Cheap Illidan Stormrage Priest Deck for Trial by Felfire Challenge

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This cheap deck is tailored to beat the Illidan Stormrage Challenge boss in the Trial by Felfire adventure.


Card List

Priest Cards
0 Forbidden Words RoS 2
1 Renew AO 2
2 Penance Uldum 2
2 Shadow Word: Death Legacy 2
3 Apotheosis AO 2
3 Breath of the Infinite DoD 1
4 Grave Rune DoD 2
4 Holy Nova Legacy 2
4 Power Infusion Legacy 2
5 Convincing Infiltrator RoS 2
5 Psyche Split AO 2
5 Sandhoof Waterbearer Uldum 2
5 Time Rip DoD 2
7 Galakrond, the Unspeakable DoD 1
Neutral Cards
3 Frozen Shadoweaver AO 2
5 Shield of Galakrond DoD 2

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This deck aims to keep the board clear of minions, while making use of Priest healing effects to overcome any face damage dealt by the boss. In the early game and mid game, you should focus entirely on removing the boss's minions with a mix of Shadow Word: Death, Forbidden Words and Time Rip. Once you reach the mid game, you can try to get one of your 5-drops on the board and pair it with Grave Rune or Power Infusion. To aid this, you can also use Frozen Shadoweaver on the boss to prevent it from attacking with anything but You Are Not Prepared. While the boss can deal with most minions early, it does have some difficulty dealing with the high-Health minions you can create with Power Infusion. Once you are able to a secure a board position, you should continue to control the board to waste the boss's resources. While it may be tempting to start rushing down the boss in such a strong position, its healing potential is far too high and not controlling the board poses an unnecessary risk and you should instead simply focus on winning via fatigue unless the boss just happens to naturally reach 0 Health.



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