Ticking Abomination — Neutral Card

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Ticking Abomination is a neutral minion. This card can be obtained from Knights of the Frozen Throne packs. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.

1. General Comments

Ticking Abomination is a minion with very strong stats, but has a huge drawback. In almost every situation, Ticking Abomination is not worth the price. The Deathrattle of the minion prevents any other minion from being played as they will most likely be killed. Even decks that run very few minions should not consider this card as the stats are not nearly threatening enough and most opponents will simply ignore the card to prevent you from playing any further minions.

2. Constructed Play

In Constructed, Ticking Abomination and is a very poor card and should not be considered outside of fun decks.

3. Arena

In Arena, Ticking Abomination is a fairly weak card. Although it does prevent you from playing any additional minions, its strong stats will result in trading 2-for-1 which can help out immensely in longer games.

4. Meta Decks with Ticking Abomination

Deck Mana Cost Updated
Mecha'thun Priest Deck 14 spells, 16 minions
6,820 Arcane Dust Dec 04 2018
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