustained damage in the fight. However, be aware that you will have a hard time hitting towers with it, since the ricochet can easily bounce towards an enemy Hero, making the tower focus you.


Level 20 Talents for Tracer

Tracer Chrono Triggers ?
Chrono Triggers (Level 20) Tracer

Casting Blink causes Basic Attacks to not consume ammo for 1 second.

Tracer Get Stuffed!
Get Stuffed! (Level 20) Tracer

Increases Melee's Pulse Bomb charge against Heroes from 12% to 24%. Hitting an enemy with Melee who is stuck with a Pulse Bomb causes the bomb to instantly explode and knock the target away.

Tracer Total Recall
Total Recall (Level 20) Tracer

Recall heals Tracer equal to the amount of Health she lost during that time.

Tracer Composition B
Composition B (Level 20) Tracer

Successfully sticking a Pulse Bomb to an enemy Hero also drops another one at their feet that deals 50% damage and explodes slightly earlier.



Chrono Triggers Icon Chrono Triggers slightly increase Tracer's damage over time, but gets better the more attack speed she has. For this reason we recommend going for it if you have Abathur with Adrenal Overload Icon Adrenal Overload, Lt. Morales with Stim Drone Icon Stim Drone or Rehgar with Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust to empower you. It is a great option when paired with Jumper Icon Jumper at Level 13, since blinks will be constantly available.

Get Stuffed! Icon Get Stuffed! increases Pulse Bomb charge rate, and can be used for peeling or to push an enemy towards your team. You will have an instantaneous strong burst damage; Turning Tracer into a real threat. With this Talent, do not be afraid to use your bombs to peel or harass someone, since it will be available again in 6-10 seconds.

Total Recall Icon Total Recall returns all recently lost Health when Recall is activated, effectively making it a burst heal. Unfortunately, since Tracer gets healing from many other ways, this Talent is not necessary. Chrono Triggers Icon Chrono Triggers and Get Stuffed! Icon Get Stuffed! will be better options.

Composition B Icon Composition B can be strong on combo oriented teams, and pairs well with Sticky Bomb Icon Sticky Bomb. But again, Get Stuffed! Icon Get Stuffed! should not be skipped for small and unreliable damage.



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