Dr. Boom Guide with Cheap Decks for Galakrond's Awakening

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Dr. Boom is the first boss in the League of Explorers campaign in the Battle of the Frozen Coast, the first chapter of Galakrond's Awakening. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Dr. Boom in both Normal and Heroic modes.


Boss Details

Normal Heroic
Health 30 30 (+30 Armor)

Strategy and Deck Building

Dr. Boom uses a Mech-themed deck to fight for the board, but is heavily reliant on his SUMMON THE BOTS! Hero Power, which gives him a constant supply of special over-statted Mechs. To account for this, you should try to have a plan to close out the game, and not rely on out-valuing the boss.

In Normal Mode, the boss has very few ways to immediately interact with the board, with the exception of Ramming Speed. This makes controlling the board and using any excess damage to grind down the boss a fairly effective strategy. In the late game, you should take note of The Boomship and The Boom Reaver as high-tempo cards, but aside from these examples, the boss will perform relatively low-tempo turns.

In Heroic Mode, the boss will start with 30 Armor, making Platebreaker an effective minion to use before you start dealing damage. You should be particularly aware of Bombs, which can result in strategies using large amount of card draw being a Deathwish. The boss will also make use of a large number of Magnetic minions, which means you will need to keep the board clear of Mechs to prevent them from being effective. Silence effects and Sap are a great way to neutralise Magnetic minions, with Freezing Trap being a great way to proactively target minions before they are even Magnetised.


Cheap decks for Heroic Mode

Cheap Dr. Boom Hunter



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