Rehgar Earthfury Boss Guide for Book of Heroes (Garrosh)

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Rehgar Earthfury is the second boss in the Garrosh Hellscream chapter of the Book of Heroes Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Underqueen Zarzhet

Encounter Overview

Rehgar Earthfury uses a Totem Shaman deck that uses a mix of Elemental spells, Totems like Totem Golem and Totem Goliath, and Totem synergy cards like Primal Fusion and Totemic Might. Additionally, the boss has the Balanced Judgment Hero Power that will be used at the start of each turn where possible to summon either an Odd Totem or an Even Totem.

You will be provided with an Orc-themed deck consisting of a mix of removal spells, weapons, and Midrange minions. You will additionally have access to the Tank Up! Hero Power.


Mulligan Strategies

In your Mulligan, you should look for a solid curve of early game cards to play for yuor first few turns, such as Battle Axe, Bonechewer Brawler, and Clan Warrior.


Gameplay Strategies

Throughout the fight, your primary concern should be managing the attack values of your minions to minimise the damage taken from the boss's Balanced Judgment Hero Power. In particular you should try to ensure your minions have Odd Attack values wherever possible. This will ensure you are only vunerable to damage from Odd Totems, which can easily be negated by your Tank Up! Hero Power, instead of running the risk of losing minions to Even Totems.

While managing the attack values of your minions, you should aim to control the board throughout the game, especially ensuring Odd Totems and Even Totems are killed off each turn. With the board under control, you can slowly chip away at the boss's Health each turn to complete the encounter.


Next Boss: Underqueen Zarzhet



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