Felstorm Run Encounter Guide for Trial by Felfire

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Felstorm Run is the third encounter in the second chapter of the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure. In this guide, you will learn strategy tips and tricks to help you defeat the encounter.

Felstorm Run

Encounter Overview

Felstorm Run is a special encounter where the sole aim is to survive. The opposing Felstorm Tornado Hero Power will be triggered every single turn, resulting in increasing amounts of Demons and Outland-themed minions being summoned on the other side of the board. The encounter can be won when the counter on the other side of the board, which decreases by 1 per turn, reaches 0.

For this encounter you will be provided with a special deck of cards and the Reroute Power Hero Power. The deck you use will consists of various Taunt minions like Tar Creeper and Stegodon, mixed with powerful special cards like Infernal Cannon, Refueling, Exhaust Backfire, and Turbo Boost!.


Mulligan Strategies

This encounter has no Mulligan phase and you will be forced to keep the cards you initially draw.


Gameplay Strategies

The presence of special cards greatly dictates how this fight goes. There are main strategies that can be used to complete this encounter:

  1. The first strategy involves taking full advantage of the Reroute Power Hero Power to clear the board each turn. This means playing as few cards as possible to maximise the damage you do. To boost your damage in the later stages of the fight, you will often need to rely on Refueling to fill up your hand. Once your hand starts to fill up, you can then start playing down some of your Taunt minions to also help control the board and grind down the Turns to Escape counter.
  2. The second strategy involves being as aggressive as possible from the beginning, making full use of the Taunt minions you have to contest the board. This can be a bit more difficult in the early game, but will provide you with a lot more damage later on. You will often need to use Refueling later on in this strategy you help replenish your hand.

The Exhaust Backfire can be used effectively with both strategies, but it is good to hold onto it until absolutely necessary as its will be essential to deal with some boards later on. It is especially powerful if a Mo'arg Artificer is on the other side of the board.

Refueling is often a card that is clutch in all strategies. Despite extending the duration of the encounter, this will often be negated by the additional Turbo Boost! you can draw, and other spells it draws will often be essential for success.

Infernal Cannon is good to save for niche situations toward the end of the encounter. You should try to use it when there are only big minions on the board, ensuring that you can kill one and steal another. It is particularly effective at stealing Scrapyard Colossus.

Turbo Boost! is the last special card in this encounter and it should be saved for the end of the run. Playing it early is generally inadvisable as it will decrease your hand size for Reroute Power and also spend Mana that can be used elsewhere. Instead, you should try to save this card for your final turn where you can drop the Escape counter from 2 to 0 or 4 to 0 to complete the encounter.



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