Jaina Proudmoore Boss Guide for Book of Heroes (Garrosh)

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Jaina Proudmoore is the sixth boss in the Garrosh Hellscream chapter of the Book of Heroes Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the boss.

Jaina Proudmoore

Encounter Overview

Jaina Proudmoore uses a Dragon Mage deck containing Dragons like Twilight Drake and Cobalt Spellkin in addition to frost spells like Ray of Frost and Blizzard. The boss also uses the powerful Archmage Kalec card in its deck. Additionally, the boss will use the Summon Elemental Rank 3 Hero Power to summon 5/8 Water Elementals throughout the fight.

The boss will additionally start with 4 0/10 Gates of Theramore minions on the board.

You will be given a very aggressive Pirate Warrior deck that includes Vol'jin and Baine Bloodhoof. You will have the Horde Armada Hero Power to use throughout the fight.


Mulligan Strategies

In your Mulligan, you should look for the most aggressive opening curve of minions you can, with Sky Raider and Parachute Brigand being a particularly strong opening combo. Additionally, you can keep Vol'jin for use on Turn 5 onward.


Gameplay Strategies

In the early game you should focus on populating the board with minions. Although the temptation to use Horde Armada is high, you will quickly become overwhelmed if you do not at least have a few minions on board.

Once you have minions on the board, from Turn 2 or 3 onward you can begin using Horde Armada as well. Your Hero power notably always damages the lowest-Health Gates of Theramore, so you should aim to get the gates down to 4 Health before finishing them off with your Hero Power. If you have Vol'jin you can additionally swap Health with one of the gates, ideally one with 10 Health, to quickly finish it off.

Once you have removed all of the Gates of Theramore, it is important to Secure the board as quickly as possible. Archmage Kalec should be your highest priority if it is in play, as you may lose quickly if the boss is able to play multiple Blizzards for 0 Mana. Similarly, your next priority should be Kirin Tor Tricasters, which can greatly empower Blizzards. If these 2 minions are not present, you should be able to control the board with your minions and weapons and begin grinding down the boss.


Next Boss: Prince Anduin Wrynn



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