Marauder Multishot Demon Hunter GR Speed Farming Variation

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Speed Farming

The Marauder Multishot Demon Hunter deals excellently with Greater Rift Speed Farming, as the massive AoE of Multishot Multishot scales even better with the lower health pools of speed GRs, and you can transition into riskier, all-out aggressive playstyle with corresponding gear choices. We have solo speed GR rankings and solo speed T16 rankings if you want to know more about which builds are best for speed farming.

During lower tier Greater Rift farming, the balance between defense, damage and utility can be shifted to favor the latter two aspects of character building.

Active Skills
Left Mouse Button Evasive Fire Icon Evasive Fire Focus Focus Right Mouse Button Multishot Icon Multishot Arsenal Arsenal 1 Vengeance Icon Vengeance Seethe Seethe 2 Vault Icon Vault Tumble Tumble 3 Companion Icon Companion Wolf Companion Wolf Companion 4 Sentry Icon Sentry Polar Station Polar Station
Passive Skills

Adapting Rotation

When you are Speed Farming Greater Rifts, your playstyle should at least partially reflect the circumstances by focusing on massive pulls, generic bonuses against enemies and chaining pylon effects.

The build maintains the basics from the GR progression build: you scout through the Rift with Vault Vault, drawing monster attention with aggroing volleys of your own Multishot Multishot and Evasive Fire Evasive Fire. Once you have a pull going, place turret charges down in a convenient Sentry Sentry "nest", and demolish them with a barrage of automated and mimicked shots. Rinse and repeat until the end of the Rift, while strengthening yourself with the massive Hatred restoration of Vengeance Vengeance Seethe Seethe and the damage buff from Wolf Companion Wolf Companion.


Adapting Skills

Parts of the skill and passive selection will overlap with the base Greater Rift progression build, but others will have to change according to the task at hand. Ability to burst down enemies quicker takes precedence.

  • The centerpiece of the build remains Sentry Sentry, autonomous damage dealers that you can augment with your own shots, as they will mimic your Hatred spender barrage on top of their own. Stick with the rune Polar Station Polar Station from GR progression, since they offer an easy proc for Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped.
  • Multishot Multishot also remains the best Hatred spender for the purposes of speed GRs, as its massive AoE mows down entire screens of low health enemies and allows you to move from one fight to the next practically without leaving stragglers behind. The rune of choice for speed GRs is definitely Arsenal Arsenal with the improved AoE from the additional rockets.
  • Vengeance Vengeance is still quite valuable in speed GRs, and with the speedy progression through the Rift most likely netting you a Channeling pylon for the entirety of the run you can take the rune Seethe Seethe for practically limitless Hatred spending.
  • Evasive Fire Evasive Fire still brings considerable value to the build — occasionally with the Hatred restoration from Focus Focus, but more importantly as a proc for Wraps of Clarity Wraps of Clarity.
  • Marauder builds rely heavily on Companion Companion, calling all the rune effects at your side through the 2-piece set bonus and using them for damage reduction via the interaction with Zoey's Secret Zoey's Secret. Your most valuable rune remains the multiplicative damage buff from Wolf Companion Wolf Companion, but you gain the benefits of them all through the set.
  • Mobility is paramount in any form of speed running, and you can cross the greatest distances via Vault Vault Tumble Tumble — making it a fixture during GR farm.
  • Passives from Greater Rift progression largely retain their value; Ballistics Ballistics brings a multiplicative damage increase to rockets, Ambush Ambush assists you during your initial burst of damage, and Custom Engineering Custom Engineering extends the duration and total number of active Sentry Sentry turrets. You can safely drop the extra damage from Cull the Weak Cull the Weak in GR speed farming, and increase your movement speed instead with Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage.

Adapting Gear

Your armor pieces will match your GR progression setup — with a cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur, you will retain your Marauder 6-piece set bonuses, and will also be able to include the craftable Captain Crimson set. Your weapon and offhand are also fixed to Yang's Recurve Yang's Recurve and Bombardier's Rucksack Bombardier's Rucksack, as they are intrinsically tied to the Marauder Multishot playstyle with their crucial bonuses. Wraps of Clarity Wraps of Clarity offer solid protection that weaves itself perfectly in the usual Multishot rotation, so it also stays in.

Differences will come from your chosen jewelry, especially if you opted for an Endless Walk-based GR progression setup. In speedfarming, Squirt's Necklace Squirt's Necklace is all but mandatory for its ubiquitous damage bonus, which you should be able to retain indefinitely as you destroy entire screens worth of enemies from a safe distance, dodging the legendary's "increased damage taken" downsides. For your rings, take a Convention of Elements Convention of Elements for its rotation-based damage boost, and take advantage of your chosen cycle when you can, without stressing it too much. You can also take a Fire damage Stone of Jordan Stone of Jordan, if you prefer a more consistent bonus. Pair the offensive ring with a defensive choice in the form of Elusive Ring Elusive Ring, which will allow you to make extremely aggressive Vault Vaults all over the Rift, while simultaneously keeping a very high level of damage reduction. Of course, staying on the Bastions of Will set, Focus Focus and Restraint Restraint, remains a viable course of action.

Slot Pieces Stat Priority
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Socket
  4. Multishot %
  5. Crowd Control Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity (or CDR at high Paragon)
  2. Resource Cost Reduction
  3. Area Damage
  4. Sentry %
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. 3 Sockets
  3. Sentry %
  4. All Resistance
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Melee or Missile Damage Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Fire Damage %
  4. Life per Hit or Vitality
  5. Reduced Damage Melee Attacks (Secondary stat)
  1. Dexterity (or Area Damage at high Paragon)
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Cooldown Reduction
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Vitality
  3. All Resistance
  4. Life %
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Life per Kill (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. 2 Sockets
  3. Vitality
  4. All Resistance
  5. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  6. Pickup Radius (Secondary Stat)
  1. Dexterity
  2. Multishot %
  3. Vitality
  4. All Resistance
  5. Pickup Radius (Secondary Stat)
  6. Health Globe Healing Bonus (Secondary Stat)
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Damage
  3. Critical Hit Chance
  4. Fire Damage %
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
Ring #1
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Flat Damage Increase
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
Ring #2
  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Critical Hit Damage
  4. Flat Damage Increase
  5. Crowd Control Duration Reduction (Secondary Stat)
  6. Physical or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Stat)
  1. High Weapon Damage
  2. Socket (preferably from Ramaladni's Gift Ramaladni's Gift)
  3. Dexterity (or Damage % at high Paragon)
  4. Attack Speed
  5. Cooldown Reduction
  1. Dexterity
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Sentry %
  4. Cooldown Reduction
  5. Area Damage

To help you with farming the gear you need for your builds, we have two very useful guides that you can access by clicking the links below: a Salvage Guide to help you quickly check whether or not you can safely salvage a piece of gear and a Legendary Farming Guide to help you efficiently farm legendaries and set items.


Season 29: Paragon Cap

Season 29 introduces a season-specific cap to stat benefits from Paragon levels, all while updating how Paragon point distribution is handled. For the duration of this Season, you can only assign 800 Paragon stat points to your character, removing the long-standing practice of main-stat stacking (with some gearing implications — see below) after you reach Paragon 800.

On top of that, you could only allocate 50 Paragon stat points to each of the four stats in a given Paragon category (Core, Offense, Defense, and Utility). In Season 29, you can allocate up to the full 200 points per category into any attribute, allowing you to more easily reach necessary build breakpoints (as outlined in the Gear page of the guide) for Cooldown Reduction, Resource Cost Reduction, etc.

With the changes to Paragon in mind, we recommend using the following Paragon distribution for this build:

  • Core: Movement Speed: 200 points.
  • Offense: Cooldown Reduction: 200 points, as this allows this non-Dawn Dawn build to run near-permanent Vengeance Vengeance.
  • Defense: Life and All Resistance: Allocate points to maximize survivability; for Demon Hunters, this is usually achieved by evenly splitting 100 points into Life (directly increasing your Health pool) and All Resistance (to complement the naturally high Armor stat of Dexterity-based characters).
  • Utility: Area Damage: 200 points.

Season 29: Gearing Considerations

In terms of gear, keeping the Paragon cap in mind is paramount, as it stymies the traditional endless supply of main stat after Paragon 800. This means re-rolling mainstat off your gear is no longer desirable, and full equipment augmentation with your main stat is even more critical. Additionally, you should take a careful look at your build and consider if you can fit the following changes to strengthen your damage and survivability:

  • Guardian's Jeopardy: This is a craftable armor set, and the recipe for its creation drops from Bounty farming. Guardian's 2-piece provides a decent damage reduction bonus, but the true powerhouse of the set is the 3-piece bonus, which nets you an additional 100% of your main stats from equipped items. This is a tremendous benefit in an 800 Paragon capped Season. If the Guardian set can fit into the build with minimal sacrifices (other craftable sets, tertiary damage multipliers, etc.), consider its implementation. The available pieces are Guardian's Aversion Guardian's Aversion (Wrists), Guardian's Case Guardian's Case (Waist), and Guardian's Gaze Guardian's Gaze (Head). Of course, you can wear 2 pieces of the set and complete the full 3-piece bonus with a Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur (found from Act I bounty caches).
  • Endless Walk:This is a jewelry set consisting of The Traveler's Pledge The Traveler's Pledge (Amulet) and The Compass Rose The Compass Rose (Ring), and is randomly found through farming, gambling Blood Shards, and/or Kanai's Cube recipes. The Endless Walk set is a nice compromise between damage bonuses (building up while stationary) and defensive bonuses (building up while moving). It can replace glass cannon choices like the Bastions of Will set (Focus Focus and Restraint Restraint) and Squirt's Necklace Squirt's Necklace with acceptable losses to DPS.
  • Unity Unity: A character wearing this ring, along with another Unity Unity on their follower plus an immortality relic for them (i.e., Enchanting Favor Enchanting Favor), will reduce their damage taken by 50%. Unity Unity can roll excellent offense-oriented stats and has an innate Extra Damage to Elites roll, which somewhat offsets losing all-out offense jewelry.

Adapting Gems

The entirety of your legendary gem selection from GR progression retains its full value in GR speed farming as well. Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Trapped, Zei's Stone of Vengeance Zei's Stone of Vengeance and Enforcer Enforcer all bring separate sources of damage multiplication to the build that are just as helpful in the farming scenario.

Slot Gems
Torso and Pants

For more information about gems, please refer to our guide on gems.


Adapting Kanai's Cube

The entirety of your Kanai's Cube selection from GR progression retains its full value in GR speed farming as well. Dead Man's Legacy Dead Man's Legacy is a straight skill multiplier with an added bonus that complements the Ambush Ambush passive. Zoey's Secret Zoey's Secret brings 63% damage reduction from your Marauder-induced Companion Companion followers. Ring of Royal Grandeur Ring of Royal Grandeur is necessary to tie the set bonuses of Marauder and Cpt. Crimson together.

The Kanai's Cube can be used for much more than simply extracting Legendary powers from items. Please refer to our Kanai's Cube guide for more information.



The recommended follower for this build during GR speed farming is the Enchantress, due to her cooldown reduction bonus (cutting down Vengeance Vengeance and Wolf Companion Wolf Companion downtime) and elemental damage increase. She also brings a cheat death from Fate's Lapse Fate's Lapse and an Attack Speed bonus from Focused Mind Focused Mind, all of which are valuable to the build. Note that this requires that you run Hand of the Prophet Hand of the Prophet and optimize her survivability, as per our Follower guide.

For more information regarding followers, we advise you to read our Follower Guide, which contains detailed advice for choosing the skills and the gear of your follower.


Legendary Potion

The preferred potions for this build are Bottomless Potion of Amplification Bottomless Potion of Amplification (the highest pure health recovery pot, as its healing amplification procs itself for 75% health restoration), or Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation (for the extra resource recovery proc when used below half HP — useful in a resource-intensive build such as this one). Pick whichever you feel helps you out the most.



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