Reno Jackson Guide with Cheap Decks for Galakrond's Awakening

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Reno Jackson is the third boss in the League of E.V.I.L. campaign in the Battle of the Frozen Coast, the first chapter of Galakrond's Awakening. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Reno Jackson in both Normal and Heroic modes.


Boss Details

Normal Heroic
Health 30 30
Hero Power Gatling Magic
Gatling Magic

Strategy and Deck Building

The deck of Reno Jackson himself is not as scary as the Hero Power that goes along with it. The random spells it casts are wildly unpredictable and can lose you the game in an instant. While there is no direct way to predict spells, it is possible to minimise the risk. Most importantly, you should not commit too heavily to the board. This will minimise the chance that single-target spells hit your minions while also minimising the value of AoE spells.

In Normal Mode, you can freely flood the board as you wish due to being able to replenish your hand easily with your Hero Power. Due to the amount of card draw that comes from random spells, you should prioritise using Bomb cards like Wrenchcalibur and Clockwork Goblin as the damage from Bombs can be enough to defeat the boss, even if random spells keep your board clear.

In Heroic Mode, the fight does not differ too much, other than the boss using a Highlander deck that enables Zephrys the Great. The boss also has access to a solid curve of minions, most of which are Elementals, and as long as you do not get overwhelmed, the the damage from random spells alone should not be enough to kill you.


Cheap decks for Heroic Mode

Cheap Reno Jackson Priest



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