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Shaman Crafting Guide

Last updated on May 04, 2017 at 07:20 by Pesty 46 comments

Table of Contents

On this page, you will find a list of the most useful Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Shaman class, in terms of crafting. We separate cards by their rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, but each individual card is given a rating of priority. It is important to know that a Rare or Epic card that is given a "High" or "Top" priority rating should be crafted before a Legendary with a "Medium" rating. In fact, if you have 1,600 Arcane Dust to spend, crafting 2 or 3 Epics and a handful of Rares is usually better than spending it all on a single Legendary. If a card is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is rarely, or never, used in the Constructed meta.

You will also find a guide on how to best allocate your gold or money between the various Card packs and Adventures. This can vary greatly from class to class and has a great effect on how quickly and efficiently you can build a competitive deck.

1. Class-Specific Cards

In this section, we list the class-specific cards that are important for you as a Shaman.

1.1. Commons

  1. Hot Spring Guardian - Priority = HIGH: Hot Spring Guardian is an excellent defensive card that can be used in most Shaman decks to help survive the early-game. As it is also an Elemental, it is an essential card in Elemental Shaman decks.
  2. Lightning Bolt - Priority = MEDIUM: Lightning Bolt serves as a cheap removal spell and doubles up as a burst finisher for many Shaman decks.
  3. Jade Lightning - Priority = LOW: Jade Lightning is an essential card for Jade Shaman decks and is able to function as either removal Spell or a burst finisher.
  4. Flamewreathed Faceless - Priority = LOW: Flamewreathed Faceless is an incredibly powerful minion that offers high stats for a low Mana cost. In any other class this card would be high priority, but as Shaman has access to so many high power level cards, most decks have cut Flamewreathed Faceless from their list.

1.2. Rares

  1. Thing from Below - Priority = MEDIUM: Thing from Below is a powerful card that has strong synergy with the Shaman Hero Power to allow strong tempo plays later into the game.
  2. Lightning Storm - Priority = MEDIUM: Lightning Storm is your key AoE tool for catching up on the board when you fall behind. However, now Shaman is more capable of playing a proactive strategy where they try to dominate the board, so having two Lightning Storms in your deck is less essential.
  3. Jade Claws - Priority = MEDIUM: Jade Claws is a solid Weapon in the early-game that provides synergy for Pirates such as Small-Time Buccaneer, while also adding to the strength of any future Jade Golem cards played.
  4. Feral Spirit - Priority = LOW: Feral Spirit used to be a must-include card in Shaman, but since the introduction of more 3-Mana options in the two expansions, it has become less essential.
  5. Jinyu Waterspeaker - Priority = LOW: Jinyu Waterspeaker has strong stats for its cost and provides Midrange and Control Shaman decks additional healing against more aggressive decks.
  6. Volcano - Priority = LOW: Volcano is a solid defensive card for Control Shaman decks after Elemental Destruction left the Standard format.

1.3. Epics

  1. Stone Sentinel - Priority = LOW: Stone Sentinel is a very powerful card if you are able to activate the Battlecry effect. However, due to its low base stats, it is used exclusively in Elemental Shaman decks.

1.4. Legendaries

  1. Kalimos, Primal Lord - Priority = LOW: Kalimos is an extremely powerful card and is essential in Elemental Shaman decks. However, it is quite weak if you are unable to activate the Battlecry effect and therefore not suitable for decks without Elementals.
  2. Al'Akir the Windlord - Priority = LOW: Al'Akir is a flexible card which is most commonly used as a burst damage finisher. The nerf to Rockbiter Weapon greatly hurt the burst potential of the card, and while the card still sees regular play, the card is purely optional and not essential to any decks.
  3. Hallazeal the Ascended - Priority = LOW: Hallazeal is used in Control Shaman decks to provide huge heals when combined with board clears such as Elemental Destruction. However, this card remains low priority, as it is not played outside of niche Control Shaman decks.

2. Neutral Cards

In this section, we list neutral cards that are always good to craft if you are playing Shaman. Note that many of these cards will be usable in a wide range of decks across multiple classes. This means that crafting these cards over class specific ones is often a good idea if you plan to play a range of classes.

2.1. Commons

  1. Southsea Deckhand - Priority = LOW: Southsea Deckhand can be used in aggressive Shaman to improve consistency in pulling Patches the Pirate from the deck, and due to strong early-game synergy with Spirit Claws and Jade Claws.

2.2. Rares

  1. Servant of Kalimos - Priority = LOW: Servant of Kalimos is an essential card for Elemental Shaman decks, providing extra resources to help grind down opponents over time.

2.3. Epics

There are no Neutral Epics that are commonly being run in popular Shaman decks.

2.4. Legendaries

  1. Patches the Pirate - Priority = HIGH: Patches the Pirate provides powerful tempo plays for any deck running cheap Pirates. Patches is an excellent choice for Shaman due to Small-Time Buccaneer being included in nearly every deck.
  2. Bloodmage Thalnos - Priority = MEDIUM: Bloodmage Thalnos is a very strong card in Shaman. It functions similarly to Azure Drake, in that it helps to cycle through your deck, while providing a boost for your numerous removal spells. However, it is kept out of TOP priority since it can be replaced to reasonable effect by Kobold Geomancer, and does not have a great deal of utility in other classes.

3. Gold Allocation Guide

3.1. Pack Type

Whispers of the Old Gods introduced a range of powerful Shaman cards. Thing from Below and Flamewreathed Faceless give Shaman decks a huge boost in overall strength, while Stormcrack, Primal Fusion, Hallazeal the Ascended, and Master of Evolution are all good cards which occasionally see play.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan added the Pirate cards Small-Time Buccaneer and Patches the Pirate, as well as various Jade Golem cards.

The Journey to Un'Goro expansion added many powerful Elemental synergy cards which are crucial for the Elemental Shaman archetype. The expansion also adds a few utility cards such as Volcano and Hot Spring Guardian to aid Control Shaman decks.

All types of packs are of fairly equal value to a Shaman player. Classic packs contain many core cards, but there are many good additions available in each expansion.

3.2. One Night in Karazhan Adventure Value

The One Night in Karazhan brings two exceptional cards along for Shaman in the form of Spirit Claws and Maelstrom Portal, both of which are used in almost every Shaman deck. These cards are almost irreplaceable due to their power level, making One Night in Karazhan the most important Adventure to purchase first.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 04 May 2017: Updated for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion.
  • 21 Feb. 2017: Updated to reflect the changes in MSG meta.
  • 02 Sep. 2015: Updated to include Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament cards.
  • 21 Feb. 2015: Complete overhaul in format, and update for the Goblins vs. Gnomes meta.
  • 08 Sep. 2014: Removed Tinkmaster Overspark.
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