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Galakrond's Awakening is a Solo Adventure released a story-based expansion for the Descent of Dragons expansion. The expansion contains 35 unlockable cards spread across 4 chapters and can be purchased by players with real money or in-game gold.

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Each individual chapter costs $6.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 or 700 Gold. Buying the complete adventure (all 4 wings at once) costs $19.99 / €17.99 / £16.99.


Format and Rewards

The entire adventure is split in half featuring two different campaigns where you can decide to fight along side the good guys, The League of Explorers, or the bad guys, The League of EVIL. Both campaigns can be completed by all players.

Each chapter unlocks part of each of the two campaign, comprising of 3 boss fights each, allowing the campaigns to progress in parallel. Each boss fight is unique, featuring special Hero Powers and decks to fight against.

The adventure also contains 35 unlockable cards, which can be used in constructed play once they have been acquired. 3 cards are available upon purchase of the adventure and the remaining cards can be unlocked by defeating bosses in each chapter. Each chapter contains 8 new cards, which are evenly split between the League of EVIL and League or Explorer campaign segments.

When completing the adventure for the first time, you will progress through story mode where you will be given a pre-built deck to defeat each boss. After you defeat a boss, you will have the option to face them again in Heroic mode, where bosses will have stronger decks and abilities and you will be forced to build your own deck to defeat them. While Heroic mode is not needed to unlock new cards, finishing all chapters in a campaign will unlock the Book of E.V.I.L. and Book of Explorers cards backs for completing the League of EVIL and League of Explorers campaign respectively.


Detailed List of Rewards

Upon purchase of your first chapter of the Galakrond's Awakening adventure, you will be immediately rewarded with the Licensed Adventurer, Fresh Scent, and Shadow Sculptor cards.

Chapter Campaign Boss Reward
Battle of the Frozen Coast E.V.I.L Sir Finley
  • 2x Air Raid
Battle of the Frozen Coast E.V.I.L Chenvaala
  • 2x Eye of the Storm
Battle of the Frozen Coast E.V.I.L Reno Jackson
  • 2x Twisted Knowledge
  • 2x Bomb Wrangler
Battle of the Frozen Coast Explorers Dr. Boom
  • 2x Skydiving Instructor
Battle of the Frozen Coast Explorers Avalanchan
  • 2x Animated Avalanche
Battle of the Frozen Coast Explorers Kriziki the Winged
  • 2x Winged Guardian
  • 2x Dark Prophecy
Clash at Wyrmrest E.V.I.L Dragoncaster Askaara
  • 2x Arcane Amplifier
Clash at Wyrmrest E.V.I.L United Sr. Explorers
  • 2x Hailbringer
Clash at Wyrmrest E.V.I.L Nithogg
  • 2x Rising Winds
  • 1x The Fist of Ra-den
Clash at Wyrmrest Explorers Madame Lazul
  • 2x Fiendish Servant
Clash at Wyrmrest Explorers Cultist Dawnshatter
  • 2x Cleric of Scales
Clash at Wyrmrest Explorers Hagatha the Vengeful
  • 2x Explosive Evolution
  • 2x Skyvateer
Air Battle Over Dragonblight E.V.I.L Dragonrider Talritha
  • 2x Waxmancy
Air Battle Over Dragonblight E.V.I.L The Wander
  • 2x Chopshop Copter
Air Battle Over Dragonblight E.V.I.L The Dragonflights
  • 2x Boompistol Bully
  • 2x Risky Skipper
Air Battle Over Dragonblight Explorers Rotwing
  • 2x Rotnest Drake
Air Battle Over Dragonblight Explorers Dragonslayer Skruk
  • 2x Aeon Reaver
Air Battle Over Dragonblight Explorers The Slipstream
  • 2x Scalelord
  • 2x Sky Gen'ral Kragg
Showdown in Dalaran E.V.I.L George and Karl
  • 2x Frenzied Felwing
Showdown in Dalaran E.V.I.L Rafaampage!
  • 2x Boom Squad
Showdown in Dalaran E.V.I.L Galakrond
  • 2x Chaos Gazer
  • 2x Grand Lackey Erkh
Showdown in Dalaran Explorers George the Fallen
  • 2x Shotbot
Showdown in Dalaran Explorers Waxrider Togwaggle
  • 2x Escaped Manasaber
Showdown in Dalaran Explorers Rafaam and Galakrond
  • 2x Steel Beetle
  • 2x The Amazing Reno

Completing a campaign in Heroic mode will reward you with a special card back.


Book of E.V.I.L.:

Book of E.V.I.L. Card Back

Book of Explorers:

Book of Explorers Card Back


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