Jek'haz Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Jek'haz is the third boss in the third chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Encounter Overview

The boss uses a deck comprised of Demons and Rogue cards, including a few Rogue Secrets like Dirty Tricks, Ambush, and Bamboozle. The boss also uses the extremely powerful Rocket Wings Hero Power.

In this encounter you will be given a deck comprised almost entirely of Demon Hunter cards. Overall the deck is quite strong as it features commonly used Demon Hunter cards like Twin Slice and Priestess of Fury. After your mulligan you will also have Shalja, Demon Hunter, Karnuk, Demon Hunter, and Sklibb, Demon Hunter added to your deck.


Mulligan Strategies

In your mulligan you should look for good early game plays like Furious Felfin and Imprisoned Felmaw. You should also look to keep Spectral Sight if it is on the far left-hand side of your hand.


Gameplay Strategies

Due to the potentcy of the boss's Rocket Wings Hero Power, it is important to control the board throughout the game. Luckily the opposing minions are not of particularly high value, which makes them easy to remove despite having Rush and Windfury. The only particularly potent minion played by the boss is Disguised Wanderer.

As you are using a deck comprised of Demon Hunter cards, you can continually look to get value out of your Outcast cards to gain additional value, in particular the Outcast effects of the 3 special Demon Hunter companions shuffled into your deck. By making good use of your Outcast effects you should be able to comfortably run the boss out of cards to win the game.


Next Boss: Magtheridon Prime



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