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Leveling Rewards

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Each of your classes (specifically, the Hero that is associated with that class) has a number assigned to it which represents that class' level. Playing Hearthstone games grants you experience, and this experience eventually allows your class to rise in level, from the starting level 1 all the way to level 60 (the current maximum).

The level of your class has no impact on gameplay or matchmaking, and it is not visible to your opponent. However, new levels will often reward you with new Basic cards. Class levels and experience progression bars are displayed in your quest log. You can also see the next card to unlock for you by mousing over each individual class' experience bar.

Up to level 10, you will be rewarded with any Basic class-specific cards that are still missing for that class, which cannot be obtained by opening Card Packs or by crafting, and which can also not be disenchanted. Between levels 11 and 60, you will receive Golden Basic cards, which can not be crafted nor disenchanted, and whose value is purely cosmetic (they simply look better than regular Basic cards).

1. Druid

2. Hunter

3. Mage

4. Paladin

5. Priest

6. Rogue

7. Shaman

8. Warlock

9. Warrior

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