Arena Shaman Tier Lists for Rise of Shadows

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This spreadsheet is designed to aid you in forging Shaman Arena decks. As you can see, the spreadsheet divides all cards of the same rarity into 8 different tiers, based on their (potential) value for your class. Cards listed in Tier 1 are generally better than cards listed in Tier 2, and so on. Within each tier, however, the cards are not listed in order of their value. Cards specific to Shamans are underlined.

1. How to Use a Spreadsheet?

Essentially, you should always pick the card that is part of the highest tier. When picking between cards that are in the same tier, make your choice based on preference, or what card would best suit your existing card choices.

To read more about how to use the spreadsheet to make the correct decisions, as well as to read about the exceptions (situations where you should pick something other than what the spreadsheet indicates), please check out our spreadsheet explanations.

2. About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player playing since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

3. Shaman Spreadsheet

Common Cards
Rare Cards
Epic Cards
Legendary Cards
Tier 1: Excellent
Fire Elemental Totem Golem Eccentric Scribe
Hex Walking Fountain Force-Tank MAX
Menacing Nimbus Dalaran Crusader Piloted Shredder
Tier 2: Great
Crackle Boulderfist Ogre Dark Iron Dwarf Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Stormforged Axe Bull Dozer Harvest Golem
Acidic Swamp Ooze Chillwind Yeti Hench-Clan Hogsteed
Tier 3: Good
Ancestral Knowledge Cult Master Mad Bomber Silver Hand Knight
Bloodlust Dire Wolf Alpha Mechanical Yeti Spellbreaker
Flametongue Totem Earthen Ring Farseer North Sea Kraken Stormwind Champion
Whirling Zap-o-matic Faerie Dragon Proud Defender Worgen Infiltrator
Amani Berserker Flame Juggler Raging Worgen
Argent Squire Flight Master Scarlet Crusader
Burly Shovelfist Frost Elemental Shattered Sun Cleric
Tier 4: Above Average
Lightning Bolt Faceless Rager Mukla's Champion Stormwind Knight
Mutate Fen Creeper Ogre Brute Stranglethorn Tiger
Rockbiter Weapon Gilblin Stalker Soldier of Fortune Wargear
Annoy-o-Tron Hench-Clan Sneak Spider Tank
Argent Horserider Loot Hoarder Spring Rocket
Burly Rockjaw Trogg Mechwarper Steel Rager
Tier 5: Average
Tuskarr Totemic Darkscale Healer Oasis Snapjaw Stormpike Commando
Windspeaker Evil Heckler Ogre Magi Sunreaver Spy
Arcane Servant Explosive Sheep Pit Fighter Tinkertown Technician
Archmage Flesheating Ghoul Pompous Thespian Travelling Healer
Bloodfen Raptor Gnomish Inventor Puddlestomper Violet Illusionist
Bluegill Warrior Jungle Panther Ship's Cannon Violet Warden
Boneguard Lieutenant Kaboom Bot Silver Hand Regent Wolfrider
Captured Jormungar Mecharoo Silvermoon Guardian Youthful Brewmaster
Clockwork Gnome Micro Machine Spellbook Binder
Clockwork Knight Microtech Controller Spiteful Smith
Coppertail Imposter Murloc Tidehunter Stonesplinter Trogg
Tier 6: Below Average
Earth Shock Booty Bay Bodyguard Ironfur Grizzly Refreshment Vendor
Elementary Reaction Dalaran Librarian Kobold Geomancer River Crocolisk
Forked Lightning Damaged Stegotron Lord of the Arena Safeguard
Soul of the Murloc Dragonling Mechanic Lost Tallstrider Silent Knight
Spirit Claws EVIL Cable Rat Netherspite Historian Upgradeable Framebot
Unbound Elemental Electrowright Pantry Spider Venture Co. Mercenary
Abusive Sergeant Frostwolf Warlord Piloted Reaper Voodoo Doctor
Acolyte of Pain Gadgetzan Jouster Potion Vendor War Golem
Ancient Brewmaster Gurubashi Berserker Razorfen Hunter Zoobot
Bloodsail Raider Ironbeak Owl Reckless Rocketeer
Tier 7: Bad
Ancestral Healing Dragonhawk Rider Lowly Squire Skaterbot
Beakered Lightning Elven Archer Maiden of the Lake Tauren Warrior
Windfury Explodinator Menagerie Magician Thrallmar Farseer
Antique Healbot Flying Machine Mogu'shan Warden Tournament Attendee
Arcane Anomaly Frigid Snobold Nightblade Toxfin
Arcanosmith Frostwolf Grunt Novice Engineer Toxicologist
Bronze Gatekeeper Gnomeregan Infantry Priestess of Elune Violet Spellsword
Cloakscale Chemist Ice Rager Raid Leader Whirliglider
Cogmaster Ironforge Rifleman Rusty Recycler Windfury Harpy
Core Hound Kvaldir Raider Salty Dog
Dalaran Mage Lance Carrier Silverback Patriarch
Tier 8: Terrible
Dust Devil Faithful Lumi Magma Rager Stonetusk Boar
Frost Shock Goblin Bomb Mana Reservoir Tournament Medic
Totemic Might Goldshire Footman Murloc Raider Wisp
Wicked Witchdoctor Grimscale Oracle Runic Egg Young Dragonhawk
Brainstormer Heroic Innkeeper Shieldbearer
Dread Corsair Leper Gnome Southsea Deckhand
Tier 1: Excellent
Hagatha's Scheme Lightning Storm Sunwalker
Tier 2: Great
Maelstrom Portal Sludge Slurper Bomb Lobber
Powermace Argent Commander Mechanical Whelp
Tier 3: Good
Ancestral Spirit Thunder Bluff Valiant Exotic Mountseller Stampeding Kodo
Feral Spirit Underbelly Angler Replicating Menace Tunnel Blaster
Lava Burst Defender of Argus Spellward Jeweler Violet Teacher
Tier 4: Above Average
Draenei Totemcarver Imp Master Sunfury Protector
Mana Tide Totem Injured Blademaster Twilight Drake
Emperor Cobra Master Jouster Wild Pyromancer
Tier 5: Average
Voltaic Burst Crazed Alchemist Light's Champion Ravenholdt Assassin
Abomination Demolisher Missile Launcher Saboteur
Arcane Dynamo Knife Juggler Questing Adventurer Young Priestess
Tier 6: Below Average
Dunemaul Shaman Book Wyrm Goblin Sapper Portal Keeper
Storm Chaser Gadgetzan Auctioneer Lil' Exorcist Recurring Villain
Arcane Nullifier X-21 Giggling Inventor Moat Lurker SI:7 Infiltrator
Avian Watcher Gnomish Experimenter Pint-Sized Summoner Spark Drill
Tier 7: Bad
Ancient Mage Coldlight Seer Jeeves Mana Wraith
Arcane Golem Fencing Coach Kezan Mystic Master Swordsmith
Argent Watchman Galvanizer Mad Summoner Mogor's Champion
Armored Warhorse Illuminator Madder Bomber Spark Engine
Bloodsail Corsair Injured Kvaldir Mana Addict Sunreaver Warmage
Tier 8: Terrible
Eureka! Angry Chicken Lightwarden Underbelly Ooze
Healing Wave Arcane Devourer Murloc Tidecaller Unpowered Mauler
Vitality Totem Coliseum Manager Secretkeeper
Alarm-o-Bot Hecklebot Target Dummy
Tier 1: Excellent
Thunderhead Fel Reaver Piloted Sky Golem
Tier 2: Great
Earth Elemental Elemental Destruction Recombobulator Sea Giant
Tier 3: Good
Charged Hammer Blood Knight Grand Crusader Weaponized Pinata
Batterhead Enhance-o Mechano Hench-Clan Hag
Tier 4: Above Average
Omega Mind Garrison Commander Kodorider
Tier 5: Average
Doomhammer Crystallizer Omega Defender Seaforium Bomber
Far Sight Loose Specimen Portal Overfiend Southsea Captain
Augmented Elekk Magic Carpet Recruiter
Tier 6: Below Average
Azerite Elemental Doomsayer Murloc Warleader
Big Bad Archmage Faceless Manipulator Star Aligner
Crowd Favorite Frost Giant Twilight Guardian
Tier 7: Bad
Muckmorpher Clockwork Giant Master of Ceremonies Unseen Saboteur
Witch's Brew E.M.P. Operative Mini-Mage
Arcane Giant Hobgoblin Mountain Giant
Big Game Hunter Hungry Crab Sideshow Spelleater
Tier 8: Terrible
Ancestor's Call Barrens Stablehand Junkbot
Siltfin Spiritwalker Holomancer Whirlwind Tempest
Tier 1: Excellent
Swampqueen Hagatha Dr. Boom SN1P-SN4P
Tier 2: Great
Neptulon Cairne Bloodhoof Onyxia
Baron Geddon Deathwing Zilliax
Tier 3: Good
Al'Akir the Windlord Eydis Darkbane Hogger Toshley
Electra Stormsurge Foe Reaper 4000 Illidan Stormrage Ysera
Brightwing High Inquisitor Whitemane Nexus-Champion Saraad
Tier 4: Above Average
Alexstrasza Fjola Lightbane Malygos Mogor the Ogre
Archivist Elysiana Icehowl Medivh, the Guardian Sneed's Old Shredder
Tier 5: Average
Archmage Vargoth Gormok the Impaler King Mukla The Beast
Barista Lynchen Gruul Moroes The Black Knight
Bloodmage Thalnos Harrison Jones Prince Malchezaar Troggzor the Earthinator
Tier 6: Below Average
Scargil Leeroy Jenkins Millhouse Manastorm The Curator
Barnes Mecha'thun Mimiron's Head Tinkmaster Overspark
Jepetto Joybuzz Mekgineer Thermaplugg Nat Pagle
Tier 7: Bad
The Storm Bringer Chillmaw Nozdormu
Captain Greenskin Gazlowe Skycap'n Kragg
Chef Nomi Justicar Trueheart The Skeleton Knight
Tier 8: Terrible
The Mistcaller Bolf Ramshield Hemet Nesingwary Subject 9
Blingtron 3000 Harbinger Celestia Lorewalker Cho

4. Changelog

  • 04 Jun. 2019: Updated arena spreadsheets for the 3rd of Junes nerfs and buffs.
  • 09 Apr. 2019: Updated spreadsheets for Rise of Shadows.
  • 20 Dec. 2018: Updates following nerfs from December 20.
    • Removed Mind Control Tech.
  • 05 Dec. 2018: Updated spreadsheets for Rastakhan's Rumble.
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Updated spreadsheets for The Boomsday Project.
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