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Each of the nine classes in Hearthstone can be leveled up to obtain to various rewards. Playing games with a class will grant players with experience points for that class, allowing players to level the class up to a maximum level of 60.

The level of each player's classes has no impact on the matchmaking system and is not visible to opponents. The primary significance of class levels is the rewards they provide. Leveling up your classes will reward you with cards from the Basic set, and is the only available method obtaining these Basic cards. Players can check on the progress of their class levels in their Quest Log, and can view the next card they will receive for leveling up a class by mousing over the classes' experience bar.

Up to level 10, players will be rewarded with class-specific Basic cards which can only be obtained as level-up rewards. These cards can not be opened in packs or be crafted with Dust, and they can not be disenchanted. Between levels 11 and 60, players will receive Golden Basic cards as rewards for leveling up, which also may not be crafted or disenchanted.













  • Level 2: 2x Assassin's Blade
  • Level 44: 1x Deadly Poison (Golden)
  • Level 4: 2x Fan of Knives
  • Level 45: 1x Shiv (Golden)
  • Level 6: 2x Shiv
  • Level 46: 1x Shiv (Golden)
  • Level 8: 2x Vanish
  • Level 47: 1x Assassinate (Golden)
  • Level 10: 2x Sprint
  • Level 48: 1x Assassinate (Golden)
  • Level 15: 1x Sinister Strike (Golden)
  • Level 49: 1x Sprint (Golden)
  • Level 20: 1x Sinister Strike (Golden)
  • Level 50: 1x Sprint (Golden)
  • Level 23: 1x Vanish (Golden)
  • Level 51: 1x War Golem (Golden)
  • Level 26: 1x Vanish (Golden)
  • Level 52: 1x War Golem (Golden)
  • Level 28: 1x Fan of Knives (Golden)
  • Level 53: 1x Murloc Tidehunter (Golden)
  • Level 30: 1x Fan of Knives (Golden)
  • Level 54: 1x Murloc Tidehunter (Golden)
  • Level 32: 1x Assassin's Blade (Golden)
  • Level 55: 1x Voodoo Doctor (Golden)
  • Level 34: 1x Assassin's Blade (Golden)
  • Level 56: 1x Voodoo Doctor (Golden)
  • Level 36: 1x Backstab (Golden)
  • Level 57: 1x Acidic Swamp Ooze (Golden)
  • Level 38: 1x Backstab (Golden)
  • Level 58: 1x Acidic Swamp Ooze (Golden)
  • Level 40: 1x Sap (Golden)
  • Level 59: 1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta (Golden)
  • Level 42: 1x Sap (Golden)
  • Level 60: 1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta (Golden)
  • Level 43: 1x Deadly Poison (Golden)








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