Hearthstone Battlegrounds Spells Tier List

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This guide details all of the spells available at each Tier in Hearthstone Battlegrounds and provides some advice on what cards to look out for at each tier.

This guide is part of our larger Battlegrounds Guide.


Battlegrounds Spells Tier List

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds every 4 turns, up to turn 16, you will be offered the chance to Discover 1 of 3 spells taken from a specific pool of special Battlegounds spells. As you progress through the game you will Discover from increasingly stronger spell pools that have a larger impact on the game.


Tier 1 Spells

Tier 1 spells will be offered after 4 turns have passed, at the beginning of turn 5. The spells themselves are fairly weak and will only provide you with a very small boost. However, some spells like New Recruit will gain additional value as they continue to benefit you throughout the game. A full list of Tier 1 spells can be found below.


Tier 2 Spells

Tier 2 spells will be offered in the mid game, after 8 turns. They offer a range of useful tools to help bolster your board or provide tools to help find the most important cards for your strategy. A full list of Tier 2 spells can be found below.


Tier 3 Spells

Tier 3 spells will be offered in the late game, after 12 turns have passed. The effects they offer begin to twist the game, providing effects that would otherwise not be possible, such as Divine Shields for any minion, Ice Blocks and new Hero Powers. A full list of Tier 3 spells can be found below.


Tier 4 Spells

Tier 4 spells are truly game-breaking and will be offered to you after 16 turns have passed. Most games of Battlegrounds will not last 16 turns, however, for those that do, the powerful effects of Tier 4 spells will swiftly bring an end to the game. A full list of Tier 4 spells can be found below.



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