Spare Parts in Goblins vs Gnomes

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Spare Parts are a new type of Card introduced in the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. They are a set of 7 1 Mana spells that are awarded to players randomly in relation to various effects from various minions. They are part of the Uncollectable set, and cannot be crafted or otherwise obtained.


Armor Plating

Armor Plating is a fairly straightforward card. It can be used to create a favourable trade for a minion, to get a minion out of common removal spell range, or to provide extra health on an important Taunt minion.


Emergency Coolant

Primarily used as a tempo card, Emergency Coolant can be extremely useful in aggressive decks as it allows you to Freeze a problematic minion and then attack past it to your opponent's Hero. Emergency Coolant can also be used to buy you a turn when your opponent is threatening lethal damage on you.


Finicky Cloakfield

Stealth being a very versatile effect, Finicky Cloakfield has the potential to be one of the most useful Spare Parts. You can use it to protect a minion damaged down to 1 health from your opponent's Hero Power, to protect a valuable minion with a beneficial effect like Gadgetzan Auctioneer or Mechwarper, or to Stealth a large minion and threated to kill your opponent on the following turn.


Reversing Switch

Reversing Switch is another versatile Spare Part. You can use it to enable a more favourable trade between minions on the board, to provide an injured minion with additional health, or to surprise your opponent with damage by reversing a high health minion.


Rusty Horn

Perhaps one of the weaker Spare Parts, Rusty Horn can still be useful in some situations. You can use it on a less important minion to protect a more important one from harm, or as a last ditch attempt to survive against an opponent threating to kill you.


Time Rewinder

Time Rewinder is an interesting effect that has two main purposes. One, to recycle a minion with Charge, or a beneficial Battlecry. And two, to function as a full heal on a large minion that has been heavily damaged.


Whirling Blades

Whirling Blades is another of the more straightforward Spare Parts. You can use it to buff a minion and enable a stronger trade, or as a final point of damage in those "one damage off lethal" situations.


Other uses of Spare Parts

Since Spare Parts are considered Spells, they have additional uses outside of what is written on the card. Having access to several 1 Mana spells can create strong plays with cards like Wild Pyromancer, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Violet Teacher, and Gazlowe.