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Blackrock Mountain


Blackrock Mountain is a single player campaign for Hearthstone, through which you can unlock 31 new cards and a unique card back for your collection. The campaign can be accessed by players who have unlocked all 9 heroes.



Each individual wing costs $6.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 or 700 Gold. Buying the complete adventure (all 5 wings at once) costs $24.99 / €21.99 / £17.49.


Format and Rewards

You will fight 3 unique bosses per wing in the first 3 wings, and 4 unique bosses per wing in the final 2 wings. Each boss has a unique Hero Power, and a combination of unique and existing cards (including class-specific cards from multiple classes). Some of the cards bosses use are inaccessible to players, and they have seemingly imbalanced effects.

Defeating a boss rewards you with 2 copies of a new Common or Rare card. Defeating all the bosses in a wing rewards you with a new Legendary card and unlocks the Heroic mode of the wing, where the bosses have even more overpowered Hero powers. Finishing all of the wings in Heroic mode will grant you a unique card back.

Blackrock Mountain also offers class challenges. Each class has one challenge to complete and it consists in playing against a predefined Blackrock Mountain boss with a predefined deck. Winning the match grants you a new class-specific card and unlocks the craft of the golden version of the same card.


Detailed List of Rewards


Blackrock Mountain

Wing Boss Reward
Blackrock Depths Coren Direbrew (Grim Guzzler) 2x Grim Patron
Blackrock Depths High Justice Grimstone (Dark Iron Arena) 2x Gang Up
Blackrock Depths Emperor Thaurissan
Molten Core Garr 2x Druid of the Flame
Molten Core Baron Geddon 2x Blackwing Technician
Molten Core Ragnaros / Executus
Blackrock Spire Highlord Omokk 2x Core Rager
Blackrock Spire General Drakkisath 2x Dragon Consort
Blackrock Spire Rend Blackhand
Blackwing Lair Razorgore the Untamed 2x Revenge
Blackwing Lair Vaelastrasz the Corrupt 2x Flamewaker
Blackwing Lair Chromaggus 2x Hungry Dragon
Blackwing Lair Lord Victor Nefarius
Hidden Laboratory Omnotron Defense System 2x Volcanic Drake
Hidden Laboratory Maloriak 2x Blackwing Corruptor
Hidden Laboratory Atramedes 2x Drakonid Crusher
Hidden Laboratory Nefarian and Onyxia

Defeating all the bosses in Heroic mode will reward you with a special card back, shown below.

Blackrock Mountain Card Back

Class Challenges

Class Reward
Druid2x Volcanic Lumberer
Hunter2x Quick Shot
Mage2x Dragon's Breath
Paladin2x Solemn Vigil
Priest2x Twilight Whelp
Rogue2x Dark Iron Skulker
Shaman2x Lava Shock
Warlock2x Demonwrath
Warrior2x Axe Flinger


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