Leoroxx Boss Guide for Book of Heroes (Rexxar)

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Leoroxx is the first boss in the Rexxar chapter of the Book of Heroes Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.


Encounter Overview

Leoroxx uses a Secret Hunter deck consisting of most Hunter Secrets along with the Eaglehorn Bow weapon. The boss will suppose these Secrets with various Hunter removal tools like Flanking Strike and Cobra Shot along with the Reprimand Hero Power.

For the encounter, you will have a Beast hunter deck that uses light Deathrattle and Rush synergies. You will also notably have a unique powerful card, Haratha, in your deck to aid you.


Mulligan Strategies

In your hand you are notably looking for an opening curve consisting ideally of a 1-Cost, 2-Cost, and 3-Cost card. Such as Springpaw, Call Pet, and Ironfur Grizzly. Haratha can additionally be kept in all circumstances due to its strength.


Gameplay Strategies

Leoroxx will put no pressure on you during the fight and instead rely on Secrets to create minions. This will give you a great deal of control in the encounter as it will largely come down to how you play around the Secrets that are played.

While playing around the boss's Secrets is not difficult in most cases, consistent missteps may be enough to fail the encounter. However, there are a few precautious you can take to minimise this risk. Firstly, you should try to always attack with your weakest minion first. This prevents you losing a big minion to Freezing Trap or taking massive damage from Misdirection. Secondly, you should try to trade before going face with minions that have 2 Health or less. This will prevent you from losing your board to Explosive Trap and conceding any tempo you have gained within the encounter.



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