Hagatha the Vengeful Guide with Cheap Decks for Galakrond's Awakening

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Hagatha the Vengeful is the third boss in the League of Explorers campaign in the Clash of Wyrmrest, the second chapter of Galakrond's Awakening. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Hagatha the Vengeful in both Normal and Heroic modes.


Boss Details

Normal Heroic
Health 30 30 (+30 Armor)
Hero Power Swampqueen's Touch Swampqueen's Touch

Strategy and Deck Building

Hagatha the Vengeful uses a deck built entirely around Evolve mechanics. The Swampqueen's Touch Hero Power has the potential to provide massive value if it can be consistently used each turn, so keeping the board under control is essential when playing against Hagatha.

On Normal Mode, your aim should be to take full control of the board throughout the fight as this will greatly reduce the power of Swampqueen's Touch. You should make as much use of your own Hero Power, Breath of Life, as you can to buff your low-Health minions or heal your damaged ones.

In Heroic Mode, the strategy remains much the same and your main aim should be to control to keep the board clear as the boss cannot interact with the board outside of Lightning Storm and Devolve. With this in mind, you should look to make use of plenty of removal tools and pair them with minions that secure the board.


Cheap decks for Heroic Mode

Cheap Hagatha the Vengeful Priest



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