Hearthstone Battlegrounds Card Tier List

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This guide details all of the cards available at each Tavern Tier in Hearthstone Battlegrounds and provides some advice on what cards to look out for at each tier.

This guide is part of our larger Battlegrounds Guide.

If you are looking for our Hero Tier list, please visit our Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List.


Battlegrounds Card Tier List

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds all of the minions available are separated into tiers. Minions will only spawn of a level equal to or lower than your current Tavern Tier. Knowing which minions can and cannot spawn on each tier is invaluable and will greatly influence your decision making when deciding to upgrade your tavern.


Tier 1 Minions

The main purpose of Tier 1 minions is to get you safely through the early game. Notably the only minions offered here that has any late game value are Wrath Weaver and Murloc Tidecaller. Alleycat and Murloc Tidehunter, Sellemental, and Deck Swabbie are the most common cards picked from this tier due to their gold-efficiency, either by generating additional minions to sell or giving direct discounts. A full list of Tier 1 minions can be found below.


Tier 2 Minions

Tier 2 minions create the foundations for strategies. It contains many solid tribal minions that can be built upon, such as Party Elemental and Molten Rock for Elementals, Harvest Golem and Metaltooth Leaper for Mechs, Spawn of N'Zoth and Kaboom Bot for Deathrattles, and Imprisoner and Nathrezim Overseer for Demons. A full list of Tier 2 minions can be found below.


Tier 3 Minions

Tier 3 minions contain a large amount of buffs and synergies for the various tribes available. While many of the cards are not strong by themselves, they are great for building upon the foundation of Tier 2 minions with powerful tribal synergy minions like Deflect-o-Bot, Salty Looter, and Soul Juggler. A full list of Tier 3 minions can be found below.


Tier 4 Minions

Tier 4 is where minions begin to really ramp up in quality. Nearly all of the options are solid and offer some utility in the late game. This Tier contains Toxfin and Annoy-o-Module, some of the the strongest buffs for your minions in addition to powerful standalone cards like Mechano-Egg, Goldgrubber, and Security Rover. A full list of Tier 4 minions can be found below.


Tier 5 Minions

Tier 5 contains truly build-defining minions. Some of the options available are strong enough to warrant a complete shift in strategy if picked up early enough. Look out for Brann Bronzebeard, Cap'n Hoggarr, Mama Bear, Baron Rivendare, Razorgore the Untamed, and Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare in particular. A full list of Tier 5 minions can be found below.


Tier 6 Minions

Tier 6 minions are the most powerful minions available in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Due to these minions being available so late in the game, most are strong enough to be a solid choice for any strategy. Some of the strongest options for any deck include Ghastcoiler, Amalgadon, The Tide Razor, and Imp Mama. A full list of Tier 6 minions can be found below.

  • Amalgadon
  • Dread Admiral Eliza
  • Elistra the Immortal
  • Foe Reaper 4000
  • Gentle Djinni
  • Ghastcoiler
  • Imp Mama
  • Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect
  • Kangor's Apprentice
  • Lieutenant Garr
  • Lil' Rag
  • Maexxna
  • Nadina the Red
  • Zapp Slywick
  • The Tide Razor
  • Goldrinn, the Great Wolf


  • 24 Jan. 2020: Soul Devourer added to tier 3. Ring Matron added to tier 4. Floating Watcher removed from tier 4.
  • 26 Dec. 2020: Righteous Protector removed from the tier 1. Acolyte of C'Thun added to tier 1. Tormented Ritualist added to tier 2. Warden of Old and Arm of the Empire added to tier 3. Bigfernal, Qiraj Harbinger, and Champion of Y'Shaarj added to tier 4. Faceless Taverngoer and Mythrax the Unraveler added to tier 5. Elistra the Immortal added to tier 6.
  • 06 Nov. 2020: Updated for the November balance patch. Yo-Ho Ogre moved from tier 3 to tier 2. Iron Sensei moved from tier 4 to tier 3. Southsea Strongarm moved from tier 4 to tier 3. Gentle Djinni moved from tier 5 to tier 6.
  • 18 Oct. 2020: Updated tier descriptions to be more relevant for the current meta. Fix various card tier inconsistencies.
  • 15 Oct. 2020: Selfless Hero moved from tier 1to tier 2. Lil Rag' moved from tier 5 to tier 6. Gentle Djinni moved from tier 6 to tier 5. Removed Pogohopper and Whirling Tempest from tier list.
  • 29 Sep. 2020: Tier listed updated to include all minions from the Elementals patch.
  • 18 Aug. 2020: Updated tier of Mama Bear. Removed Arcane Cannon and Gentle Megasaur from tier list.
  • 04 Aug. 2020: Updated tier descriptions to be relevant for latest balance patches.
  • 30 Jul. 2020: Menagerie Mug added to tier 2. Megerie Jug added to tier 4. Monstrous Macaw moved from tier 2 to tier 3. Zoobot and Menagerie Magician removed.
  • 15 Jul. 2020: Golrinn the Greatwolf moved to tier 6. Amalgadon added to tier 6.
  • 09 Jun. 2020: Tier list updated to include all minions from the Pirate patch. Removed Holy Mackerel from the tier list.
  • 13 May 2020: Dire Wolf Alpha removed from tier list. Rabid Saurolisk added to tier 1.
  • 26 Mar. 2020: Cobalt Guardian removed from tier list. Deflect-o-Bot added to tier 3. Felfin Navigator added to tier 4.
  • 18 Mar. 2020: Savannah Highmane moved from tier 5 to tier 4.
  • 26 Feb. 2020: Tier list updated for the Dragon patch.
    • Added Dragonspawn Lieutenant, Red Whelp, Glyph Guardian, Steward of Time, Waxrider Toggwaggle, Unstable Ghoul, Bronze Warden, Hangry Dragon, Drakonid Enforcer, Herald of Flame, Cobalt Scalebane, Razorgore the Untamed, Holy Mackerel, Imp Mama, Kalecgos Arcane Aspect, and Nadina the Red.
    • Removed Shielded Minibot, Annoy-o-tron, Mounted Raptor, Phalanx Commander, Psych-o-tron, Tortollan Shellraisder, Piloted Sky Holem, Festeroot Hulk, Boogeymonter, and Sated Threshadon.
  • 14 Feb. 2020: Floating Watcher moved to tier 4.
  • 19 Dec. 2019: Tier list updated for December balance patch. Mechano-Egg, The Boogeymonster, and The Beast move down a tier. Coldlight Seer and Primalfin Lookout moved up a tier. Nightmare Amalgam removed from tier list.
  • 06 Dec. 2019: Added Floating Watcher and King Bagurgle to tier list.
  • 19 Nov. 2019: Adjusted the tiers of Coldlight Seer, Primalfin Lookout, Voidlord, and Junkbot.
  • 13 Nov. 2019: Guide added.
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