Karnuk Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Karnuk is the second boss in the third chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Encounter Overview

The boss uses a deck comprised of Priest and Demon Hunter cards. The Priest cards used primarily offer healing like Renew and buffing minions like Kabal Talonpriest. The boss will also use the Demonic Light Hero Power as a powerful defensive tool throughout the game.

In this encounter you will play as Sklibb rather than Aranna. In Sklibb's deck you will find a mix of Demon Hunter and Druid cards. The minions in the deck are primarily large minions like Marsh Hydra, Coilfang Warlord, and Hulking Overfiend while the spells in the deck are primarily utility cards like Ironbark, Spectral Sight, Bogbeam, and Coordinated Strike. Lastly, and most importantly, you will also have a lot of copies of Glowcap Mushroom in your deck, which synergise with your Felspores Hero Power.


Mulligan Strategies

Due to the slow nature of most of the cards in the deck, the only cards you should look for in your mulligan is Glowcap Mushroom and you should look for as many copies of the cards as possible.


Gameplay Strategies

During this encounter the boss will use a large amount of healing from both spells and the Demonic Light Hero Power. For this reason you should focus entirely on controlling the board throughout the game.

You should try to make maximum use of your Felspores Hero Power by playing as many Glowcap Mushrooms as possible. This will allow your board to snowball out of control throughout the game. This strategy is exceptionally powerful with spells like Living Mana and The Forest's Aid. The only reason to not use your Hero Power is if you only have one Glowcap Mushroom on the board and it is already heavily buffed. As your board continually snowballs out of control, you should eventually reach a point where you have no issue killing off the boss.


Next Boss: Jek'haz



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