Gloop Sprayer — Druid Card

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Gloop Sprayer is a Druid-only minion. This card was introduced with The Boomsday Project and can now only be obtained through crafting. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Gloop Sprayer is a powerful late-game card that can be used to cement a dominant board position. However, the high Mana cost and poor base stats make it highly dependent on having prior control of the board to offer any real value.


Constructed Play

Gloop Sprayer is a highly situational card that does not see any Constructed play.



In Arena, Gloop Sprayer is terrible card. Gloop Sprayer is a win more card and is incredibly poor as a 8 Mana 4/4 if played when behind.