Cheap Magtheridon Totem Shaman Deck for Trial by Felfire Challenge

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This cheap deck is tailored to beat the Magtheridon Challenge boss in the Trial by Felfire adventure.


Card List

Shaman Cards
0 Totemic Might Legacy 2
0 Totemic Surge Uldum 2
1 Lightning Bolt Legacy 1
1 Sludge Slurper RoS 2
1 Storm's Wrath DoD 2
1 Surging Tempest DoD 2
2 EVIL Totem Uldum 2
2 Flametongue Totem Legacy 2
3 Mana Tide Totem Legacy 2
3 Serpentshrine Portal AO 2
3 Totemic Reflection AO 2
3 Unbound Elemental Legacy 2
4 Splitting Axe Uldum 2
4 Torrent AO 2
5 Bloodlust Legacy 1
Neutral Cards
1 Beaming Sidekick Uldum 2

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The budget Totem Shaman is designed to make the most efficient use of the first 4 turns of the game in order to rush down Magtheridon. On turn 2 you should play EVIL Totem or Hero Power in order to get a totem on the board. As a follow up you can then buff this totem further on turn 3 using cards like Totemic Reflection and Beaming Sidekick.

On Turn 4 you should ideally use a Splitting Axe to copy any Totems you have, using the weapon and a totem to take down the first Manticron Cube. Alternatively, you can choose to play Torrent if you played a spell on Turn 3. If you had suboptimal plays on turns 2 and 3, you can alternatively choose not to trade on Turn 4 and instead simply develop your board further at the expense of taking 10 damage from the boss. From here on, regardless of which route you choose, you should be able to comfortably kill off 1 cube per turn as you continue to bolster your board, while using any remaining damage you have on board to rush down the boss.



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