Shalja Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Shalja is the first boss in the third chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Encounter Overview

The boss uses a deck comprised of a mix of Demon Hunter and Shaman cards. Many of the Shaman cards used will also have Overload effects in order to trigger the boss' Fel Lightning Hero Power.

In this encounter you will have a weapon package, containing cards like Cavern Shinyfinder, Deadly Poison, and Twin Slice. Your deck will also contain a mix of Hunter cards like Animal Companion and Flanking Strike and Demon Hunter cards like Aldrachi Warblades, Spectral Sight, and Crimson Sigil Runner.


Mulligan Strategies

In your Mulligan you should look for the weapon tech cards added to your deck, with Kingsbane being the primary target. If you already have Kingsbane, you can additionally look for Deadly Poison, Cavern Shinyfinder, and Aldrachi Warblades.


Gameplay Strategies

For this encounter, you should largely rely on your weapons to be successful as the boss will use Fel Lightning to play a range of lightning spells, such as Lightning Storm, Elemental Destruction, and Beakered Lightning, making it hard for you to maintain a board.

In the early game, you should focus on playing and buffing up your Kingsbane to help you control the board, using any remaining Mana to play minions when necessary. During this time you should avoid going face with the weapon as you will have difficulty redrawing it.

Once you reach the mid game with your weapon, start using it to go face if the board is empty. While you should use rest of your Mana to play minions and stall the game, you should look to use spare Mana on The Right Tool when you have the chance. With your Hero Power, you are primarily looking to redraw Kingsbane, however, you can also look for Deadly Poisons to buff or Aldrachi Warblades to remove other weapons from your deck.

In the late game, the boss's Health should have naturally dropped low from your weapons and minions and you should be able to comfortably finish off the boss using spells like Shiv and Eviscerate.


Next Boss: Karnuk



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