Magtheridon Challenge Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Supremus is the third boss in the of the Trial by Felfire challenge. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Boss Overview

Magtheridon starts with 60 Health and uses a deck themed around Taunt minions and Demons. He will use his Blast Nova Hero Power at the start of each of its turn to create a constant supply of Manticron Cubes. Due to this Hero Power, the boss mostly uses Taunt minions to protect its cubes in order to trigger their special effect to deal 10 damage to your directly.


Deck-Building Advice

Due to Magtheridon's Hero Power usage each turn, it is quite vulnerable to being rushed down by aggressive decks. Due to the 3/5 stat line of the Manticron Cubes, you should try to ensure you have minions that can trade efficiently with the cubes or have spells that can remove them directly as you rush down the boss.


Gameplay Strategies

Against Magtheridon, you should try to find a good balance of handling the cubes while also damaging the boss as much as possible. Due to cubes not being effective until there are 3 on board, you will have the first 3 turns to freely develop the board and can even ignore them on turn 4 as being blasted down to 20 Health is not very significant. Once you have developed your board you should try to efficiently kill 1 cube per turn with either your minions or spells and send any damage directly toward the boss. While it is possible to kill all of the cubes, it is generally more efficient to simply attack the boss as attacking the cubes will deal unnecessary damage to your minions.


Cheap decks to defeat Magtheridon

Cheap Magtheridon Totem Shaman


Next Boss: Supremus



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