List of Dream Cards from Ysera

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Ysera generates a Dream Card for the controller at the end of any turn where Ysera is in play. It is not stated anywhere in the game what these Dream Cards are, so we have listed them here for your convenience — along with a short strategy guide for each one.



Dream is an incredibly powerful card as it can target either your own minions or your opponent's. This means that you can choose to remove a troublesome blocker, or return one of your own minions to your hand to get a repeat Battlecry effect. It can also be used to return your own Ysera to your hand and let you re-play it if you want to heal it up.


Emerald Drake

Emerald Drake is deceptively powerful. At first glance it is simply a minion with incredibly good stats, but in context it usually becomes even better. If you are playing Ysera then the chances are that you are playing either a Control deck, in which case you are often short on big minions, or a Dragon deck, in which case you will probably have plenty of synergy to go with the Emerald Drake. The worst case scenario is that you are playing a Ramp Druid deck, where the Emerald Drake only counts as mediocre when compared to the options already available.


Laughing Sister

Laughing Sister is a good card for 3 Mana, but in the context of other Ysera cards is usually the one you would rather not get. With no Dragon synergy and a small body, the card is usually not threatening enough to be a problem.



It should be noted that Nightmare can target minions which are controlled by either player. This means that you can use it to buff your own minion to take out a large opposing minion or to deliver lethal damage, or you can use it to buff an opposing minion for one turn and then after taking five extra damage, remove that minion. You can also do tricky things with Silence effects by buffing one of your minions to make a favourable trade, and then removing the Nightmare's effect so that your minion survives.


Ysera Awakens

Ysera Awakens is very often the card you will be looking for. The ability to wipe out large amounts of the opposing board while leaving your Ysera untouched is a fantastic one, especially when Ysera is played in a Control deck. You should note that the damage also impacts your own health total, but beyond that Ysera Awakens is simply an amazing removal tool.


Final Note

Ysera is often played in Control decks, and all of the cards except for Laughing Sister are very welcome in such decks. You should however be aware that if Ysera spends many turns in play, the amount of damage you can do begins to pile up. Ysera Awakens and Nightmare do damage directly, while Emerald Drake can do good minion damage. If your Ysera has been on the board for a few turns, be sure to check for lethal.



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