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Warlock Crafting Guide

Last updated on Feb 21, 2017 at 22:32 by Pesty 24 comments

Table of Contents

On this page, you will find a list of the most useful Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Warlock class, in terms of crafting. We separate cards by their rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, but each individual card is given a rating of priority. It is important to know that a Rare or Epic card that is given a "High" or "Top" priority rating should be crafted before a Legendary with a "Medium" rating. In fact, if you have 1,600 Arcane Dust to spend, crafting 2 or 3 Epics and a handful of Rares is usually better than spending it all on a single Legendary. If a card is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is rarely, or never, used in the Constructed meta.

You will also find a guide on how to best allocate your gold or money between the various Card packs and Adventures. This can vary greatly from class to class and has a great effect on how quickly and efficiently you can build a competitive deck.

1. Class-Specific Cards

In this section, we list the class-specific cards that are important for you as a Warlock.

1.1. Commons

  1. Power Overwhelming - Priority = MEDIUM: Power Overwhelming is a useful card in a wide variety of Warlock decks. It provides a nice buff to synergise with Shadowflame, can be used in burst combo finishers in burst Warlock decks, and can be used to trade up into a larger minion in fast paced board control decks.
  2. Darkshire Councilman - Priority = MEDIUM: Darkshire Councilman is an excellent choice for aggressive Warlock decks that can play multiple cheap minions to buff Darkshire Councilman's Attack to support its high Health total.
  3. Possessed Villager - Priority = LOW: Possessed Villager is a strong 1-drop that fits into the Zoo Warlock toolkit. While it may appear similar to, Argent Squire, the Deathrattle provides more value when used with or Power Overwhelming or when Darkshire Councilman is on board.
  4. Flame Imp - Priority = LOW: Flame Imp is one of the strongest 1-drop minions in the game and is a fantastic starting point for any Aggro, or Demon based Warlock deck.

1.2. Rares

  1. Siphon Soul - Priority = MEDIUM: Siphon Soul is Warlock's only playable hard removal spell and is a useful addition to more Control focused Warlock decks. However, it is usually too slow for quicker Warlock decks, and so is not as essential as some of the more versatile cards.
  2. Felfire Potion - Priority = LOW: Felfire Potion is a powerful AoE often used in Control Warlock decks that usually have enough healing to justify the Hero Damage done by the spell.
  3. Forbidden Ritual - Priority = LOW: Forbidden Ritual is a great card for aggressive decks, creating a large board for opponents to deal with at the expense of one card. It has strong synergy with cards such as Dire Wolf Alpha and Abusive Sergeant.
  4. Doomguard - Priority = LOW: Doomguard is a powerful card that can function as a finisher in an aggressive Warlock deck that usually has very few cards in their hand to discard.

1.3. Epics

There are currently no Warlock Class Epic cards that are commonly played.

1.4. Legendaries

  1. Kazakus - Priority = MEDIUM: Kazakus is an essential card for Reno decks, providing massive value for its Mana cost. However, due to the no duplicate restriction of the card effect, it does not see play in any other Warlock deck.
  2. Lord Jaraxxus - Priority = MEDIUM: Lord Jaraxxus is an important card in Control or Demon focused Warlock decks. However, there are viable alternatives that can replace this card in non-Demon focused decks, making it a less than essential crafting priority.

2. Neutral Cards

In this section, we list neutral cards that are always good to craft if you are playing Warlock. Note that many of these cards will be usable in a wide range of decks across multiple classes. This means that crafting these cards over class specific ones is often a good idea if you plan to play a range of classes.

2.1. Commons

  1. Refreshment Vendor - Priority = LOW: Refreshement Vendor provides a reasonable amount of healing and is used in Control Warlock decks to fill the void left after Antique Healbot left the Standard format.
  2. Abusive Sergeant - Priority = LOW: Abusive Sergeant is a very important card for a wide variety of Warlock decks. It can provide favourable trades for your minions in a fast paced Warlock deck, or can be used as a buff for a minion to deal more damage with Shadowflame.

2.2. Rares

  1. Defender of Argus - Priority = HIGH: Defender of Argus is a must have card for both Aggro and Control Warlock decks. The value it provides to buff small targets, or to create huge walls of Taunt using high value minions cannot be replicated with other cards.
  2. Twilight Drake - Priority = MEDIUM: Twilight Drake is a card found in most Control Warlock decks due to its ability to benefit from the fact that first few turns are often spend drawing additional cards with Life Tap.

2.3. Epics

  1. Doomsayer - Priority = LOW: Doomsayer is a common card in Control decks as it helps stall the early-game against very aggressive decks.

2.4. Legendaries

  1. Leeroy Jenkins - Priority = MEDIUM: Leeroy Jenkins is commonly used as a finisher in Combo Warlock decks due to its high Attack value and Charge ability. It can be combined with Power Overwhelming and Faceless Manipulator to potentially deal up to 20 burst damage.
  2. Sylvanas Windrunner - Priority = LOW: Sylvanas Windrunner is a high value minion in Midrange or Control focused Warlock decks that can create very difficult situations for your opponent if they do not have a Silence effect.
  3. Ragnaros the Firelord - Priority = LOW: Ragnaros is a useful card in Control Warlock decks to provide an additional proactive late-game minion that can impact the board.

3. Gold Allocation Guide

3.1. Pack Type

The Grand Tournament was a very poor expansion overall for Warlocks, with very few cards making their way into competitive decks. As a rule, these packs should be avoided if you are looking for Warlock cards.

Whispers of the Old Gods added Darkshire Councilman, Forbidden Ritual, Possessed Villager, and Darkshire Librarian which are all excellent cards in Zoo Warlock decks. The expansion offered very little for other Warlock archetypes and should be avoided if you do not intend to play Zoo Warlock.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan greatly increased the power of Control Warlock decks by introducing cards like Felfire Potion and Blastcrystal Potion as well as the Kabal gang, which provided a range of powerful tools for Reno decks.

Classic packs should be prioritised highest as they provide many key cards for Warlocks with either Whispers of the Old Gods or Mean Streets of Gadgetzan added to the mix depending on whether you wish to play an Aggro or Control style of Warlock.

3.2. Blackrock Mountain Adventure Value

Blackrock Mountain offers reasonable value for a Warlock player. The Dragon synergy cards are put to great use in the Malygos Warlock deck, while Emperor Thaurissan is key to all types of Control Warlock. On top of this Imp Gang Boss is one of the most powerful cards in the entire expansion, and is almost worth the price of entry alone.

3.3. League of Explorers Adventure Value

League of Explorers offers Dark Peddler for Warlocks which is an excellent choice for any Warlock deck. Additionally, the expansion contains Reno Jackson which is essential for the Reno Warlock archetype.

3.4. One Night in Karazhan Adventure Value

One Night in Karazhan offers some strong cards for Warlocks. The combination of Malchezaar's Imp and Silverware Golem greatly empower the Warlock discard mechanic to allow Discard Zoo Warlock decks to be viable.

4. ChangeLog

  • 21 Feb. 2017: Updated to reflect the changes in MSG meta.
  • 02 Sep. 2015: Updated to include Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament cards.
  • 22 Feb. 2015: Complete overhaul in format, and update for the Goblins vs. Gnomes meta.
  • 08 Sep. 2014: Removed Tinkmaster Overspark.
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