Best Standard Decks: A United in Stormwind Tier List

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Welcome to our Tier List for Hearthstone. On this page, you will find our Standard decks, ranked from Best (S Tier) to Worst (C Tier), as well as detailed commentary for all the decks, to explain their strengths and weaknesses.


Tier List for Classic Decks


S Tier


Face Hunter

The experimental nature of the new Questline cards makes deck-building in the United in Stormwind expansion very difficult, hard to optimise, and often very experimental in nature. These deck inefficiencies make them easy prey for Face Hunter to swiftly tear them apart.

Face Hunter, as the name suggests, is a deck that focuses entirely on dealing damage to its opponent's face throughout the game. Through the use of a deck built entirely around dealing direct damage, paired with the Steady Shot Hero Power, the deck is consistently able to chip away at opponent's Health forcing them to try to win before their inevitable demise.


Handbuff Paladin

Handbuff Paladin's minion-heavy composition allows it to have a very consistent playstyle which has proven itself to be very strong in a meta full of Questline decks fumbling over complex strategies.

Handbuff Paladin, often playfully refered to as 'Arena' Paladin, consists almost entirely of minions and focuses heavily on providing continuous stat buffs to the minions in hand. This allows the deck to simply play minions with large stats to pressure opponents, reminiscent of decks built in the Arena game mode.


A Tier


Questline Mage

The Questline package added into Spell Mage has helped provide the deck with a very consistent win condition, allowing it to prey on unrefined decks throughout the early United in Stormwind meta.

Questline Mage picks up the pieces left behind from formerly popular Spell Mage decks. By adding in Sorcerer's Gambit, the deck has more consistent card draw, while the reward of Arcanist Dawngrasp paired with Ignite allows the deck to swiftly close out games after its Questline completion.


Miracle Rogue

Miracle Rogue is argued by some to be the best decks in the United in Stormwind meta and nearly unbeatable. However, the deck is extremely difficult to pilot and very punishing when not played correctly, preventing it from finding its place in the S tier.

Miracle Rogue gains its name from its ability to to draw and play large numbers of cards in a single turn. It often makes use of Gadgetzan Auctioneer as well as other spell discounts as part of its deadly combos that will often deal damage equal to large potions, if not all, of an opponent's Health in a single turn.


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman has continued to be a solid deck after the last expansion. However, it has not gained any significant upgrades from the United in Stormwind expansion, allowing it to be surpassed by some decks.

The deck follows a typical Midrange strategy, playing 1-2 minions per turn and taking advantage of the Elemental's Battlecries in order to gain a tempo advantage over opponents. The Elemental bodies left behind after the Battlecries quickly chew through the Health of opponents who are not able to keep up.


Aggro Shaman

The release of United in Stormwind has allowed Aggro Shaman to take a more Elemental-based approach due to the powerful new addition of Canal Slogger. These changes to the deck allow it to gain a slightly stronger position than it was in previous meta games.

Aggro Shaman is an aggressive deck that comes in 3 parts. The deck uses strong early-game minions to secure the board and gain excellent board positions in the early game. To support its board, the deck also makes good use of weapons to gain further control of the board. Lastly, combined with its strong early game, the deck can transition into all-out aggression using large number of spells like Lightning Bolt and Rockbiter Weapon to swiftly close out games.


B Tier


Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Deathrattle Demon Hunter has gained no significant upgrades from the United in Stormwind expansion. While it is still a solid deck from the previous expansion, the power creep of other decks has caused it to drift down the rankings.

The deck focuses around the powerful synergy of Razorboar, Razorfen Beastmaster, and other Deathrattle minions, to create a chain of sticky minions to contest the board. The deck can then use this presence to continually play minions and pressure opponents, eventually making use of Illidari Inquisitors to burst down opponents.


Questline Warlock

The deck's consistent playstyle allows it to find a solid place in the meta, frequently able to take wins over most decks. However, its self-damaging nature makes it particularly vunerable to optimised Aggro decks that can punish the deck for having low Health.

Questline Warlock is a unique deck that focuses entirely on drawing cards and dealing damage to itself while trying to not die, in order to complete the The Demon Seed Questline. Once the Questline is complete, the deck plays Blightborn Tamsin in order to turn the tables on opponents, using self-damaging effects to quickly finish them off.


Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest has proven itself to be a viable deck capable of performing solidly at all levels. However, as a relatively new archetype, it is currently far from optimised and struggles to provide more consistent results than long-standing archetypes.

Shadow Priest is an aggressive deck that uses the Mind Spike Hero Power over the more traditional Lesser Heal. This allows the deck to take a much more aggressive stance by developing strong early-game boards and transitioning into direct damage in order to rush down opponents.


C Tier


Questline Druid

While Questline Druid can win games, the amount of damage it outputs, with very little defence, is often not overwhelming for opponents, resulting in the deck being vulernable to much faster and more optimised meta decks.

Questline Druid thematically embodies the Feral Druid playstyle. It aims to generate large amounts of attack damage for its Hero in order to progress the Lost in the Park Questline. The cumulative Attack Damage paired with the Questline reward, Guff the Tough, provides the deck with a significant amount of damage that can be used to simply kill opponents.


Questline Warrior

While Questline Warrior seems like a great deck in theory, forcing a historically aggressive deck to waste its most important turn, Turn 1, to play its Questline. This leaves the deck feeling very underwhelming compared to other meta decks.

Questline Warrior is a twist on Aggro Pirate Warrior decks. It uses a constant stream of Pirates to pressure opponents with the added bonus of the Cap'n Rokara and The Juggernaut rewards from the Raid the Docks Questline as an inevitable win condition to close out longer games.



  • 06 Aug. 2021: Tierlist has been updated for the United in Stormwind expansion.
  • 17 May 2021: Tier list has been updated for the 20.2.2 balance patch.
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  • 06 Apr. 2021: Token Druid added to the tier list. Ratings for Secret Paladin and Celestial Druid adjusted.
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