Mother Shahraz Challenge Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Mother Shahraz is the sixth boss in the of the Trial by Felfire challenge. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Mother Shahraz

Boss Overview

Mother Shahraz starts with 60 Health and uses a deck that largely revolves around the use of weapons. Her Parry and Riposte Hero Power makes her very difficult to attack and she will often use weapons to attack minions herself, allowing her to reflect damage back at the minions she attacks on her own turn.


Deck-Building Advice

Due to the numerous weapons used by the boss, weapon removal such as Acidic Swamp Ooze and Kobold Stickyfinger are great. Additionally, Freeze effects like Frozen Shadoweaver and Water Elemental are also great. Due to the flexibility of these tech cards, they can by used in many decks as viable options.


Gameplay Strategies

Defeating Mother Shahraz requires a lot of patience to be successful. If you attack too soon, you will often end up decimating your own board with the Parry and Riposte Hero Power. With this in mind, you should spend most of the game simply controlling the board and destroying any weapons that the boss played, especially Sul'thraze.

With steady board control you should eventually be able to run the boss out of cards as it lacks consistent card draw in its deck. From this position, you can finally start dealing damage to the boss. However, you should still deal your damage carefully by using a small source of damage, such as Fireblast or a weak minion, to trigger Parry and Riposte before you deal your main sources of damage. Alternatively, if your board is strong enough, you can also trigger it with a minion that has more Health than Attack like Bloodboil Brute. It should also be noted that the boss's Hero Power also makes it immune to fatigue damage.


Cheap decks to defeat Mother Shahraz

Cheap Mother Shahraz Galakrond Priest



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