C'Thun Battlegrounds Guide

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This guide provides in-depth information to help you play the old god C'Thun better: your general gameplan, tribe and composition synergy, and additional tips to win with the hero.



C'Thun Saturday C'Thuns!


C'Thun is currently the strongest of the strong: a powerful hero choice with an extremely potent Hero Power that will buff your minions at the cost of 2 gold each turn. You should always play around saving 2 gold at the end of your turn in order to buff your minions on Turn 3 (5 gold). Because the Hero Power scales every turn even without using it, C'Thun can easily shop for impactful minions from tiers 1-3 and build a composition early and keep tempo in mid-game fights where other heroes may struggle.



C'Thun has the ability to finish strong with any tribe in the game, but in lobbies with Dragons and Mechs, C'Thun has the condiitons to pick up an easy top 4 finish. There are also very impactful minions that can work well out of a menagerie build, allowing you to create gigantic cleave and windfury minions with your Hero Power.

An early Dragon build centered around Dozy Whelp and Whelp Smuggler will scale until late game when you look to pick up Razorgore, the Untamed and Nadina the Red. Other strong Dragons to consider along the way are Nether Drake to buff your Dragons on board by an additional +1/+1 each turn and Bronze Warden to soak up hits with reborn and divine shield.

Similarly, an early Mech build synergizes with C'Thun's hero power quite well. Pupbot and Micro Mummy are strong minions to start buffing on your early turns due to the presence of Annoy-o-Module at Tier 4. As you continue to scale with C'Thun's hero power and tier up, it is important to buy more divine shield minions like Deflect-o-Bot and Holy Mecherel to ensure you outlast your opponents.

If you are unable to collect Dragon and Mech tribes with C'Thun, it is advised you build around the strongest minions you can in a menagerie build. Some minions that make great use of the C'Thun hero power are Cave Hydra, Crackling Cyclone, and Ball of Minions. Late game it is always important to pick up Tea Master Theotar, Lightfang Enforcer, and Mantid Queen to round out the composition.


Important Tips & Interactions

Up until Patch 24.6, C'Thun's Hero Power would only scale when it was used, making it difficult to buy the right minions for your board. Currently, the Hero Power will upgrade each turn unconditionally, so it can be skipped on turns 1 and 2 without issue! This buff has made C'Thun extremely viable and one of the top picks in Battlegrounds.

Like mentioned previously, you should always look to use your hero power at the end of each turn past Turn 2. A normal game should look like this in your first three turns:

  1. Buy a Minion to buff from Tier 1;
  2. Level to Tier 2;
  3. Buy an additional minion and use Hero Power.

You should look to repeat the process moving forward into the mid-game rounds buying as many minions as possible and pressing your hero power.

Until Turn 7, it is almost always the correct play to sell a minion at the end of your turn if you are left at 1 gold and have not used your hero power. This allows your board to retain tempo with your strongest minions and you cycle out weaker minions on board.

Alternatively, at higher levels of play, many C'Thun players will find a single minion that they are looking to buff around Turns 6-8 and make an efficient play by selling, using the gold to level, and buff on the single minion. Although you may sacrifice HP to target a specific minion, it will anchor your build through the rest of the game. An example of this would be an early triple onto Cave Hydra from Tier 3 and buffing it with your hero power. A strong cleave minion early will spell a quick defeat for your opponents.


Video Guides

Take a look at some videos produced by popular Battlegrounds streamers to get a good idea of what playing C'Thun at a high level might look like!