Arena Shaman Tier Lists for Descent of Dragons

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This spreadsheet is designed to aid you in forging Shaman Arena decks. As you can see, the spreadsheet divides all cards of the same rarity into 8 different tiers, based on their (potential) value for your class. Cards listed in Tier 1 are generally better than cards listed in Tier 2, and so on. Within each tier, however, the cards are not listed in order of their value. Cards specific to Shamans are underlined.


How to Use a Spreadsheet?

Essentially, you should always pick the card that is part of the highest tier. When picking between cards that are in the same tier, make your choice based on preference, or what card would best suit your existing card choices.

To read more about how to use the spreadsheet to make the correct decisions, as well as to read about the exceptions (situations where you should pick something other than what the spreadsheet indicates), please check out our spreadsheet explanations.


About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player playing since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.


Shaman Spreadsheet

Common Cards
Rare Cards
Epic Cards
Legendary Cards
Tier 1: Excellent
Fire Elemental Totem Golem Bonemare Evasive Wyrm
Hex Amani War Bear Cobalt Scalebane Twin Tyrant
Squallhunter Big Ol' Whelp Dragonmaw Scorcher
Tier 2: Great
Fireguard Destroyer Chillwind Yeti Harvest Golem Sunborne Val'kyr
Rain of Toads Dark Iron Dwarf Hyldnir Frostrider
Stormforged Axe Deathspeaker Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Acidic Swamp Ooze Hailbringer Sightless Ranger
Tier 3: Good
Ancestral Knowledge Argent Squire Flame Juggler Scarlet Crusader
Bloodlust Blackwing Corruptor Frost Elemental Shattered Sun Cleric
Brrrloc Blackwing Technician Grim Necromancer Silver Hand Knight
Eye of the Storm Cult Master Gyrocopter Spellbreaker
Flametongue Totem Dire Wolf Alpha Mad Bomber Stormwind Champion
Surging Tempest Earthen Ring Farseer North Sea Kraken Ticket Scalper
Totemic Smash Evasive Drakonid Raging Worgen Troll Batrider
Amani Berserker Faerie Dragon Scalerider Worgen Infiltrator
Tier 4: Above Average
Drakkari Defender Boulderfist Ogre Half-Time Scavenger Spellzerker
Explosive Evolution Dragonkin Sorcerer Living Dragonbreath Stormwind Knight
Lightning Bolt Drakonid Crusher Loot Hoarder Stranglethorn Tiger
Rockbiter Weapon Evasive Chimaera Mukla's Champion Venomancer
Arena Fanatic Fen Creeper Ornery Tortoise
Argent Horserider Fire Hawk Rabble Bouncer
Banana Buffoon Former Champ Rumbletusk Shaker
Tier 5: Average
Tuskarr Totemic Clockwork Knight Necrotic Geist Spiteful Smith
Windspeaker Darkscale Healer Oasis Snapjaw Stormpike Commando
Acherus Veteran Evil Heckler Ogre Magi Tuskarr Fisherman
Archmage Fallen Sun Cleric Pit Fighter Violet Illusionist
Bloodfen Raptor Flesheating Ghoul Pompous Thespian Volcanic Drake
Bluegill Warrior Gnomish Inventor Regeneratin' Thug Vryghoul
Boneguard Lieutenant Goboglide Tech Saronite Taskmaster Wolfrider
Captured Jormungar Jungle Panther Silver Hand Regent Youthful Brewmaster
Cheaty Anklebiter Murloc Tidehunter Silvermoon Guardian
Tier 6: Below Average
Earth Shock Dragonling Mechanic Ironfur Grizzly River Crocolisk
Forked Lightning Evasive Feywing Kobold Geomancer Silent Knight
Spirit Claws Frostwolf Warlord Lord of the Arena Skydiving Instructor
Unbound Elemental Gadgetzan Jouster Mosh'Ogg Enforcer Tasty Flyfish
Abusive Sergeant Grave Shambler Netherspite Historian Venture Co. Mercenary
Acolyte of Pain Gurubashi Berserker Pantry Spider Voodoo Doctor
Ancient Brewmaster Hippogryph Platebreaker War Golem
Blazing Battlemage Hot Air Balloon Razorfen Hunter Wing Commander
Bloodsail Raider Hungry Dragon Reckless Rocketeer Zoobot
Booty Bay Bodyguard Ironbeak Owl Refreshment Vendor
Tier 7: Bad
Ancestral Healing Dragonhawk Rider Maiden of the Lake Silverback Patriarch
Wartbringer Elven Archer Menagerie Magician Skelemancer
Windfury Frigid Snobold Mogu'shan Warden Spellweaver
Arcane Anomaly Frostwolf Grunt Night Howler Tainted Zealot
Arcanosmith Ice Rager Nightblade Tauren Warrior
Bloodworm Ironforge Rifleman Novice Engineer Thrallmar Farseer
Camouflaged Dirigible Kvaldir Raider Priestess of Elune Tournament Attendee
Core Hound Lance Carrier Raid Leader Windfury Harpy
Dalaran Mage Lowly Squire Sharkfin Fan
Tier 8: Terrible
Dust Devil Dozing Marksman Magma Rager Southsea Deckhand
Frost Shock Dread Corsair Murloc Raider Stonetusk Boar
Ice Fishing Goldshire Footman Parachute Brigand Tournament Medic
Totemic Might Grimscale Oracle Runic Egg Wicked Skeleton
Wicked Witchdoctor Gurubashi Chicken Scarab Egg Wisp
Arena Treasure Chest Helpless Hatchling Shieldbearer Wretched Tiller
Deadscale Knight Leper Gnome Snowflipper Penguin Young Dragonhawk
Tier 1: Excellent
Lightning Breath Likkim Faceless Corruptor
Lightning Storm Dragonmaw Poacher Sunwalker
Tier 2: Great
Bog Slosher Argent Commander Bone Drake
Maelstrom Portal Bad Luck Albatross Saronite Chain Gang
Tier 3: Good
Ancestral Spirit Lava Shock Corpse Raiser Stampeding Kodo
Feral Spirit Thunder Bluff Valiant Defender of Argus Violet Teacher
Lava Burst Cobalt Spellkin Dragon Breeder
Tier 4: Above Average
Draenei Totemcarver Emperor Cobra Master Jouster Wild Pyromancer
Mana Tide Totem Imp Master Sunfury Protector
Belligerent Gnome Injured Blademaster Twilight Drake
Tier 5: Average
Voodoo Hexxer Firetree Witchdoctor Light's Champion Saboteur
Abomination Keening Banshee Mindbreaker Shallow Gravedigger
Crazed Alchemist Knife Juggler Questing Adventurer Young Priestess
Demolisher Licensed Adventurer Ravenholdt Assassin
Tier 6: Below Average
Avalanche Booty Bay Bookie Happy Ghoul SI:7 Infiltrator
Avian Watcher Frenzied Felwing Moat Lurker
Book Wyrm Gadgetzan Auctioneer Pint-Sized Summoner
Tier 7: Bad
Spirit of the Frog Armored Warhorse Injured Kvaldir Shieldbreaker
Storm's Wrath Bloodsail Corsair Mana Addict Soup Vendor
Ancient Mage Coldlight Seer Mana Wraith Ticking Abomination
Arcane Golem Fencing Coach Master Swordsmith Waterboy
Argent Watchman Hoard Pillager Mogor's Champion
Tier 8: Terrible
Healing Wave Arena Patron Lightwarden Serpent Ward
Ice Breaker Coliseum Manager Murloc Tastyfin Utgarde Grapplesniper
Alarm-o-Bot Depth Charge Murloc Tidecaller Zul'Drak Ritualist
Angry Chicken Dragon Egg Phantom Freebooter
Arcane Devourer Grim Patron Secretkeeper
Tier 1: Excellent
Tier 2: Great
Earth Elemental Elemental Destruction Haunting Visions Sea Giant
Tier 3: Good
Big Bad Voodoo Blowtorch Saboteur Grand Crusader Untamed Beastmaster
Charged Hammer Crowd Roaster Mosh'Ogg Announcer
Blood Knight Dread Raven Snapjaw Shellfighter
Tier 4: Above Average
Boompistol Bully Garrison Commander Wyrmrest Purifier
Escaped Manasaber Kodorider
Tier 5: Average
Doomhammer Grizzled Wizard Recruiter Transmogrifier
Far Sight Ice Cream Peddler Southsea Captain
Drakkari Trickster Kobold Stickyfinger Tomb Lurker
Tier 6: Below Average
Cryostasis Doomsayer Linecracker Twilight Guardian
Snowfury Giant Faceless Manipulator Masked Contender
Corpsetaker Frost Giant Murloc Warleader
Crowd Favorite Furnacefire Colossus Nerubian Unraveler
Tier 7: Bad
Arcane Giant Hungry Crab Rattling Rascal Skyfin
Big Game Hunter Master of Ceremonies Sideshow Spelleater Tentacled Menace
Chromatic Egg Mountain Giant Skulking Geist
Tier 8: Terrible
Barrens Stablehand Drakkari Enchanter Meat Wagon
Deathaxe Punisher Gurubashi Offering
Tier 1: Excellent
The Lich King
Tier 2: Great
Bandersmosh Cairne Bloodhoof Dragonqueen Alexstrasza
Nithogg Chromaggus Nefarian
Baron Geddon Deathwing Onyxia
Tier 3: Good
Al'Akir the Windlord Brightwing Hogger Oondasta
Krag'wa, the Frog Eydis Darkbane Illidan Stormrage Ysera
The Fist of Ra-den High Inquisitor Whitemane Nexus-Champion Saraad
Tier 4: Above Average
Alexstrasza Icehowl Medivh, the Guardian
Fjola Lightbane Malygos Shu'ma
Tier 5: Average
Arfus Gormok the Impaler King Mukla The Black Knight
Bloodmage Thalnos Griftah Moroes
Emperor Thaurissan Gruul Prince Malchezaar
Frizz Kindleroost Harrison Jones The Beast
Tier 6: Below Average
Barnes Nat Pagle Sathrovarr
Leeroy Jenkins Prince Taldaram The Curator
Millhouse Manastorm Prince Valanar Tinkmaster Overspark
Tier 7: Bad
Moorabi Chillmaw Mojomaster Zihi Skycap'n Kragg
Zentimo Da Undatakah Nozdormu The Skeleton Knight
Captain Greenskin Justicar Trueheart Prince Keleseth
Tier 8: Terrible
The Mistcaller Grand Lackey Erkh Lorewalker Cho Rend Blackhand
Bolf Ramshield Hakkar, the Soulflayer Majordomo Executus Sky Gen'ral Kragg


  • 25 Jan. 2020: Updated Arena Ratings for the new cards from Galakrond's Awakening.
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