Kanrethad Prime Boss Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Kanrethad Prime is the first boss in the second chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Kanrethad Primek

Encounter Overview

The boss uses a deck built around Demon synergies, with many copies of Void Analyst. The boss makes use of special cards like Endless Legion and Rusted Legion Gan'arg to put on heavy pressure in the mid game. Each time the boss reaches 10 Mana Crystals it will also use Rebuild from Scrap to replenish its board.

A special trigger will take place on turn 6 where Baduu Prime will appear on your side of the board and cast Vanish to return every other minion on the board to its owners hand.

This encounter provides you with a fully Secret-based deck. You will have access to additional Secret synergies like Secretkeeper, Lesser Emerald Spellstone, and Subject 9. Additionally, at the start of the fight you will have all 3 Outcasts, Karnuk, Outcast, Sklibb, Outcast, and Shalja, Outcast.


Mulligan Strategies

As your deck mostly consists of Secrets, you should look for Secret synergy cards like Secretkeeper, Lesser Emerald Spellstone, and Eaglehorn Bow in your opening hand.


Gameplay Strategies

With your Secret-based deck, you should continually try to play down Secrets to empower cards like Secretkeeper, Lesser Emerald Spellstone, and Lesser Emerald Spellstone. However, you should play very conservatively throughout the early game, only making necessary trades to slow down the boss.

Once turn 6 arrives, Baduu Prime will arrive and return all other minions to their owner's hands. At this point you should make use of cards like Hyena Alpha and Lesser Emerald Spellstone, which should ideally be upgraded to a Greater Emerald Spellstone at this point. From this position you should try to stall with cards like Freezing Trap and Blackjack Stunner while you rush down the boss as quickly as possible before it gains too much value from Endless Legion and Rebuild from Scrap.


Next Boss: Burgrak Cruelchain



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