Gok'amok Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Gok'amok is the first boss in the fourth chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Encounter Overview

The boss uses a deck that uses a mix of Mage and Warlock spells. With a few exceptions like Rusted Basilisks, Enhanced Dreadlord, and Rusted Fungal Giant, most of the minions in the deck are fairly weak Ogres like Ogre Magi and Boulderfist Ogre. This boss also has the Second Opinion Hero Power that it will use at the beginning of each of its turns.

In this encounter, your deck will contain standard mix of Demon Hunter minions, spells and Weapons. After your mulligan, you will also have Shalja, Demon Hunter, Karnuk, Demon Hunter, and Sklibb, Demon Hunter added to your deck.


Mulligan Strategies

Against this boss you do not need to perform a special mulligan. You should ideally look for a strong opening hand of minions, ideally consisting of a 1-drop, 2-drop, and 3-drop.


Gameplay Strategies

This fight largely revolves around the randomness from the boss's Second Opinion. With this in mind, you should try to use your Mana as efficiently as possible to build up the strongest board you can throughout the game. In general, you should avoid worrying about what the boss can do as it is largely dictacted by the randomness of its Hero Power and is therefore unpredictable, the only thing worth noting is that the spells cast will only be Warlock and Mage spells from the Ashes of Outland expansion. This means that if the Hero Power generates a Secret, the only possibility is Netherwind Portal. Despite this, most of time the boss will simply spend 1 Mana for very little gain, allowing you to dominate the board with ease. With this in mind, you should just be aggressive on the board, only taking trades when necessary with your Rush minions.


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