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On this page, you will find a list of the most useful Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Hunter class, in terms of crafting. We separate cards by their rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, but each individual card is given a rating of priority. It is important to know that a Rare or Epic card that is given a "High" or "Top" priority rating should be crafted before a Legendary with a "Medium" rating. In fact, if you have 1,600 Arcane Dust to spend, crafting 2 or 3 Epics and a handful of Rares is usually better than spending it all on a single Legendary. If a card is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is rarely, or never, used in the Constructed meta.

You will also find a guide on how to best allocate your gold or money between the various Card packs and Adventures. This can vary greatly from class to class and has a great effect on how quickly and efficiently you can build a competitive deck.


Class-Specific Cards

In this section, we list the class-specific cards that are important for you as a Hunter.



  1. Dwarven Sharpshooter - Priority = TOP: Dwarven Sharpshooter is a powerful 1 drop that represents an immediate threat and has excellent stats alongside it. As there are no viable replacements for this card, it is a TOP priority for every Hunter deck.
  2. Scavenger's Ingenuity - Priority = MEDIUM: Scavenger's Ingenuity is a solid card-draw tool that adds consistency to decks by specifically drawing Beasts while also providing a powerful buff in the process.
  3. Marked Shot - Priority = LOW: Marked Shot is a versatile removal tool that provides an additional spell for future use. As a 4 Mana card, it is an excellent tool for any Hunter deck to bridge the gap between the early game and late game.
  4. Explosive Trap/Freezing Trap - Priority = LOW: Adding the Hunter secrets to your deck will add a new dimension to your play, as well as the decisions your opponent has to make in order to counter you. Explosive Trap is most commonly seen in more aggressive Hunter decks, while Freezing Trap is a better fit for more midrange-style builds.
  5. Unleash the Hounds - Priority = LOW: Unleash the Hounds is a unique effect in Hunter that cannot be replicated by any other card, and should be a low crafting priority.
  6. Desert Spear - Priority = LOW: Desert Spear provides good mid-game control and provides a consistent way to deal 1 damage to minions, which is otherwise difficult for Hunters.
  7. Corrosive Breath - Priority = LOW: Corrosive Breath is a great card that functions as both removal and face damage. However, it is only able to reach its full potential in Dragon decks.


  1. Diving Gryphon - Priority = HIGH: Diving Gryphon is a solid removal tool that also replaces itself with another card in the process.
  2. Mok'Nathal Lion - Priority = MEDIUM: Mok'Nathal Lion is a solid removal tool that is uniquely equipped to copy the many powerful Deathrattle effects available for Hunters.
  3. Eaglehorn Bow - Priority = LOW: Eaglehorn Bow is one of the more powerful weapons in the game, especially if you have added some Secrets to your deck. It provides great utility in the early game to clear minions and get ahead on board, or for pushing damage in combination with your Hero Power in the late game.
  4. Unleash the Beast - Priority = LOW: Unleash the Beast is a well-rounded card that provides a large minion that also functions as removal, while also being a Twinspell that can be used twice. The sheer flexibility of the card makes it a great fit for all Hunter decks.


  1. Stormhammer - Priority = HIGH: Stormhammer represents a strong sources of recurring damage. While it is present in most Hunter decks, the requirement of Dragon usage for it to be effective prevents it from being a TOP priority.
  2. Augmented Porcupine - Priority = MEDIUM: Augmented Porcupine functions as a reasonable threat by itself but, when combined with other Hunter cards, it functions as a powerful component for various card combos.
  3. Nine Lives - Priority = LOW: Nine Lives is an extremely powerful card that is irreplaceable in Mech Hunter decks, but sees no play elsewhere.


  1. Dragonbane - Priority = HIGH: Dragonbane is a powerful 4-drop with a strong stat line that represents a huge threat for opponents. If uncontested, it can often win games by itself, allowing it to easily fit into most Hunter decks.
  2. Zixor, Apex Predator - Priority = HIGH: Zixor, Apex Predator provides a solid early-game tempo tool and doubles as a solid late-game threat once redrawn.
  3. Dinotamer Brann - Priority = LOW: Dinotamer Brann is a very powerful Hunter card. Howerver, its Battlecry restricts it specifically to Highlander Hunter decks, making it a low crafting priority.

Neutral Cards

In this section, we list neutral cards that are always good to craft if you are playing Hunter. Note that many of these cards will be usable in a wide range of decks across multiple classes. This means that crafting these cards over class specific ones is often a good idea if you plan to play a range of classes.



  1. Blazing Battlemage - Priority = MEDIUM: Blazing Battlemage is a solid 1 drop to support aggressive Hunter strategies. However, it can easily be replaced by another 1-Cost minion if needed.
  2. Hench-Clan Hogsteed - Priority = LOW: Hench-Clan Hogsteed is a cheap Beast often used as an early-game card in Midrange Hunter decks.


  1. Faceless Corruptor - Priority = LOW: Faceless Corruptor provides a great source of removal and has natural synergy with the Rush mechanics used in the Hunter class.


There are currently no neutral Epic cards used in commonly used Hunter decks.



  1. Teron Gorefiend - Priority = LOW: Teron Gorefiend has natural synergy with Hunter's Deathrattle minions and synergies, allowing it to top off Deathrattle-based decks.
  2. Zephrys the Great - Priority = LOW: Zephrys the Great is an essential card for Highlander Hunter decks. However, it offers no value in other archetypes.
  3. Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - Priority = LOW: Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is an essential card for Highlander Hunter decks. However, it offers no value in other archetypes.

Gold Allocation Guide


Pack Type

The Rise of Shadows expansion added many utility cards for Hunter, such as Marked Shot, Unleash the Beast, and Shimmerfly, that are used in a broad range of decks.

The Saviors of Uldum expansion is excellent for the Hunter class and opens up the Highlander Hunter archetype with powerful additions like Zephrys the Great and Dinotamer Brann.

The Descent of Dragons expansion is another excellent choice for the Hunter class. It provides a range of powerful Dragons to open up the Dragon Hunter archetype as well as minor additions to other archetypes, such as Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.

The Ashes of Outland expansion provides a nice boost for the Hunter class, Reintroducing tools for Deathrattle archetypes with cards like Augmented Porcupine and Mok'Nathal Lion.

Overall, it is recommended that you open a mix of Saviors of Uldum and Descent of Dragon card packs in order to open yourself up to the broadest range of Hunter archetypes.



The Galakrond's Awakening adventure only provides a few cards, but includes the powerful Rotnest Drake, one of the most powerful Hunter cards ever printed. That cards alone is reason enough to purchase the expansion once you have unpacked an adequate amount of Dragons from Descent of Dragons card packs.



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