Hearthstone Battlegrounds Special Cards

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This guide details every Hearthstone Battlegrounds card that is not found in constructed or arena play. The strengths and weaknesses of each card are listed and advice is given on how to use them.

This guide is part of our larger Battlegrounds Guide.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds Special Cards

Hearthstone Battlegrounds contains a large number of Hearthstone cards in its gameplay. Most of these cards are very recognisable from their use in constructed and arena game modes. However, there is also a selection of special cards available that have previously only been available in certain solo adventures or are completely new to Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Wrath Weaver

Wrath Weaver Card Wrath Weaver Upgraded Card

Wrath Weaver is the only special minion available at Tier 1. It grows increasingly stronger for every demon you play, at the expense of your own health.

In order to use Wrath Weaver effectively, it is important to pick it up very early in the game. If you wish to use the card, it is often best to stay at Tavern tier 1 for a couple of turns to pick up a second or third copy of Wrath Weaver to maximise the stats you gain for every demon played. Once you have the minion in play, you should heavily prioritise buying demons, even if you sell them in the near future.


Nathrezim Overseer

Nathrezim Overseer Card Nathrezim Overseer Upgraded Card

Nathrezim Overseer is the only Tier 2 special minion. The card itself has reasonable stats and provides a nice +2/+2 buff for another Demon with its Battlecry.

The card itself is seemingly boring, but it performs a very important role in the game. Many Demons have very low Attack values, such as Imp Gang Boss and Voidwalker, providing a nice boost in stats for Demon-based Wrath Weaver strategies. For more general strategies, it provides one of the few ways to boost the stats of Annihilan Battlemaster, to give it a high enough Attack value to support its high Health. Lastly, as a buffer of tribal minions, the card is always a nice and easy way to buff your Nightmare Amalgams.


Pack Leader

Pack Leader Card Pack Leader Upgraded Card

Pack Leader is a powerful Tier 3 Beast-synergy card that boosts the Attack of any Beasts you summon. This effect works on Beasts you play in the Recruit Phase as well as any Beasts you Summon during the Battle Phase.

Pack Leader is a very important card that gains value based on when and where it is placed onto the board. Firstly, you should try to have it on the board as early as possible to ensure any Beasts you play get immediately buffed. Secondly, you should try to position it in a way that it survives as long as possible during battle; this will allow the card to buff any Beasts you summon from the effects of other cards. It synergises especially well with Rat Pack, as more Beasts can be summoned with its Deathrattle effects and all of the summon Beasts will receive a huge attack boost, if they are summoned before Pack Leader dies.


Soul Juggler

Soul Juggler Card Soul Juggler Upgraded Card

Soul Juggler is a Tier 3 Demon-synergy card that deals 3 damage to a random enemy every time a Demon dies.

Unlike other Tribes, Demons cannot easily summon Token minions to exploit Soul Juggler for value. The only cards capable of summoning any additional Demons are Voidlord and Imp Gang Boss. When fully committing to Soul Juggler strategies, it is better to have two separate Soul Jugglers dealing 3 damage each, if board space allows for it, instead of a single golden Soul Juggler dealing 6 damage.


Annihilan Battlemaster

Annihilan Battlemaster Card Annihilan Battlemaster Upgraded Card

Annihilan Battlemaster is a powerful Tier 5 Demon that gains bonus Health equal to your missing Health. Because of its Battlecry, the card is primarily used as a comeback tool after a weak early game.

While Annihilan Battlemaster comes with a large amount of Health, it is severely lacking Attack for a late-game minion. When using the card, you should prioritise looking for ways to buff it, such as Nathrezim Overseer, Lightfang Enforcer, and Defender of Argus.


Goldrinn, the Great Wolf

Goldrinn, the Great Wolf Card Goldrinn, the Great Wolf Upgraded Card

Goldrinn, the Great Wolf is a powerful Tier 5 Beast that provides a powerful buff to all other Beasts with its Deathrattle effect.

The card is primarily used when fully committing to the Beast tribe, but can occasionally be used with other strategies if you at least have multiple Nightmare Amalgams. Due to the buff effect being tied to a Deathrattle, it is important to ensure the card attacks early to buff your other minions before they die. Additionally, giving the minion Taunt will also help ensure that it dies before your other Beasts.


Lightfang Enforcer

Lightfang Enforcer Card Lightfang Enforcer Upgraded Card

Lightfang Enforcer is a powerful Tier 5 minion that provides a strong buff to 4 different tribes at the end of each turn.

As Lightfang Enforcer provides a buff every single turn, it is important to pick up the card as early as possible. Once you have the card in play, you should look to manipulate the board in such a way that you benefit from all 4 buffs, using Nightmare Amalgams as necessary. You should also not be afraid to throw away powerful minions if they have the potential to steal buffs from higher value targets, such as selling Mal'Ganis to ensure you can buff your Annihilan Battlemaster


King Bagurgle

King Bagugle Enforcer Card King Bagurgle Enforcer Upgraded Card

King Bagurgle is a flexible Tier 5 tribal minion that supports Murlocs.

The card itself can effectively be used as a one-time buffing tool, similar to Coldlight Seer or as a battle buff similar to Goldrinn, the Great Wolf. While the prospect of giving all Murlocs +2/+2 may seem strong, the attack buff can be quite ineffective due to Murlocs often having Poisonous, making the Battlecry effect only marginally stronger than Coldlight Seer.



Ghastcoiler Card Ghastcoiler Upgraded Card

Ghastcoiler is a powerful Tier 6 Beast that summons two random Deathrattle minions, previously seen in Hearthstone Solo Adventures.

With such a small pool of Deathrattle minions in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Ghastcoiler will almost always summon powerful minions with its Deathrattle effect, making it a great all-round choice for any composition. You should try to position it in such a way that there will be space to summon at least 2 minions, to ensure you get full value from the Deathrattle effect.


Kangor's Apprentice

Kangor's Apprentice Card Kangor's Apprentice Upgraded Card

Kangor's Apprentice is a Tier 6 minion whose Deathrattle will resummon your first two Mechs that die in a combat.

Kangor's Apprentice has a very similar effect to Ghastcoiler, but gives you a lot more control over the Deathrattle effect. Any minions summoned will not retain any of their buffs, so you should position your minions in such a way that high-value Mechs like Sneed's Old Shredder die first.


Mama Bear

Mama Bear Card Mama Bear Upgraded Card

Mama Bear is a powerful Tier 6 Beast-synergy minion that will give any Beast that are summoned a huge boost in stats.

Mama Bear shares a lot of similarities with Pack Leader, but with a much more powerful effect. You should try to play down Mama Bear before any other Beasts in order to buff the Beasts when they are played. Additionally, it should be positioned as safely as possible to ensure any Deathrattles that trigger Beasts are summoned first. Rat Pack has excellent synergy with Mama Bear.


Zapp Slywick

Zapp Slywick Card

Zapp Slywick is a unique Tier 6 minion that will always attack the lowest Attack target available, even when Taunt minions are present. If multiple targets share the same Attack, one is chosen at random.

Zapp Slywick is a tech card that can be very effective in some situations. It is best used in the late game when you know what minions your opponent will be using. Because it always targets the lowest Attack minions, it is best used to snipe high-value minions like Junkbot, Scavenging Hyena, and Mama Bear. To increase the chance of success, it Zapp Slywick is most effective when attacking first.



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