Warrior Crafting Guide

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On this page, you will find a list of the most useful Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Warrior class, in terms of crafting. We separate cards by their rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, but each individual card is given a rating of priority. It is important to know that a Rare or Epic card that is given a "High" or "Top" priority rating should be crafted before a Legendary with a "Medium" rating. In fact, if you have 1,600 Arcane Dust to spend, crafting 2 or 3 Epics and a handful of Rares is usually better than spending it all on a single Legendary. If a card is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is rarely, or never, used in the Constructed meta.

You will also find a guide on how to best allocate your gold or money between the various Card packs and Adventures. This can vary greatly from class to class and has a great effect on how quickly and efficiently you can build a competitive deck.

1. Class-Specific Cards

In this section, we list the class-specific cards that are important for you as a Warrior.

1.1. Commons

  1. Warpath - Priority = HIGH: Warpath is a very flexible tool that provides a Whirlwind effect. The Echo effect allows you a large degree of control in how much Mana you use and how much damage you do. Due to this flexibility, it is a high crafting priority and a hard card to replace.
  2. Blood Razor - Priority = MEDIUM: Blood Razor is a solid card for most Warrior decks. The double Whirlwind effect makes it a good tool for clearing cheap minions while also helping to activate the Enrage effects commonly found on Warrior minions.

1.2. Rares

  1. Omega Assembly - Priority = MEDIUM: Omega Assembly is a high-value card that comes at almost no cost. It is aimed at Control Warrior decks that play well beyond turn 10 where it can be used to generate 3 cards without drawing closer to fatigue.
  2. Dyn-o-matic - Priority = MEDIUM: Dyn-o-matic is an excellent card for cleaning up the board in the mid game. It fits into both Mech Warrior decks, as it will avoid damaging friendly Mechs, and Control decks that are unlikely to have any friendly minions available for it to target.
  3. Frothing Berserker - Priority = LOW: Frothing Berserker is a strong card that is used in almost all aggressive Warrior decks.

1.3. Epics

  1. Town Crier - Priority = HIGH: Town Crier is a great early-game minion for all breeds of Warrior deck. As it is one of the few cards that specifically targets Rush minions, the effect cannot be replicated with any alternative.
  2. Brawl - Priority = MEDIUM: Brawl is a crucial tool in many Warrior decks to try and regain control of a board that has grown out of control. However, it is possible to build a competitive Warrior deck without Brawl, making it not a top priority.
  3. Reckless Flurry - Priority = MEDIUM: Reckless Flurry is a great removal tool for Warrior decks that wish to Control the board. It can be either used as an alternative to Brawl or alongside it in hyper-Control decks.
  4. Shield Slam - Priority = LOW: Shield Slam is a very high value removal spell that can often be used to remove large minions for 1 Mana.
  5. Dead Man's Hand - Priority = LOW: Dead Man's Hand is a commonly used card in Control Warrior decks. Only a single copy is usually used to generate additional copies of powerful late-game cards while also increasing the number of turns before fatigue damage is reached.
  6. Supercollider - Priority = LOW: Supercollider is a very high-value weapon in slower weapon decks. When set up correctly, it can take out 2 minions per attack and with 3 charges available it is a very potent card if you have enough Health and Armor to spare.

1.4. Legendaries

  1. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Priority = HIGH: Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is a great late-game value card that provides a range of useful Hero Powers throughout the game. It is used in most Warrior decks and, due to the uniqueness of its effect, it is not possible to replace it.
  2. Darius Crowley - Priority = MEDIUM: Darius Crowley is an excellent tempo tool that can pose a huge threat for opponents in any Warrior deck. Though the card is not directly essential, not including it can have the knock-on effect or greatly reducing the value of Town Crier.
  3. Fire Plume's Heart - Priority = LOW: Fire Plume's Heart is an extremely powerful card that is essential for Warrior Quest decks. However, outside of these decks the card sees no play.
  4. Scourgelord Garrosh - Priority = LOW: Scourgelord Garrosh is used as a late-game Control card. The card trades the healing of the Armor Up! Hero Power for the combination of the Bladestorm Hero Power and the Shadowmourne weapon to help keep the board clear of opposing minions to whittle away opponent's resources.

2. Neutral Cards

In this section, we list neutral cards that are always good to craft if you are playing Warrior. Note that many of these cards will be usable in a wide range of decks across multiple classes. This means that crafting these cards over class specific ones is often a good idea if you plan to play a range of classes.

2.1. Commons

  1. Acolyte of Pain - Priority = MEDIUM: Acolyte of Pain is a core card in Control Warrior decks. It enables you to to cycle through your deck using cards like Whirlwind and Ravaging Ghoul. Without access to Acolyte of Pain, you may find yourself running out of options in the late-game.

2.2. Rares

  1. Stonehill Defender - Priority = LOW: Stonehill Defender is an excellent card due to a high chance to Discover powerful Warrior Taunt minions such as Direhorn Hatchling, Tar Lord, and Ornery Direhorn. It is especially strong in Quest Warrior decks, as it provides 2 Taunt minions to go towards the completion of Fire Plume's Heart.

2.3. Epics

There are no neutral epics played in common Warrior decks.

2.4. Legendaries

  1. Zilliax - Priority = MEDIUM: As many Mech minions naturally fit into Warrior decks, Zilliax is able to gain additional value from its Magnetic effect and can be used both offensively and defensively.
  2. The Lich King - Priority = LOW: The Lich King is a great Legendary card used as a powerful late-game addition to many decks. It is most commonly used in Warrior due to the additional Taunt effect that can be used in Quest Warrior. However, the card is easy to replace as there are many other solid late-game alternatives.
  3. Baku the Mooneater - Priority = LOW: Baku the Mooneater is an essential card used across Odd archetypes for multiple classes. This card is a high crafting priority if you wish to play Odd Warrior decks.

3. Gold Allocation Guide

3.1. Pack Type

The Journey to Un'Goro expansion added many powerful cards to the Warrior arsenal. Fire Plume's Heart is a particularly strong card that is essential for the Quest Warrior archetype. In addition to this, the expansion also added many powerful Taunt minions such as Ornery Direhorn, Direhorn Hatchling, Primordial Drake, and Stonehill Defender which all are all extremely powerful in Quest Warrior decks.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion provided a few useful tools for Warrior such as Dead Man's Hand, Scourgelord Garrosh, and the powerful Blood Razor weapon. However, outside of these additions, the expansion is quite underwhelming for Warrior players.

Kobolds and Catacombs offered no good upgrades and is the weakest expansion to date for Warrior players. Kobolds and Catacombs card packs should generally by avoided by players looking to improve their Warrior decks.

The Witchwood expansion provided a few great cards such as Warpath, Darius Crowley, Town Crier, and Baku the Mooneater in addition to many Rush cards. However, the expansion is not a priority for gold unless you specifically wish to play Rush Warrior decks.

The Boomsday Project was a great expansion for the Warrior class overall. It added in a range of powerful Mech minions to breathe new life into multiple Warrior archetypes in addition to the new Warrior Hero, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. Investing into Boomsday Project card packs is highly recommended for any budding Warrior player.

Overall, a good mix of Classic and Boomsday cards packs are recommended for Warrior enthusiasts to offer the best odds of opening the most influential cards.

4. Changelog

  • 20 Sep. 2018: Updated for The Boomsday Project expansion.
  • 31 May 2018: Updated for the Witchwood expansion.
  • 12 Jan. 2018: Updated for the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.
  • 04 May 2017: Updated for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion.
  • 21 Feb. 2017: Updated to reflect the changes in MSG meta.
  • 02 Sep. 2015: Updated to include Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament cards.
  • 22 Feb. 2015: Complete overhaul in format, and update for the Goblins vs. Gnomes meta.
  • 08 Sep. 2014: Removed Tinkmaster Overspark.
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