Best Standard Decks: A Forged in the Barrens Tier List

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Welcome to our Tier List for Hearthstone. On this page, you will find our Standard decks, ranked from Best (S Tier) to Worst (C Tier), as well as detailed commentary for all the decks, to explain their strengths and weaknesses.


Tier List for Classic Decks


S Tier


Secret Paladin

Despite being negatively affected by the latest balance patch, Secret Paladin still sees itself at the top of the meta due to its dominant early-game options. However, the patch has narrowed the power-level gap this deck had over its competitors.

The deck aims to bring cheap Secrets from its deck into play through the use of Sword of the Fallen, giving the deck protection as it floods the board with cheap minions. The deck then aims to Rush down opponents as it gains further benefits from its Secrets with cards like Cannonmaster Smythe, Northwatch Commander, and Crossroads Gossiper.


Face Hunter

The recent balance patch has been a huge win for Face Hunter. The rebalancing of many powerful early-game cards possessed by other classes has allowed the, previously overshadowed, deck to surface and prove its strength in the Forged in the Barrens expansion.

Face Hunter, as the name suggests, is a deck that focuses entirely on dealing damage to its opponent's face throughout the game. Through the use of a deck built entirely around dealing direct damage, paired with the Steady Shot Hero Power, the deck is consistently able to chip away at opponent's Health forcing them to try to win before their inevitable demise.


A Tier


Spell Priest

Spell Priest, packed full of removal, continues to be able to consistently shut down decks that get in its way. Its consistent use of Mindrender Illucia allow it to disrupt top decks like Spell Mage by using opponent's own cards against them.

The deck focuses on absolute control, using Palm Reading to keep spells in hand cheap, while using Sphere of Sapience, Malygos the Spellweaver, and Thrive in the Shadows to help ensure the right spells for the job is always available. The small minion pool in the deck also make it possible to consistently draw Mindrender Illucia with Insight to disrupt opponents at a moment notice. Should games go longer, the deck can inevitably finish off opponents through the use of C'Thun, the Shattered.


Clown Druid

Clown Druid has seen a huge surge in power with the latest balance patch. With many of the game's oppressive cards being nerfed, the deck is finally able to have enough breathing room reach its powerful high-Cost combos.

Clown Druid aims to rapidly gain Mana before retaking control of the board through the use of Guardian Animals. After safely gaining Mana the deck uses the combination of Survival of the Fittest and Carnival Clown to quickly turn the tables on opponents.


Token Druid

Despite losing Savage Roar in the Year of the Gryphon, Token Druid sees itself in a good position in the meta. With board flooding tools like Gibberling and Glowfly Swarm, paired with card draw from Fungal Fortunes and Guess the Weight, the deck is able to consistently flood the board and pressure opponents, with it being excellent at Rushing down commonly-seen Spell Mage decks.

The deck aims to quickly develop wide boards of minions through the use of cards like Gibberling and Glowfly Swarm. To synergise with this, the deck has a wide array of tools for buffing its board, such as Arbor Up and Pride's Fury, allowing it to take quick wins off of opponents who do not react quickly.


Rush Warrior

Rush Warrior has slowly crept up in power as more players have become proficient with the deck. This, paired with surrounding decks being nerfed, has allowed the deck to finally reach the A tier.

Rush Warrior has proven itself to be a solid deck, the strong minion core of the deck means that it is always ready to take wins off of any deck that does not keep the board in check.

The deck is comprised primarily of Rush minions, allowing it to always have the initiative when making value trades on the board. Through its use of cards like Rokara and Playmaker to synergise with Rush minions, the board will quickly snowball in the deck's favour, allowing it to overrun unprepared opponents.


Deathrattle Demon Hunter

After several balance patches, Deathrattle Demon Hunter now has a solid position in the meta. The deck is able to put up a stronger early game with the increased stats of Razorboar before chaining it into stronger Deathrattle minions.

The deck focuses around the powerful synergy of Razorboar, Razorfen Beastmaster, and other Deathrattle minions, to create a chain of sticky minions to contest the board. The deck can then use this presence to continually play minions and pressure opponents, eventually making use of Illidari Inquisitors to burst down opponents.


B Tier


Control Warlock

Control Warlock remains to have one of the strongest defensive packages in the game, packed full of healing and removal. Despite this, it currently fails to compete with some of the higher tier decks and the sheer speeds in which they can often play their cards.

The deck aims to defeat opponents entirely through value. Its Life Tap Hero Power allows it to consistently draw into its multitude of healing and removal tools to shut down any pressure opponents try to apply. To top this off the deck utilises Tickatus in the late game to burn the deck of opponents and Lord Jaraxxus to constantly summon 6/6 Demons to force opponents out of the game.


Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter, the new form of Midrange Hunter, has arisen from the changes to the classic card pool. Its abuse of Trampling Rhinos allows it slice through the Health of meta decks as it fights for control of the board.

The deck aims to fight for board control as it utilises Beast-synergy cards to draw and buff powerful Beasts like Trampling Rhinos and King Krush. The deck then has the option of chipping away at the Health of opponents with Trampling Rhinos, or OTKing opponents with many copies of King Krush summoned by Beastmaster Leoroxx.


Aggro Shaman

The recent additions to the Aggro Shaman toolkit, Novice Zapper and Bru'kan has landed the deck a spot in the current meta. These new minions not only provide the deck with a good board presence, but give it access to immense amounts of burst damage with its use of Nature Spells.

Aggro Shaman aims to develop a strong early-game board presence with cheap minions before transitioning into a full face strategy. The use of Doomhammer, attack buffs, Spell Damage, and various burn spells allow the deck to deal immense amounts of direct damage to finish off opponents after it eventually loses its presence on the board.


Spell Mage

The latest balance patch has dealt a significant blow to the power of Spell Mage. With Refreshing Spring Water now costing 5 Mana, the deck has a significantly harder time drawing cards, subsequently making it more difficult to react to opponent's plays.

The deck forgoes the use of any minions in its deck in order to gain a powerful boost to special cards like Font of Power and Apexis Blast, which provide most of the deck's minions. Paired with cards like Refreshing Spring Water and Incanter's Flow, the deck uses a seemingly endless supply of discounted spells to control the board and burn down opponents.


C Tier


Broom Paladin

Broom Paladin has suffered greatly by the recent balance changes to Pen Flinger. While the deck still functions absolutely the same from a control standpoin, it now struggles more at closing out games without face damage from Pen Flinger.

The deck uses a Libram Paladin shell to contest the board, before transitioning into a high-action deck later into the game. By abusing discounted Libram of Wisdoms, Animated Broomsticks and Pen Flingers can be flexibly to control the board.


Aggro Demon Hunter

Aggro Demon Hunter's speciality is swiftly taking down unsuspecting opponents. This makes the deck good against decks that have passive early games like Spell Mages and Celestial Druids. However, against more rounded decks that fight back on the board, the deck tends to struggle, leaving it in the C tier.

The deck aims to flood onto the board through the use of cheap minions and spells. Through the use of cards like Skull of Gul'dan the deck is able to replenish its cards without having to sacrifice its tempo as it pressure opponents, often finishing off opponents with large amounts of attack damage from Stiltstepper and Fury (Rank 1).


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman has resurfaced in the meta thanks to buffs to Fire Elemental and multiple new Elementals with powerful Battlecry effects. While the deck is certainly playable in the current meta, it does not the explosive combos that the high-tier decks have.

The deck follows a typical Midrange strategy, playing 1-2 minions per turn and taking advantage of the Elemental's Battlecries in order to gain a tempo advantage over opponents. The Elemental bodies left behind after the Battlecries quickly chew through the Health of opponents who are not able to keep up.


Watch Post Rogue

As the new deck on the block, Watch Post Rogue exploded into the year of the Gryphon. The deck was initially top tier as players struggled to play against it. However, as opponents have become more accustomed to it, the deck has now solidified its position in the B tier with other great decks.

The deck's strategy stays true to its name, aiming to develop Mor'shan Watch Post and Far Watch Post onto the board as quickly as possible to oppress opponents. The deck then aims to use cheap Rogue damage tools to protect the Watch Posts as it quickly cycles through its deck to assemble enough damage to win the game.


Celestial Druid

Despite its huge potential, Celestial Druid has proven itself an incredibly difficult deck to pilot, even at the highest level. This huge to entry barrier to playing the deck is a great hindrance, often causing the deck to defeat itself, resulting in it being dropped down to C tier.

The deck makes use of extreme Druid ramp tools to gain Mana as quickly as physically possible. Once there, the deck can make use of Celestial Alignment to flatten the mana pool and card costs of both player. From this position, the deck aims to abuse Druid cards like Nourish and Lightning Bloom to play large numbers of cards in a single turn to overwhelm opponents while they are in a restricted state.



  • 17 May 2021: Tier list has been updated for the 20.2.2 balance patch.
  • 14 Apr. 2021: Tier list has been updated for the 20.0.2 balance patch.
  • 06 Apr. 2021: Token Druid added to the tier list. Ratings for Secret Paladin and Celestial Druid adjusted.
  • 03 Apr. 2021: Aggro Demon Hunter, Deathrattle Demon Hunter, and Spell Priest added to the tier list.
  • 02 Apr. 2021: Guide added.
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