The Witchwood Monster Hunt Guide

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Monster Hunt is a new game mode introduced in The Witchwood expansion. The content can be accesses through the Solo Adventures menu and is completely free to play for all players.

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt Overview

Monster Hunter is a game mode very reminiscent of how Dungeon Runs from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion plays out. You will initially get to play as one of 4 unique Monster Hunters, which function similarly to the 9 regular Hearthstone classes, but instead come with a new unique Hero Power each.

The Monster Hunters available to play as are:

  • Tess Greymane, the Tracker
  • Darius Crowley, the Cannoneer
  • Toki, Time-Tinker
  • Houndmaster Shaw

Once you select the Monster Hunter you wish to play as, you will be provided with a fixed, 10-card deck, and you will have to fight up to 8 bosses. There are no second chances, and if you die against a boss, you will have to start all over again. Defeating all 8 bosses completes the Monster Hunt.

The interesting aspect is that with each boss you defeat, you will have the opportunity to add cards to your deck from the options the game provides you with (much like you would choose cards for your Arena deck). Moreover, the bosses you face are not fixed, so you will never know who you will face next (meaning that you cannot prepare your deck accordingly).

If you manage to complete the Monster Hunt with all 4 characters, an additional encounter, a Final Challenge (Hagatha), will become available. This challenge utilises all 4 characters to defeat the terrible power behind The Witchwood.

On this page, we will list all the known information about Monster Hunts, such as which bosses you might face at which point in a Run, what options you have for expanding your deck, and what rewards there are for completing a Monster Hunt Run.


Expanding Your Deck

As you defeat bosses throughout the run, you will get to add additional cards and treasure into your deck. Treasures come in the form of either permanent passive effects or powerful cards to add into your deck. Additionally, you will also get to choose one of 3 sets of 3 cards to put into your deck. These sets called buckets, are are all designed to fit a certain theme or strategy.

After each respective boss in a run you will be able to add the following to your deck:

  • after defeating the first boss: Bucket + Passive Treasure;
  • after defeating the second boss: Bucket;
  • after defeating the third boss: Bucket + Treasure Card;
  • after defeating the fourth boss: Bucket;
  • after defeating the fifth boss: Bucket + Passive Treasure;
  • after defeating the sixth boss: Bucket;
  • after defeating the seventh boss: Bucket + Treasure Card.


Monster Hunt Treasures

Below, we list all the currently known treasures you can be offered. It appears that the set of 3 treasures from which you can choose is random each time and can include a Treasure which you have previously picked.


Treasure Cards

  • Amalgamate
  • Bandage
  • Bestiary
  • Beastly Beauty
  • Blood Moon
  • Brass Lantern
  • Bubba (Houndmaster only)
  • Butch
  • Cartographer
  • Chaos Theory (Time-Tinker only)
  • Chuck
  • Clockwork Assistant (Time-Tinker only)
  • Coin Pouch (upgrades into Sack of Coins and then Hefty Sack of Coins
  • Creepy Curio (upgrades into Haunted Curio and then Cursed Curio)
  • Enchanting Tune
  • Enhance-a-matic (Time-Tinker only)
  • Exterminate (Tracker only)
  • Frenzied Trapper (Tracker only)
  • Gattling Gunner
  • Gentleman's Top Hat
  • Gilnean Tracker (Transforms into Transforming Tracker and then Worgen Tracker.
  • Gilnean Vigilante
  • Grave Mistake
  • Grizzled Reinforcement (Cannoneer only)
  • Hallowed Water
  • Holy Book
  • Hunter's Insight (Tracker only)
  • Hunter of Old (Tracker only)
  • Impetuous Companion (Time-Tinker only)
  • Murloc Holmes
  • Nalaa the Redeemer
  • Old Militia Horn (upgrades into Militia Horn and then Veteran's Militia Horn)
  • Plague of Murlocs
  • Princess
  • Pristine Compass
  • Puzzle Box (Time-Tinker only)
  • Ricochet Shot
  • Royal Gift
  • Sack of Gnomes
  • Safe Harbor
  • Scythe
  • Seabreaker Goliath (Cannoneer only)
  • Shallow Graves
  • Shaw's Shank (Houndmaster only)
  • Sic 'Em (Houndmaster only)
  • Sneak Attack
  • Spyglass
  • Stroke of Midnight (Time-Tinker only)
  • Surly Mob (upgrades into Angry Mob and then Crazed Mob)
  • The Exorcisor
  • Tools of the Trade (Tracker only)
  • Tuskarr Raider (Cannoneer only)

Passive Treasures

  • Caltrops
  • Companionship (Houndmaster only)
  • Crystal Gem
  • Cult of the Wolf (Tracker only)
  • Double Time (Time-Tinker only)
  • Dragonfire Ammo (Cannoneer only)
  • Entrenchment
  • Expedite
  • First Aid Kit
  • Glyph of Warding
  • Khadgar's Scrying Orb
  • Lunar Signet (Houndmaster only)
  • Pillage the Fallen
  • Potion of Vitality
  • Rewind (Time-Tinker only)
  • Robe of the Magi (Time-Tinker only)
  • Scepter of Summoning
  • Small Backpacks
  • Sticky Fingers (Tracker only)
  • Tactical Reinforcements (Cannoneer only)
  • Victorious Rally (Cannoneer only)


Monster Hunt Buckets

Below, we list all of the bucket themes that each Monster Hunter can be offered. Like with treasures, it does not seem that there is any significant pattern to the groups of buckets you are offered, although you cannot be offered the same bucket more than once at a time. Within each bucket, the actual cards that you will be offered differ wildly, being chosen from seemingly a large pool of potential cards. In other words, no two "Frost"-themed buckets will have the same cards offered (or at least, it is unlikely that this will happen). Finally, it is worth noting that it seems like choosing a bucket will increase the chances that it will appear again as a choice in the future, thus allowing you to form a more cohesive theme.

  • Monster Hunt Cannoneer Guide:
    • Armory
    • Attack!
    • Berserker
    • Commander
    • Dragonfire
    • Legends
    • Pirates
    • Strike
    • Tactical
    • Vanguard
    • Warcry
  • Monster Hunt Houndmaster Guide:
    • Companions
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Exotic Beasts
    • Go for the Throat
    • On the Hunt
    • Pack Mentality
    • Stalking
    • Stomp Stomp STOMP
    • Thick Hide
    • Unload
    • Unwavering
  • Monster Hunt Time-Tinker Guide:
    • BOOM!
    • Chaos
    • Elementalist
    • Erratic Creatures
    • Frosty
    • Knowledge
    • Legends
    • Lost Secrets
    • Magical Friends
    • Mechanical
    • Wild Magic
  • Monster Hunt Tracker Guide:
    • Arsenal
    • Copycat
    • Jade in the Rough
    • Mercenaries
    • Old Bones
    • Rapid Fire
    • Resourceful
    • Run n'gun
    • Specialist
    • The Professional
    • Trapper


Monster Hunt Bosses

The difficulty of the bosses increases as you advance through the Monster Hunt, with the Level One boss being typically extremely weak, whereas the final boss is usually quite difficult. Note also that your own Hero's health increases as you progress.

The boss encountered at each level is random for each Monster Hunt. There is a specific pool of bosses that can appear on each level and some bosses are able to appear on multiple different levels with a different starting Health, Hero Power, and deck. However, no boss will appear more than once in the same Monster Hunt. There is also a separate pool of starter bosses that are only available at the beginning of a Monster Hunt Run.

The lists below show the known bosses that can appear on each level.

  1. Level One:
    • A Mangy Wolf
    • Gobbles
    • Rottooth
  2. Level Two:
    • Cultist S'thara
    • Cutthroat Willie
    • Doctor Sezavo
    • Gnarlroot
    • Griselda
    • Ravencaller Cozzlewurt
    • The Mute
  3. Level Three:
    • Cultist S'thara
    • Cutthroat Willie
    • Doctor Sezavo
    • Gravekeeper Damph
    • Grubb the Swampdrinker
    • Manhunter Ivan
    • Niira the Trickster
    • Ravencaller Cozzlewurt
    • Sazzmi Gentlehorn
    • The Mute
    • The Whisperer
    • Wharrgarbl
  4. Level Four:
    • Baran the Blind
    • Blood Witch Gretta
    • Chupacabran
    • Cultist S'thara
    • Garrow, the Rancorous
    • Gnarlroot
    • Griselda
    • Groddo the Bogwarden
    • Inquisitor Hav'nixx
    • Sephira Dusktalon
    • Splintergraft
    • Wharrgarbl
    • Winslow Tobtock
  5. Level Five:
    • Brushwood Centurion
    • Cragtorr
    • Crooked Pete
    • Cultist S'thara
    • Garrow, the Rancorous
    • Gnomenapper
    • Grum
    • Inquisitor Hav'nixx
    • Manhunter Ivan
    • Plaguemaster Rancel
    • Ratcatcher Hannigul
    • Sephira Dusktalon
    • Shudderwock
    • Splintergraft
    • The Scarecrow
    • Vitus the Exiled
    • Winslow Tobtock
  6. Level Six:
  7. Level Seven:
  8. Level Eight:
  9. Final Challenge:


There are 4 Witchwood card packs up for grabs through the Monster Hunt game mode. You will receive each card pack from a sequential set of Quests that require you to achieve 10 wins with each respective Monster Hunter class. However, these Quests are only available to those who complete the Monster Hunt before July 26th, 2018.

Moreover, if you defeat Hagatha (the final boss, unlocked only once you have completed the Monster Hunt with all 4 characters), you will receive the Monster Hunter card back.



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