Greatmother Geyah Boss Guide for Book of Heroes (Garrosh)

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Greatmother Geyah is the first boss in the Garrosh Hellscream chapter of the Book of Heroes Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Greatmother Geyah

Encounter Overview

Greatmother Geyah uses an Elemental Shaman deck that utilises Elemental Spells like Lightning Bolt mixed with Elemental minions like Earth Elemental. The boss also has access to the Wise Counsel Hero Power in the fight.

You will be provided with a Midrange Warrior deck consisting of various Taunt and Rush minions, Armor generation like Bash and Sword and Board, and various Warrior Weapons. You will additionally have access to Garrosh's base Hero Power, Armor Up!.


Mulligan Strategies

In your Mulligan you should look for a solid curve of early game cards to play for yuor first few turns, such as Battle Axe, Bonechewer Brawler, and Clan Warrior.


Gameplay Strategies

Both your deck and the boss' deck are fairly standard in this encounter with no suprises. With this in mind, the game will have a fairly standard flow, comparable to a ladder game.

You should focus on controlling the board throughout the game, taking value trades using your weapons and minions whenever you can. As the boss has no real comeback mechanics you should be able to comfortably win through control and slowly grinding down the boss.


Next Boss: Rehgar Earthfury



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