Dalaran Heist Tavern Encounter Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you through the Tavern Encounter portion of The Dalaran Heist. It gives an overview of all the possible outcomes and events and provides strategic advice in order to improve your deck.



The Dalaran Heist Tavern Encounter

Tavern Encounters are new events added to the game as part of The Dalaran Heist single player content. You encounter the event as you progress through one of the Chapters, appearing after you defeat both the 3rd and 5th boss.

When the event begins, you will be presented with a board that has 4 minions from your own deck on your side and 4 random minions, that are neutral or from your own class, on the opposite side of the board. You will then have a selection of special cards that will allow you to manipulate your Dalaran Heist deck in various ways. The gold used to play cards functions in the same as as Mana Crystals do in a normal game and you will always have 2 gold available upon entering the Tavern.



Strategically speaking, there is a vast array of possibilities in the Tavern and how you approach it will greatly depend on the minions on the board, the special cards in your hand, and the cards currently in your deck. However, it should be noted that removing cards from your deck can often be a very good thing as removing weaker cards will allow you to improve the average quality of the cards in your deck.

A full list special Tavern cards, and how to use them, can be found below:

Card Strategy
Brood Brood will allow you to completely refresh the minions available in the Tavern. It is best used when the minions on the board are neither good enough to add to your deck, or bad enough to remove.
Dismiss Dismiss is a very strong and flexible tool. You should nearly always use it when it is offered to remove either a minion that does not fit the overall strategy of your deck, or is simply weaker than the average card in your deck. If in doubt, many of the cards from your starting deck are good choices.
Good Food Good Food is a very underwhelming card in itself. The Health it offers is insignificant in the long run. However, as the effect is always beneficial, it can be used as a last resort if you do not wish to play any of your other cards.
Kindle Much like Dismiss, Kindle is a great way to improve the card quality of your deck. However, you should be cautious when playing it as you do not know what cards will be shown when you play the card, so it can be worth avoiding if you have other strong cards to play.
Recruit Recruit is another excellent, flexible, card. As there will be nearly always be at least one very strong minion on the other side of the board, Recruiting it should be a high priority.
Recruit a Veteran Recruit a Veteran is a risky way to add cards to your deck. There are many weak Legendary minions available, so there is a good chance of receiving a lacklustre card. However, if your deck is in desperate need of high-Cost minions, it is often worth the risk.
Right Hand Man Right Hand Man is a great way to improve the consistency of your deck. If your deck has a strategy that relies on a specific card that you have on the board, then you should use it. More commonly it is best in combination with minions that have been targeted by cards like Take a Chance or Tell a Story.
Round of Drinks Round of Drinks is a powerful card that will add many minions to your deck. As the card will greatly dilute the deck, you should only use this card when at least 3 of the opposing minions are very desirable or will greatly benefit from the +1/+1 buff.
Take a Chance Take a Chance provides a permanent Mana Cost reduction to a card in your deck. This is a strong card for any deck, but especially so if your deck is focused on late-game minions. The order you use this card is also very relevant as it can be worth waiting until you add high-Cost minions to your deck with cards like Recruit to maximise the chance you discount a big minions.
Tall Tales Tall Tales provides a huge buff to a minion but at a cost. The card is very weak overall as the buff it provides is negated by the increase in Mana Cost. However, if you do choose to use the card, you should use it on the cheapest minion available so that you can benefit from the buff as soon as possible.
Tell a Story Tell a Story provides a permanent buff to one of your minions. It is a solid card overall and best used on your cheapest minions, as buffs are more impactful the earlier in the game they are played.
The Gang's All Here! The Gang's All Here! is a polarising card that will dilute your deck with one of your minions. As decks benefit from a variety of cards, you should only use it on minions that can greatly benefit from being played lots of times, like Aya Blackpaw.
The Upper Hand The Upper Hand is a consistent way to discount cards in your deck. Although the discount is smaller, it is often better than Take a Chance as you will have a larger influence on the card that is discounted.
You're All Fired! You're All Fired! is one of the strongest cards available in the Tavern. While the effect may seem very bad, dramatically reducing the number of cards in your deck will greatly increase the consistency of your draws. It is worth playing even if you lose 1 very good minions if the other 3 of your minions are very weak. Using Brood to refresh the Tavern after you use this, or before to try to pull weaker minions out of your deck, can be very strong.


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