Arena Druid Tier Lists for Murder at Castle Nathria

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This spreadsheet is designed to aid you in forging Druid Arena decks. As you can see, the spreadsheet divides all cards of the same rarity into 8 different tiers, based on their (potential) value for your class. Cards listed in Tier 1 are generally better than cards listed in Tier 2, and so on. Within each tier, however, the cards are not listed in order of their value. Cards specific to Druids are underlined.


How to Use a Spreadsheet?

Essentially, you should always pick the card that is part of the highest tier. When picking between cards that are in the same tier, make your choice based on preference, or what card would best suit your existing card choices.

To read more about how to use the spreadsheet to make the correct decisions, as well as to read about the exceptions (situations where you should pick something other than what the spreadsheet indicates), please check out our spreadsheet explanations.


About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player playing since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.


Druid Spreadsheet

Common Cards
Rare Cards
Epic Cards
Legendary Cards
Tier 1: Excellent
Attorney-at-Maw Dalaran Crusader Fungalmancer Stoneskin Basilisk
Cobalt Scalebane Eccentric Scribe Sinrunner
Tier 2: Great
Death Blossom Whomper Wrath Ruststeed Raider Stubborn Gastropod
Natural Causes Burrowing Scorpid Stoneborn Accuser Tar Creeper
Planted Evidence Dragonslayer Stoneborn General
Tortollan Forager Hench-Clan Hogsteed Stormwind Champion
Tier 3: Good
Bogbeam Bonechewer Brawler Flight Master Overconfident Orc
Druid of the Claw Burly Shovelfist Forensic Duster Plated Beetle
Druid of the Flame Corrosive Sludge Frozen Shadoweaver Proud Defender
Mounted Raptor Dark Iron Dwarf Giant Wasp Redgill Razorjaw
Blackwing Corruptor Disguised Wanderer Glacial Shard Rocket Augmerchant
Blackwing Technician Dragonmaw Sky Stalker Grim Necromancer Sketchy Stranger
Bog Beast Fire Fly Mad Bomber Violet Wurm
Tier 4: Above Average
Ironwood Golem Cursed Disciple Guardian Augmerchant Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Living Roots Dire Mole Hench-Clan Sneak Shroom Brewer
Power of the Wild Dire Wolf Alpha Imprisoned Vilefiend Soldier of Fortune
Verdant Longneck Dragonkin Sorcerer Injured Tol'vir Stranglethorn Tiger
Acolyte of Pain Drakonid Crusher Loot Hoarder Trogg Gloomeater
Annoy-o-Tron Faceless Rager Masked Reveler
Beaming Sidekick Faerie Dragon Priest of the Deceased
Bonechewer Vanguard Fungal Enchanter Rockpool Hunter
Tier 5: Average
Blessing of the Ancients Green Jelly Nesting Roc Volatile Skeleton
Pounce Hoarding Dragon Rustsworn Initiate Volcanic Drake
Arcane Servant Jungle Panther Spellbook Binder Worgen Infiltrator
Chillwind Yeti Maze Guide Sunreaver Spy Youthful Brewmaster
Dinner Performer Mistress of Mixtures Terrorguard Escapee
Explosive Sheep Muck Plumber Traveling Healer
Fire Plume Phoenix Murloc Tidehunter Violet Warden
Tier 6: Below Average
Acornbearer EVIL Cable Rat Murlocula Sewer Crawler
Crystal Power Eggnapper Potion Vendor Sleepy Dragon
Feral Rage Emerald Skytalon Pterrordax Hatchling Sneaky Devil
Abusive Sergeant Ethereal Augmerchant Raid Leader Soulbound Ashtongue
Anonymous Informant Felfin Navigator Red Herring Stegodon
Bloodsail Raider Giant Mastodon Roosting Gargoyle Stormwatcher
Boisterous Bard Hungry Dragon Rustsworn Cultist Supreme Abyssal
Creepy Painting Igneous Elemental Safeguard Thunder Lizard
Dalaran Librarian Ironbeak Owl Sated Threshadon Volatile Elemental
Dredger Staff Kobold Apprentice Scavenging Shivarra
Tier 7: Bad
Oaken Summons Gorillabot A-3 Scuttlebutt Ghoul Wax Elemental
Wild Growth Guild Recruiter Toxfin
Elven Archer Primalfin Lookout Ultrasaur
Emerald Reaver Ravasaur Runt Violet Spellsword
Tier 8: Terrible
Barkskin Soul of the Forest Sabretooth Stalker Toothy Chest
Elder Longneck Heroic Innkeeper Silver Vanguard
Imprisoned Satyr Mana Reservoir Sinstone Totem
Overgrowth Murloc Tinyfin Soul Seeker
Tier 1: Excellent
The Forest's Aid Stonehill Defender
Tier 2: Great
Plot of Sin Azure Drake
Tier 3: Good
Greedy Sprite Nourish Exotic Mountseller Lone Champion
Incarceration Acidic Swamp Ooze Famished Fool Spellward Jeweler
Lesser Jasper Spellstone Afterlife Attendant Golakka Crawler Tunnel Blaster
Lifeweaver Defender of Argus Hungry Ettin Violet Teacher
Tier 4: Above Average
Dreamway Guardians Volcanic Lumberer Servant of Kalimos Wild Pyromancer
Shellshifter Frozen Crusher Twilight Drake
Tier 5: Average
Crazed Alchemist Dispossessed Soul Tol'vir Stoneshaper
Crooked Cook Kobold Monk Volcanosaur
Tier 6: Below Average
Fungal Fortunes Furbolg Mossbinder Portal Keeper Scorp-o-matic
Germination Gadgetzan Auctioneer Recurring Villain Steamcleaner
Grizzled Guardian Gravelsnout Knight SI:7 Infiltrator
Tier 7: Bad
Dew Process Devilsaur Egg Invitation Courier Shrieking Shroom
Ironbark Ebon Dragonsmith Lifedrinker Sunreaver Warmage
Mark of the Wild Feral Gibberer Mad Summoner
Coldlight Seer Fogsail Freebooter Scrapyard Colossus
Tier 8: Terrible
Earthen Scales Nightshade Bud Grim Patron Murloc Tidecaller
Evolving Spores Arcane Devourer Hecklebot Nerubian Egg
Hedge Maze Blistering Rot Humongous Razorleaf Underbelly Ooze
Innervate Dragon Egg Infectious Sporeling
Tier 1: Excellent
Keeper Stalladris Alexstrasza the Life-Binder Deathwing the Destroyer Sylvanas, the Accused
Tier 2: Great
Baron Geddon Chromaggus Onyxia the Broodmother The Jailer
Brann Bronzebeard Malygos the Spellweaver Overlord Runthak Ysera the Dreamer
Cairne Bloodhoof Nefarian Sire Denathrius
Tier 3: Good
Archspore Msshi'fn Sir Finley Mrrgglton Theotar, the Mad Duke
Maiev Shadowsong Teron Gorefiend
Tier 4: Above Average
Cenarius Ixlid, Fungal Lord Archivist Elysiana
Fandral Staghelm Sesselie of the Fae Court Murloc Holmes
Tier 5: Average
Archmage Vargoth Elise the Trailblazer Marin the Fox
Barista Lynchen Emperor Thaurissan Taelan Fordring
Bloodmage Thalnos Hemet, Jungle Hunter Zola the Gorgon
Tier 6: Below Average
Lucentbark Elise Starseeker Master Oakheart
Tyrantus Jepetto Joybuzz Nozdormu the Eternal
Tier 7: Bad
Topior the Shrubbagazzor Chef Nomi Ozruk The Voraxx
Twig of the World Tree Kael'thas Sinstrider Reno Jackson
Al'ar Kael'thas Sunstrider Spiritsinger Umbra
Tier 8: Terrible
Ysiel Windsinger Magtheridon Rend Blackhand
King Togwaggle Majordomo Executus The Darkness
Tier 1: Excellent
Marsh Hydra Widowbloom Seedsman Carnivorous Cube Primordial Drake
Tier 2: Great
Crystal Stag Living Mana Sea Giant
Crystalsong Portal Corridor Creeper Vulpera Scoundrel
Tier 3: Good
Convoke the Spirits Bittertide Hydra Hench-Clan Hag Void Ripper
Batterhead Charged Devilsaur Mossy Horror
Tier 4: Above Average
Branching Paths Blazecaller Waste Warden
Force of Nature Escaped Manasaber
Tier 5: Average
Ancient of Lore Gluttonous Ooze Magic Carpet Portal Overfiend
Tier 6: Below Average
Astral Tiger Demolition Renovator Murloc Warleader Tortollan Primalist
Azerite Elemental Doomsayer Party Crasher
Big Bad Archmage Faceless Manipulator Southsea Captain
Big Game Hunter Gentle Megasaur Tight-Lipped Witness
Tier 7: Bad
Arcane Tyrant Ashen Elemental Mo'arg Artificer Unseen Saboteur
Tier 8: Terrible
Giant Anaconda Dragonhatcher Replicat-o-tron Sinfueled Golem
Glowfly Swarm Emerald Hive Queen Rummaging Kobold Spiteful Summoner
Bright-Eyed Scout Grand Archivist Shimmering Courser Whirlwind Tempest


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