Dalaran Heist Warlock Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in your adventures through The Dalaran Heist. It goes into great detail regarding Treasure and Bucket choices when it comes to playing the Warlock Henchman, Tekahn, to help you make optimal choices in creating a deck throughout The Dalaran Heist chapters.



The Warlock class is represented by the Henchman Tekahn. You will begin with the Life Tap Hero Power and a 10 card starter deck. Once you begin using the Warlock class in The Dalaran Heist, you will begin unlocking new Warlock Hero Powers and starter decks for you future runs.


Hero Powers

Each class has 3 available Hero Powers that can be chosen at the start of a run.

Life Tap Pain Split The Pact

The Life Tap Hero Power is the base Warlock Hero Power used on your first Warlock run and is a Good Hero Power that offers a steady supply of cards throughout the game.

The Pain Split Hero Power is unlocked by using your Hero Power a total of 25 times with Warlock in The Dalaran Heist and is a Good Hero Power that can provide high amounts of value in the late game.

The The Pact Hero Power is unlocked after Summoning a total of 50 Demons with Warlock in The Dalaran Heist and is considered an Average Hero Power that will help you flood the board.


Starting Decks

After you have chosen your Hero Power, you will be able to choose from 1 of 4 10-card starting decks. Initially, you will only be able to choose from one deck, but you will unlock more in your future runs as you defeat bosses with the Warlock class.



Sacrificial is the default Warlock starting deck. It is themed around self-damage and is Good deck choice. It consists of the following 10 cards:

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards
  • Plated Beetle
  • Earthen Ring Farseer


Seeker is the second Warlock starting deck and can be unlocked after defeating 5 bosses with the Warlock class. It is an Average starting deck that is built around drawing cards with your Hero Power and contains the following 10 cards:

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards


Imp-ressive is the third Warlock starting deck and can be unlocked after defeating 10 bosses with the Warlock class. It is a Good starting choice themed Demons and flooding the board and is made of following 10 cards:

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards

Random Warlock Deck

The option to have a Random 10-card Warlock Deck to begin with can be unlocked after defeating 15 bosses with the Warlock class. The cards chosen are completely random and offer little to no synergy. The starting deck is a Bad choice and should only be chosen if you want a challenge.



After defeating the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th boss in a Dalaran Heist run, you will get to choose 1 of 3 random powerful Treasure cards that you can add to your deck. The Treasures after the 1st and 5th boss will offer passive effects and the Treasures offered after the 3rd and 7th bosses will be powerful playable cards that you can add to your deck.

The tables below contain a list of all the possible Treasures and Passive effects available and give them a general rating as to how good they are for the Warlock class. The comments give further details as to how and why the Treasures are good in addition to some of the Card Buckets that they have good synergies with.


Treasure Cards

Treasure Rating Comments
Dreamgrove Ring Excellent Dreamgrove Ring itself has quite a high variance in results. However, summoning 5 minions alone is very strong. However, there are many Legendary minions that win the game on the spot if you summon 5 copies, such as Ragnaros the Firelord, The Lich King, and Ysera.
Super Simian Sphere Excellent Super Simian Sphere provides a consistent method of board control that, alone, can keep any normal board in check, while providing a significant amount of damage per turn against empty boards.
THE... Candles? Excellent THE... CANDLES? makes full use of the Twinspell mechanic, providing a board clear that can be played 4 times throughout the game. Its flexibility allows is to clear 2 large boards, or many small ones to allow your minions to freely pressure opponents.
Annoy-o Horn Good Annoy-o Horn provides a solid amount of value by fully populating your board with smaller minions. The Divine Shield Mechs summoned by the card have naturally strong synergy with the Warlock class specifically.
Banana Split Good Banana Split is a tempo tool that can quickly expand your board. It is somewhat reliant on having a strong target on the board, but is incredibly powerful when used correctly.
Big Boomba Good Big Boomba provides an immediate board clear while immediately clearing the board the following turn. While the initial clear may be strong, the second effect can be very slow and unnecessary. The card is best used to stall the game in decks that use a large amount of high-cost cards.
Case Study Good Case Study provides immediate access to a range of Quest rewards, without needing to fulfil the Quest's requirements. While all Quest rewards are strong, some are significantly stronger for some decks than others, so the randomness of the Discover effect has a slight negative impact on the Treasure.
Elder Taggawag Good Elder Taggawag is another repeatable board clear similar to THE... Candles?. However, as the card is shuffled back into deck each time, it is not quite as flexible.
EVIL Propaganda Good EVIL Propaganda combines a board clear and populates the board at the same time, offering extreme value. The only drawback of the card is its high cost, making it not quite as useful in more aggressive decks.
Hyperblaster Good Hyperblaster provides a consistent source of removal every single turn which will allow you to develop your board each turn and snowball out of control. It is the strongest of the "Good"-rated cards.
Master Scheme Good Master Scheme is a well-rounded card that provides everything you could ask for in a single card. However, due to being a Scheme, the card requires many turns to power up and can be quite unimpactful if not drawn early enough.
The Box Good The Box is a good choice if there are no other good Treasures available. Its ability to change into a new Treasure each turn means that you will often be eable to get Excellent Treasures like Dreamgrove Ring or Super Simian Sphere if you hold onto it for long enough.
Untold Splendor Good Like The Box, Untold Splendor provides access to a range of different Treasures and is a good pick if there are no other good Treasures available.
Dagwik Stickytoe Average While Dagwik Stickytoe may not seem too powerful itself, it should be noted that many bosses near the end of chapters lack significant card draw. This means that removing cards from their hand is very valuable and can cause them to run out of steam very quickly.
Duplatransmogrifier Average Duplatransmogrifier is a unique effect that turns all minions in your deck into one specific minion for the remainder of your run. This can be a very double-edged effect as it will remove all of bad cards from your deck, but it can be very hard to develop a strong Mana Curve when all minions in your deck cost the same.
Fly-By Average Fly-By is a fun Treasure with a very inconsistent effect. Although the potential to do 50 damage at once to a boss may seem strong, it is very misleading. Against earlier bosses, encounters are unlikely to last long enough for the bomb to be drawn. Whereas against later bosses, their Health pool is so high that 50 damage is not very significant.
Gnomish Army Knife Average Gnomish Army Knife provides a minion with a range of powerful effects that can change the outcome of a game. However, the high cost of the card makes it heavily reliant upon having a minion in play already for that card to have a significant impact.
Golden Candle Average Golden Candle provides a huge boost in value by turning your deck into powerful Legendary minions. It has great synergies with Treasures that discount cards like Robes of Gaudiness and Scepter of Summoning. However, without these Treasures it can be very risky due to the high variance of Legendaries.
Grimmer Patron Average Grimmer Patron is a solid card that will continually give value as long as it is able to survive. However, it is a huge liability when played from behind as the card, and the first copy it summons, will be immediately removed by opponent.
Sow the Seeds Average Sow the Seeds has a significant impact on the strength of minions in your deck. However, as a 5-Mana card, the effect comes into play very slowly and additional card draw is often required to get full value from the effect.
Swampqueen's Call Average Swampqueen's Call provides the effect of The Storm Bringer for just 2 Mana. As the card is also replayable in the same turn, it is possible to play it multiple times for a consistent result. However, the card is heavily reliant on flooding the board before being used.
The Muscle Average The Muscle provides a big tempo boost by providing free cards. However, the effect can be very inconsistent due to the randomness of the cards given. The card is significantly stronger choice if you also have Battle Totem.
Continuum Collider Bad The large Health pools in later encounters make the additional turn generated by the card almost never enough to close out the game and any tempo generated can be swiftly removed by the additional turn taken by your opponent.
Elistra the Immortal Bad Decks drafted during the run often contain very minimal amount of buff cards and it is unlikely that a significant number can be used on Elistra the Immortal.
Loyal Henchman Bad Loyal Henchman's effect is far too slow and far too weak to consider drafting.
Murgatha Bad In a vacuum, Murgatha's ability may seem very strong. However, with a few extreme exceptions, Dalaran Heist decks are not able to consistently play enough cards for the Overload effect to offer enough value.
Orb of the Untold Bad Orb of the Untold functions as a relatively weak board clear. The finite damage it deals is fine against early boards, but is incapable of dealing with large boards like Big Boomba can. The additional fact it can deal direct damage may also seem good against earlier bosses, but soon becomes a liability toward the end of a run, where bosses will have huge amounts of Health.
Overpowered Bad Overpowered provides a small tempo boost by allowing a card to be played a second time. However, the card is not strong enough for a Treasure unless it specifically copies your other Treasure card.
Soulreaper's Scythe Bad Soulreaper's Scythe is a reasonable weapon that grows in strength each game it is used. However, it can be unreliable as it needs to be used against most bosses for its value to accumulate. Due to this, it is a terrible pick if chosen on the second round of active Treasure cards, after the 7th boss.

Passive Treasures

Treasure Rating Comments
Emerald Goggles Excellent Emerald Goggles is a huge tempo-boosting Treasure that is stronger than it initially looks. The Treasure will continually discount the left-most card in your hand after each card you play, allowing you to potentially discount your entire your hand if you play your cards from left to right, resulting in many fast victories.
Robes of Gaudiness Excellent Robes of Gaudiness is an excellent tempo tool, and perhaps the strongest Treasure to date in any single-player content. It should be noted that for odd-Cost cards, the Mana Cost rounds down, allowing 3 drops to be played on turn 1, 5-drops on turn 2 and so on. To ensure you get the maximum value out of this Treasure, you should prioritise card buckets with the highest-cost minions after you pick it.
Captured Flag Good Captured Flag is a well-rounded Treasure that gives a flat boost to your minions throughout the game. It is particularly strong in Token decks where the Treasure can buff additional minions that are summoned.
Cloak of Invisibility Good Cloak of Invisibility allows a great deal of flexibility for your minions, allowing you to dictate all trades that are made and extract additional value from heavily-injured minions.
Potion of Vitality Good Potion of Vitality is a deceptively strong Treasure most of the time. Although it offers no real tempo or value in itself, the additional Health it provides gives you more time to use your cards efficiently to outvalue bosses. Picking up 2 copies of the Treasure will also result in you having more than double the Health of the final bosses you face. Warlock gains additional benefit from this Treasure due to the self-damaging nature of some of the most powerful Warlock cards.
Resourcefulness Good While the value of the Treasure can vary a lot, any early-game weapon serves as an excellent tool for controlling the board to dictate the pace of the game. The high base Health of your Hero against the later bosses gives you a lot of breathing room to trade with your weapon.
Rocket Backpacks Good Much like Cloak of Invisibility, Rocket Backpacks gives you the initiative when trading with your minions and allows you to extract significantly more value from your cards as a result.
Scepter of Summoning Good Scepter of Summoning is a good Treasure that can function similarly to Robes of Gaudiness. It allows big minions to be played cheaply, but offers no benefit for smaller minions, making it essential to pick up as many card buckets containing big minions once you have picked it up.
Wondrous Wisdomball Good Wondrous Wisdomball is a fun Treasure that just so happens to be extremely powerful. It will randomly trigger various powerful effects that are almost all positive, such as clearing the board, duplicating spells, drawing additional cards, and turning the minions you play into random Legendaries.
Battle Totem Average Battle Totem is generally a strong Treasure. However, Warlock has no dedicated Battlecry buckets and many of their minions have negative Battlecries, making the Treasure significantly weaker for Warlock.
Book of Wonders Average On average Book of Wonders is a fairly strong Treasure. It will often play spells that summon you minions in the early game, or randomly clear your opponent's board. However, the small risk of random spells clearing your board with spells like Cataclysm prevent this Treasure from being a good choice.
Crystal Gem Average Crystal Gem provides a boost in tempo by ramping up your Mana Crystals. However, it pales in comparison to some of the more impactful Treasures.
Dr. Boom's Remote Average Dr Boom's Remote creates a small amount of early-game tempo that allows you to comfortably secure control of the board going into the mid game.
Elixir of Vigor Average Elixir of Vigor is a deceptive Treasure that appears strong at first. However, the uncontrollable effect will punish you for playing early-game minions, populating your deck with poor draws. However, the Treasure is significantly stronger for the Warlock class if you are using the Life Tap Hero Power as the additional card draw can overcome the dilution of your deck.
Elixir of Vim Average Elixir of Vim provides a constant supply of resources to allow you to continually pressure opponents. However, unless you are also able to draft Elixir of Vigor, a very low-curve deck is required to get full use of the Treasure.
Expedite Average Expedite provides a small tempo boost compared to Robes of Gaudiness, but is still a well-rounded choice that will prevent you from being overwhelmed from bosses later in your run.
First Aid Kit Average First Aid Kid provides a consistent supply of healing for your minions, greatly increasing the benefit of value trading. However, most encounters will be too fast for the Treasure to offer significant value.
Mysterious Tome Average Mysterious Tome provides a small early-game tempo boost, similar to Dr. Boom's Remote that will allow you to safely reach the mid game.
Robe of the Magi Average Robe of the Magi adds a huge boost in value to spells. The Treasure is especially powerful if you have picked up multiple cheap damage spells like Defile or Mortal Coil.
Small Backpacks Average Small Backpacks provides you with a boost in card advantage from the beginning of the game. The additional cards can help you play any deck more effectively due to the additional options available.
Stargazing Average Stargazing provides a consistent supply of value by allowing you to use your Hero Power twice per turn for a reduced Cost. However, as Warlock is not offered any 1-Mana Hero Powers in the Dalaran Heist, the Treasure is not as strong as it is in other classes.
Totem of the Dead Average Totem of the Dead is a solid Treasure that boosts Deathrattle effects. However, Warlocks do not have access to exclusive card buckets that support Deathrattle minions.
A Prince's Ring Bad A Prince's Ring may look good on the surface, but is significantly weaker than the Death knights it mimics. Without Battlecries and powerful passive effects like Frost Lich Jaina, Death knight Hero Powers are often only marginally better than other starting Hero Powers available.
Elixir of Vile Bad Elixir of Vile offers a short-term tempo advantage by allowing you to play spells with Health. However, encounters will go much longer against late bosses and the cumulative cost of spells will often result in a critical loss of Health.
Glyph of Warding Bad Glyph of Warding is unimpactful compared to most Treasures and will often just be a minor inconvenience for most bosses.
Hagatha's Embrace Bad Hagatha's Embrace performs a random hand buff to one of your minions at the end of each turn. While it offers consistent value, the effect is very weak relative to other Treasures, especially compared to similar effects like Captured Flag.
Recycling Bad Most Warlock decks will never play enough minions for Recycling to have a significant impact in a game. Even in decks build around the Treasure, it is still unlikely to provide as much healing as First Aid Kit or Potion of Vitality.
The Hand of Rafaam Bad The Hand of Rafaam is a Treasure that will make quick work of early bosses with low Health pools. However, against later bosses the 4 damage per turn is insignificant and the additional Mana Crystals the final 2 bosses start with allows them to comfortably play their Curse of Rafaams
Togwaggle's Dice Bad Togwaggle's Dice is a very unpredictable card. For it to offer significant value, a very high-Cost deck is required and even then, Treasures like Scepter of Summoning and Robes of Gaudiness are much better choices for that situation.

Card Buckets

After you defeat each boss, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Warlock card buckets and gives a general rating as to how good each card bucket is on average. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Rating Comments
Big Demons Excellent Big Demons contains many of Warlock's most powerful class cards, including Voidlord, Doomguard, and Mal'Ganis, making it a great fit for almost any deck.
Curatives Good Curatives contains a range of healing effects, including cards like Zilliax and Siphon Soul. Due to the self-damaging nature of Warlock cards, and including all of the Warlock Hero Powers, picking up a couple of strong healing cards is essential for any deck if you do not have Potion of Vitality.
In Control Good In Control contains Warlock control tools reminiscent of Handlock-style decks and includes cards like Mountain Giant, The Lich King, and Defile. Due to the control nature of the the bucket, many of the cards are great for long battles against later bosses.
Legends Good Legends offers a random mix of Legendary minions for Warlocks. As most Legendary minions are high cost, the bucket has good synergy with the Big Minions bucket in addition to the Robes of Gaudiness and Scepter of Summoning Treasures.
Destruction Average Destruction contains a range of cards themed around killing minions. While having some removal in your deck is essential, many of the cards offered by the bucket are low quality, such as Corruption.
Draw Average As the name suggests, Draw contains all Draw tools available for Warlock. If you have the Life Tap Hero Power, this bucket is unnecessary, otherwise picking this bucket up at least once will provide you with a way to refill your hand against later bosses.
Empowering Average Empowering contains a range of buff cards available to Warlock, such as Defender of Argus and Witchwood Imp. The bucket has a few reasonable cards but is mostly tailored toward more aggressive decks that flood the board. It works well with cards from the Swarming and Lil' Demons buckets.
Pain Average The Pain bucket contains a range of powerful cards that have the drawback of damaging your Hero when played. While there are a few strong cards, like Abyssal Enforcer and Hellfire available, you should avoid picking this bucket frequently unless you have an increased Health pool from Potion of Vitality.
Sacrifice Average Sacrifice consists of powerful cards that come with a drawback, such as Blastcrystal Potion, Unwilling Sacrifice, and Hellfire. The bucket is a great way to pick up missing removal tools from your deck, however, many of the cards offered by the bucket are well below average.
Swarming Average Swarming contains cards that summon many minions at once, such as Forbidden Ritual and Imp-losion. The bucket is generally quite weak, but can be very strong under the right circumstances, such as with the Captured Flag Treasure.
Discard Bad The Discard bucket contains all Warlock cards related to Discard effects. The Lakkari Sacrifice must be taken the first time the bucket is picked, making is a weak choice.
Lil' Demons Bad The Lil' Demons bucket contains all Demons not covered by the Big Demons bucket, such as Flame Imp and Voidwalker. The low-value minions offered by the bucket should generally by avoided, however, the bucket can occasionally be used to supplement the Swarming and Empowering buckets is aggressive decks using Treasures like Captured Flag or Elixir of Vim.


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