List of Toxin Cards Generated by Xaril, Poisoned Mind

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Xaril, Poisoned Mind generates Toxin cards with both its Battlecry and Deathrattle. Each of the cards costs 1-Mana, which means they synergise well with Rogue's Combo cards. Each of the available Toxins is listed below, along with a short strategy guide for each one.



Bloodthistle Toxin works exactly like Shadowstep, except it costs 1 more Mana. As such, the uses for Bloodthistle Toxin are numerous. The key to playing the card is to rapidly identify which card in your deck will be the best one to play the Toxin on, and then work out if you can wait until that card is available. In some instances you will want to hold onto the Toxin for a game closer such as Leeroy Jenkins, but if you can use it on something such as SI:7 Agent to get some immediate tempo, then it will often be correct to do so.


Briarthorn Toxin

If you are playing an aggressive deck, then Briarthorn Toxin will play out in almost the same way as Cold Blood. That is to say that it will often be used for damage in this situation. If you are playing a more tempo based deck, then you will regularly be looking to use the Toxin as a board control card. It is often best to split your Attack strength between several minions to prevent your best minion becoming a huge target for cards such as Hex and Polymorph. With that in mind, you will often want to use the Toxin for an immediate trade, or to buff a small minion to diversify your threats.


Fadeleaf Toxin

Fadeleaf Toxin should not be underestimated, as it has several interesting potential uses. Stealth is often used to protect a minion that threatens to deliver lethal damage, but it can also be used to defend a minion with an ongoing effect such as a Gadgetzan Auctioneer.


Firebloom Toxin

As with any direct damage, Firebloom Toxin will primarily be used to help to remove enemy threats. You will normally only go to the opponent directly with this card when you are delivering lethal damage.


Kingsblood Toxin

The main thing to remember with Kingsblood Toxin is that you do not have to play it just for the sake of it. If your hand contains useful things to do, you should usually be spending your Mana doing those things rather than drawing extra cards.


Final Notes

None of the individual descriptions mention that you can often get good value from using the cards with Combo effects. A lot of the time this will be the best time to use the Toxins, which means that if you are not sure whether to play one on its own merit or not, it will often be correct to wait and save the Combo activator.



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