Lady Darkscale Boss Guide for Book of Heroes (Rexxar)

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Lady Darkscale is the fifth boss in the Rexxar chapter of the Book of Heroes Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Lady Darkscale

Encounter Overview

The boss the boss uses a Spell Damage Shaman deck that consists of common Overlord cards like Lightning Bolt and Surging Tempest, paired with spell-synergy cards like Rune Dagger and Torrent. This boss also uses the Tornado Hero Power, which has its damage increased with Spell Power.

For the encounter you will be given a Secret Hunter deck with additional Rush minion like Diving Gryphon. You will additionally have access to the Call Misha Rank 2 Hero Power.

During the encounter you will receive periodic aid in the form of cheap Mage spells like Mirror Image and Freezing Potion, that will be automatically cast at the start of your turn.


Mulligan Strategies

You should specifically look for Helboar, Raptor Hatchling, and Phase Stalker in your opening hand.


Gameplay Strategies

Like in the previous encounter, you should always use Call Misha Rank 2 at the start of your turn if you do not already have Misha in play. This has the additional bonus of drawing out the boss's Tornado Hero Power each turn.

As the boss mostly uses minions that synergise with spells, it is important to keep the board clear of enemy minions each turn. If you do not have strong trades available on the board, you can use spells like Scrap Shot and minions like Diving Gryphon to clear the board. If the board is already under control, you should use your remaining Mana to play out additional minions instead. By constantly controlling the board and getting value from your Hero Power, you should be able to slowly grind down the boss.



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